Part 34: Reversal Mountain

Main Walkthrough

With a jaunt through the bowels of a volcano at your back you emerge beside the idyllic resting ground for the rich and famous: Undella Town. Like Lentimas Town it has no part in your Pokémon League challenge, but that doesn't mean you can't get a lot out of this place.

Start by visiting the Pokémon Center and healing up. You have a battle you can't avoid in Undella Town, and you'll spark it by approaching the tunnel in the north of town. Hugh's eager to see how you're doing, and his Pokémon are all too happy to give you a scrap.

Trainer Hugh
  • Emboar, level 41 (if you picked Snivy), Samurott, level 41 (if you picked Tepig), Serperior, level 41 (if you picked Oshawott)
  • Simipour, level 39 (if you picked Snivy), Simisage, level 39 (if you picked Tepig), Simisear, level 39 (if you picked Oshawott)
  • Tranquill, level 39
Reward: 4,100 P

Though Hugh looks a lot stronger on paper, his team is virtually unchanged from when you faced him in the Pokémon World Tournament, save for levels and evolutions. If you could beat him then, you can beat him now. (He really needs more than three Pokémon.) 

Once Hugh leaves you can freely explore Undella Town. Despite its small size Undella hides quite a few points of interest:
  • Start by heading back to the Reversal Mountain entrance. Hidden to the north of the cave, in front of a bulldozer, is a hidden Shiny Stone. South of the entrance, against the fence, is a Berry Juice.
  • The first house in the west of Undella Town has no items, but the man in the karate outfit will happily buy any 'super rare' items you find in the Abyssal Ruins, a location deep beneath Undella Bay. You can't explore the Ruins until you've completed the game. 
  • In the middle of Undella Town is the Marine Tube, which connects to a future area. We'll get to it in a few articles, as you're blocked from going through right now.
  • Next to the Marine Tube is a villa belonging to Caitlin, a member of the Elite Four. She's not home, though if you come here after you've beaten the game you'll find someone else who will give you one heck of a fight.
  • In the east is the Pokémon Center. Inside is a man who will give you a Prism Scale. The guy in black on the right will also give you a Funfest Mission. You're about to take to the water, so you may want to buy some Dive Balls.
  • To the south of the Marine Tube is a house. You can't enter it, but if you go down on the beach and search next to the house you'll find a Heart Scale.
  • West down the beach, a short ways south of a pair of folding chairs and an umbrella, is a hidden Pearl. If you walk up the stairs near the Pearl and picked up the Dropped Item in Nimbasa City you'll receive an Xtransceiver call.
  • Just south of the tunnel out of Undella Town, also hidden, is another Pearl.
  • To the east along the beach, a short ways out of town (and actually in Undella Bay) is another hidden Heart Scale. Follow the beach north to a narrowing in the path to catch its signal on your Dowsing Machine.
  • At the end of the narrowed path as you head north along the beach is a Draco Plate, which boosts Dragon-type moves when held by a Pokémon.
With the area thoroughly explored you now face a choice. The storyline wants you to head north from Undella Town to Route 13. If you want to explore, however, you can check out Undella Bay (you're already there, after all) or the slightly-more-distant Route 14. Both are good choices. Since the Draco Plate was sitting beside Undella Bay, we'll go there first.

Undella Bay Pokémon
  • Frillish - Common, Surfing, All Seasons
  • Jellicent - Common, Whirlpools, Never in Winter
  • Mantine - Rare, Whirlpools, Never in Winter
  • Mantyke - Common, Surfing, Never in Winter
  • Remoraid - Rare, Surfing, All Seasons
  • Sealeo - Common, Surfing, Winter
  • Spheal - Common, Surfing, Winter
  • Wailmer - Common, Whirlpools, All Seasons
  • Wailord - Rare, Whirlpools, All Seasons
Begin at the tip of Undella Bay's western beach, where you found the Draco Plate, and Surf out into the Bay. Almost immediately you'll be confronted by a trainer.

Swimmer Matt
  • Mantyke, level 39
Reward: 624 P

To the north of this trainer you'll see a path lined with rocks. Go up it to face another trainer in the water.

Swimmer Arissa
  • Alomolmola, level 39
Reward: 624 P

North of here is the southern entrance to Seaside Cave, a location you'll have to explore later in the game. At the moment the entrance is largely blocked by a trainer and his Pokémon, and he'll refuse to battle you - or move. Jerk. (Though you can still catch Pokémon in the small space you're allotted, if you want.) Leave for now and Surf back to Undella Bay.

Continue east. You'll soon see a dark spot in the water. This is a Dive spot, and later, when you have Dive, you can sink down into the water and visit the Abyssal Ruins at the bottom of Undella Bay. You currently lack Dive, so settle for challenging the nearby trainer.

Swimmer Mitzi
  • Spheal, level 38
  • Wailmer, level 38
Reward: 608 P

You'll find the edge of the Bay and another Dive spot if you continue east, so Surf south a full screen and head back west. There's another patrolling trainer ahead.

Swimmer Bart
  • Basculin, level 39
Reward: 624 P

You'll see two more Dive spots on your way back to the western shore. Once there, go south another screen and Surf towards the east yet again. You won't get very far before you run into a set of shallows occupied by a single trainer.

Ace Trainer Summer
  • Pelipper, level 40
  • Starmie, level 40
Reward: 2,400 P

South of Summer is a Splash Plate, which boosts any Water-type moves a Pokémon may have. Pop back into the water and Surf east to find yet another swimmer near a Dive point.

Swimmer Tim
  • Sealeo, level 39
Reward: 624 P

Beating Tim will, at least for the moment, bring your Undella Bay odyssey to an end. Once the game comes to a close and you're pursuing the post-game content you'll be back here, as you'll have access to Dive. For now, content yourself with Surfing around and catching Pokémon from the whirlpools that form. There are some great Water-types hereabouts, and if you come in Winter you'll find a dual Water- and Ice-type that could help you dominate the Pokémon League's champion.

Done with Undella Bay? Then it's off to Route 14 to continue the side quest exploration.

Route 14 Pokémon
  • Absol - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Altaria - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Audino - Common, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Basculin - Common, Surfing, All Seasons
  • Buizel - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Drifblim - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Emolga - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Floatzel - Rare, Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Golduck - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Mienfoo - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Swablu - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
Walk west along Undella Town's beach (or swim straight south from it) to find the path to Route 14. Explore further south and you'll see a Pokémon trainer. Before you engage her, grab the Big Pearl to her far right. Then slip in for the kill.

Socialite Marian
  • Lopunny, level 39
Reward: 7,800 P

Just south of Marian is another with a deep pocketbook.

Gentleman Sheldon
  • Delcatty, level 39
Reward: 7,800 P

Carry on south, across the bridge, then head west to find a third trainer on patrol.

Battle Girl Glinda
  • Gurdurr, level 40
Reward: 1,280 P

Continue crossing bridges to the south to face a fourth Pokémon trainer, this one in a Triple Battle.

Ace Trainer Junko
  • Gligar, level 39
  • Lilligant, level 39
  • Basculin, level 39
Reward: 2,340 P

If you have your Dowsing Machine active while crossing these bridges, you'll probably notice a few signals pointing towards the waterfalls. You will, after the main game, be able to climb these waterfalls and get those items. We'll come back here later.

In the far south you'll find a large set of stairs. Go up them and check the first cluster of dark grass for a Max Potion. To the west of the item is a trainer.

Fisherman Sid
  • Staryu, level 38
  • Buizel, level 38
Reward: 1,216 P

Beside the Hiker is a patch of water you can cross using Surf (though you still can't use the waterfall next to you, even if you are at the top). Surf north and check the cliff edges for a trainer you can battle. Surf further north of the Backpacker and you'll find a Heart Scale.

Backpacker Reece
  • Skorupi, level 38
  • Pinsir, level 38
Reward: 912 P

Sadly, because of the waterfalls, there's nothing else you can do here. Return to the top of the stairs to the south of the water and go east. You'll be challenged by the final trainer on the route, and he'll want a Rotation Battle.

Ace Trainer Kipp
  • Tangela, level 39
  • Zebstrika, level 39
  • Skarmory, level 39
Reward: 2,340 P

With Kipp beaten you'll have cleared the Route of all of its (reachable) trainers. Head west and enter the tunnel. Inside you'll find... dancers...? Who are dancing for no reason...? They won't let you past, at any rate, and they won't leave until you beat the game. How annoying. (In case you're wondering, Black City or White Forest waits beyond this point, depending on which version of the game you own. More post-game content!)

That's it for sidetracking near Undella Town. Next up is Route 13, and the path to your seventh gym badge.

Return Trip - Route 14

Once you've acquired HM Waterfall you can equip it on one of your Pokémon and use it to go up the waterfall near Backpacker Reece, on the south end of Route 14. There's a Nugget hidden near the top of the northeastern waterfall, and in the northwest you'll find a trainer guarding another Nugget.

Black Belt Jay
  • Heracross, level 52
  • Conkeldurr, level 52
  • Gigalith, level 52
Reward: 1,664 P

If you hop into the water to the left of Jay you'll find another waterfall. Descend the waterfall and make landfall to the east to find a ledge leading back to the Black City / White Forest exit of Route 14. Check the ground in front of the ledge for a hidden Protein. To the west of the waterfall you'll find the entrance to Abundant Shrine, a side area dedicated to the Forces of Nature Legendary Pokémon.

Part 36: Route 13

Main Walkthrough