Located in the northwest of ORANGE OASIS, DINO'S DIG is an exploratory minigame that's well worth your time. For a small fee of 100 CLAMS you can enter the interior of DINO'S DIG and use a SPOON to unearth items from the bread-shaped lumps scattered throughout each level. Most of the items you'll find are food-related. (Food pyramid. Get it?) How many dig attempts you get depends on the quality of the SPOON you use:

  • POTATO SPOON - Given to you by DINO if you have no other SPOONS unlocked. Can be used five times per visit.
  • PLASTIC SPOON - Costs 3 DINO DOLLARS. Can be used ten times per visit.
  • WOODEN SPOON - Costs 6 DINO DOLLARS. Can be used fifteen times per visit.
  • SILVER SPOON - Costs 10 DINO DOLLARS. Can be used twenty times per visit.

You can purchase new SPOONS from BRETT, on the left side of the lobby. Each time you use up a SPOON it is gone permanently, so expect to make a lot of trips to BRETT if you plan on making extensive use of DINO'S DIG. Buying the SILVER SPOON is always worth it if you can afford 10 DINO DOLLARS.

While exploring DINO'S DIG you'll be hounded by enemies. These foes are substantially stronger than those you may have fought in ORANGE OASIS, and if you've come here just after receiving the TRAIN PASS there's a good chance you won't survive a trip into DINO'S DIGS. We'll list the enemies you'll encounter below. If you're defeated in DINO'S DIG it will count as a Game Over, so make sure you save after each successful trip into the dungeon.

Each floor of DINO'S DIG contains a random assortment of items and DINO DOLLARS, as well as some items and events in fixed locations. There's also a PYRAMID KEY on each level, allowing you to move on to the next level of the pyramid and access better, rarer items. You can move on to the next level via the stone doors in the north of each area.


The first level of DINO'S DIG is, of course, the safest - and the least lucrative. The enemies are still pretty tough, though:

  • BUN BUNNY - Does damage, and can increase its defense. A bit more of a nuisance than the other enemies, though it can take a while to take down.
  • PORCUPIE - Lower-HEART enemy that can do a ton of damage with its spines. Prioritize killing these things.
  • S.S. SNAKE - Can make itself HAPPY and do a lot of damage with its normal attack. Pretty dangerous in pairs. SAD is a good bet for defeating these things.

The enemies do not change between the SUNNY ROUTE and the OMORI ROUTE. When you reach ONE DAY LEFT of the OMORI ROUTE and visit DINO'S DIG, however, DINO will tromp up and inform you that he's 'beefed up' the enemies in his pyramid. This means they're all stronger... but they also offer more EXP. Noice!

Among the random items, you can find two fixed items on the first level of DINO'S DIG:

  • In the north you'll see three pieces of toast. Dig the spot between them for an ANCIENT CODE. This is used to access BREAVEN.
  • If you dig the single spot in the northeast you'll find... HECTOR! Yes, KEL'S missing pet rock is here, and he's started a family. You can't reclaim HECTOR, but his son, HECTOR JR, will tag along on your journey instead. HECTOR JR is a very good CHARM to stick on one of your characters, and gets stronger the more ENERGY you have in battle.


The second level of DINO'S DIG is filled with fruits and veggies. You'll run into the following enemies on this level:

  • CELERY - High-damage enemy with a lot of health. Not much to beating it besides elbow grease. 
  • CILANTRO - Fairly basic enemy that just attacks. Hits hard enough that taking them down first isn't a bad idea, as their defenses aren't the greatest.
  • GINGER - Can attack, but is generally most annoying because it removes EMOTIONS from your characters. Generally a secondary enemy to fight, given their high defenses and lower attack power.
  • SPROUT BUNNY - Somewhat irritating enemy that can hit hard and restore its own health.

Alongside all the random items you'll find ORAGNE JOE on this level, assuming you've started THE CONVICTION OF ORANGE JOE. He's buried amongst several oranges, just north of the entrance. You'll receive two LIFE JAMS for reuniting the brothers.


Mmmm, meaty. The third level of DINO'S DIG has some of the strongest - and highest-paying - enemies in the dungeon, and is easily the best place in OMORI to level your characters:

  • CHICKEN? - Flighty bird that will, typically, just run away. If you want to defeat one you'll either need to use SKILLs that automatically go first - OMORI's LUCKY SLICE is an option - or make KEL fast enough that he can outpace the CHICKEN. The CONTRACT is KEL's best option, though at higher levels the RABBIT equipment will put KEL over the top. KEL'S BEACH BALL can also make him fast enough to take down a CHICKEN?. You'll need to do more than 150 points of damage to kill a CHICKEN?.
  • RABBIT? - Can make your characters SAD and lower their ATTACK stats. Their normal attacks do a ton of damage - close to 150 HEART, depending on your defenses - and they should not be underestimated. KEL's CAN'T CATCH ME SKILL is handy against RABBIT?s, though don't be surprised if he gets killed covering for the rest of the party.
There are two items worth grabbing on this level:
  • The first is the X key for Hangman. It's accessible via the dig spot in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • The second is the THANK-YOU FOSSIL, part of the PRESENT FOR PALMIE side quest. It's found in the dig spot in the bottom-left corner of the screen.


The final level of DINO'S DIG is a small gimme area where you can safely use up the last of your SPOON to dig up dessert items, as well as the occasional SNO-CONE TICKET. The items you'll find are among the best restoratives available in OMORI

Your only opponent is a single CHICKEN?, and you want to save before you fight this thing. It has the same amount of health as a normal CHICKEN?, and is just as flighty, but this CHICKEN? will never respawn, whether or not you manage to kill it. Defeating this CHICKEN? will earn you a CHICKEN BALL, a weapon that will ensure KEL always goes first (and turns RUN 'N GUN into a beast of an attack). You'll also receive an achievement. You only have one chance to take the CHICKEN? down, so make sure your team is ready to go.

And that's all for DINO'S DIG! Assuming you're a bit lucky you can use this area to farm for restorative items and levels for the rest of OMORI. There's no place better. (Just... make sure you save before you head inside.)