Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Myer's level 1 friendship

Reward: None

Unlocks: Myer level 2 friendship, The Pocket Watch

In order to unlock A Tough Job you first need to befriend Myer, the mayor of Moonbury, as far as the first level can go. Myer spends most of his time either on the second floor of Town Hall or in his home in the southwest of Moonbury, though occasionally you'll find him out on the streets or eating at the Tavern as well. 

Once you befriend him sufficiently a notice will go up on the Bulletin Boards, directing you to the Ranger Station to the south of Moonbury Town. Head there and you'll see a quick argument between townsfolk and rangers over the lack of supplies for businesses. 

It appears that the rangers of Moonbury are a bit slow collecting resources of late, and their substandard tools are to blame. Head to the Police Department between 10:00 and 18:00 and you'll see Osman and Myer discussing the matter. They'll recruit you to track down the items needed to supply the rangers with some better equipment:
  • Ten Iron Ores. Iron Ore is mined out of the rocks scattered throughout Meadow Range. Mind you stick to the smaller rocks, as the larger, lighter rocks drop Copper Nuggets when destroyed instead.
  • Ten Bitter-Tasting Saps. Bitter-Tasting Sap comes from chopping down trees in Meadow Range. You need to target the slimmer, lighter-green trees found early on in Meadow Range, as chopping down the dark green trees - or those of different colors altogether - will get you different kinds of Sap.

Take the materials to Myer, likely in Town Hall. Handing over everything you've collected will end the quest and bring the two of you closer together. Now that you've reached the second level of friendship with the mayor you can work towards unlocking the next quest in his storyline, The Pocket Watch.