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Reversal Mountain Pokémon (Interior)
  • Boldore - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Camerupt - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons - White 2 only
  • Grumpig - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons - Black 2 only
  • Numel - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons - White 2 only
  • Skarmory - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Skorupi - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Spoink - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons - Black 2 only
  • Trapinch - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Vibrava - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons
Reversal Mountain is similar to Route 4 in that it changes depending on the version of the game you're playing. In Black 2 Reversal Mountain is inactive, and has some water inside. In White 2 it's an active volcano, and the area is filled with lava instead. This difference between versions amounts to some different routes through Reversal Mountain, with different items available. We'll have a look at both versions.

Reversal Mountain - Black 2

The path into Reversal Mountain gives you little choice, at first: Head north. Shortly after entering you'll see a Max Repel on the ground to the west. Grab it, then head through the next cave you come to. On the other side is Bianca, still exploring the place, and she needs help fending off the wild Pokémon. It's double battles from here on in - and, as always with partners, Bianca will heal your team after each battle. Pretty sweet.

Start by going south. You'll find a trainer who wants to get into a Rotation Battle... which, naturally, doesn't include Bianca. Doi.

Black Belt Corey
  • Gurdurr, level 37
  • Scraggy, level 37
  • Scraggy, level 37
Reward: 1,184 P

The path splits ahead. Go up the stairs on your right, then up the northern path to find a Nugget. Head back down the stairs and continue south to run into a pair of trainers. Just before you engage them in battle, check the stalagmite in the path for a Green Shard.

Backpacker Kiyo and Hiker Markus
  • Golbat, level 37 (Kiyo)
  • Swanna, level 37(Kiyo)
  • Gurdurr, level 37 (Markus)
  • Crustle, level 37 (Markus)
Reward: 2,072 P

Slightly south and to the east of the trainers you'll find a Hyper Potion, and further down the path you'll find a hidden Blue Shard. Backtrack to the path and go south to the wall, noting the slight bit of shadow against the south wall. This is a door you can go through, leading to two more doors. The east door will take you out near the Strange House, and the south will give you access to two items you couldn't reach before, namely an Escape Rope and a Smoke Ball.

Head back to the hall and go east. You'll soon run into a trainer.

Pokémon Ranger Eliza
  • Banette, level 38
  • Golduck, level 38
Reward: 2,280 P, Persim Berry

A short ways east of this trainer you'll find a Doctor near a set of stairs leading into the basement. Bianca proclaims that this is the place. Start by offing the Doctor's Pokémon. (Though with Bianca around you don't much need his services.)

Doctor Derek
  • Swoobat, level 38
Reward: 2,280 P

Rather than heeding Bianca's advice, continue east for now. Along the path is a northern branch leading to TM69 Rock Polish. You're also likely to run into a patrolling trainer who wants a Triple Battle.

Battle Girl Chan
  • Riolu, level 37
  • Gurdurr, level 37
  • Riolu, level 37
Reward: 1,184 P

Go all the way east past the trainer to find a stalagmite with a Star Piece. Turn back once you have it and go up the first northern passage you find. It will lead you to a Revive.

Now you can backtrack to the large staircase. At the bottom, Bianca will postulate that this small area is the resting place of the Pokémon Heatran, a fiery beast with a great temper - one that may be lured here if you bring a specific item. Say, perhaps, the Magma Stone one of the trainers you trounced earlier kept mentioning? Keep that bit of info in the back of your mind, as you'll be able to catch Heatran here some day if you bring a Magma Stone.

This is a dead end, so backtrack all the way to the first split in the path, where you originally met Bianca. Head east from the split to get into a battle with a pair of rugged mountain trainers.

Hiker Jared and Backpacker Kumiko
  • Boldore, level 37 (Jared)
  • Excadrill, level 37 (Jared)
  • Golbat, level 37 (Kumiko)
  • Darmanitan, level 37 (Kumiko)
Reward: 2,072 P

To the south of Jared is a PP Up. Further east along this path is another pair of trainers.

Ace Trainer Cora and Ace Trainer Ray
  • Grumpig, level 39 (Cora)
  • Drifblim, level 39 (Cora)
  • Vibrava, level 39 (Ray)
  • Camerupt, level 39 (Ray)
Reward: 4,680 P

Go south from the Ace Trainers. You'll find a western path that leads to a dead end - and a hidden Calcium. Sniff it out with your Dowsing Machine, then backtrack to the trainers and carry on east. You'll soon find a split in the path, and at it a Scientist who will give you TM54 False Swipe if you show him the complete Habitat List for this area. Further east is the exit from Reversal Mountain, but you're not done yet. Go south.

The path will move up two levels at some stairs. Check the stalagmite at the top of these stairs for an Elixir. Enter the next door you see to find more stairs, and beside them a stalagmite containing a Water Gem. At the bottom of the stairs you'll face a trainer guarding a Toxic Orb.

Pokémon Ranger Lewis
  • Watchog, level 38
  • Grumpig, level 38
Reward: 2,280 P, Persim Berry

That's all there is. Return to the Scientist and take a right. You'll find the exit to the cave - and though Bianca makes it sound as though there might be more to Reversal Mountain, there isn't. (For the moment.) Say your goodbyes and leave. You're now in Undella Town! That was sudden.

(White 2 section of this walkthrough coming soon.)

Part 35: Undella Town