Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Kipps' level 1 friendship

Reward: Two Moon Cloves

Unlocks: --

In order to trigger this quest - I think, anyway - you need to reach the first level of your friendship with Kipps, Moonbury's resident cat. Kipps spends her days roaming throughout Moonbury, so unless you check Zeke's Tent in the morning or evening you might have trouble finding her if you don't use your dog. She likes to sit outside the Farmhouse, the Primerose Sail, your own house, and Town Square, among other places.

Once you've maxed out the first level of friendship with Kipps a post will appear on the town's Bulletin Boards, asking you to meet with Dean at the Police Department, from 8:00 to 22:00 on any day of the week. Approach the front of the building and Dean will intercept you, asking for your help in solving a mystery. Someone has stolen his food, and he wants a lure to catch the criminal in the act.

The Pungent Draught you need to craft is surprisingly complex, and requires you to fill twenty slots on its template. You can't use any Water materials in the process. You'll need to upgrade your Cauldron at least one level to have enough materials to finish the job. Here are some suggestions for ingredients to craft the Pungent Draught:
  • Start by placing Basil in the top-middle of the template. Basil is found in the north of the first section of Meadow Range.
  • Place a Savage Mane on the top-left side of the template. Bonemasks from Meadow Range drop Savage Manes.
  • Place a Lemon Balm on the top-right side of the template. Lemon Balms are found just south of the Heart of Meadow Range Fast Travel point.
  • Set an Orchid beneath the Lemon Balm, in the bottom-right corner of the template. Orchids grow northeast of the South of Glaze Iceberg Fast Travel point.
  • Put an Ominous Tongue beneath the Basil and the Fierce Mane. Ominous Tongues are dropped by
  • Fill in the remaining three-square gap with Konjac. Konjac grows in the north of Meadow Range after you've completed the Annoying Bugs quest. A Bear's Paw from Honeypaws in early Meadow Range will also fill this slot.

Take the Pungent Draught to Dean to complete the quest, and discover the identity of the culprit. Given how this quest started, you can probably guess who it was.