Leave LAST RESORT and head back to the highway. Hop in a taxi and ride it to DEEP WELL. There's a TOLL GATOR on the west side of the screen, and with four characters in your party he'll open the way further west. How kind.

Beyond here is the UNDERWATER HIGHWAY, a stretch of road controlled by TOLL GATORS. You'll need cash - or exploratory skills - to get through here. Before we embark on this trip, however, let's have a look at how the rest of HEADSPACE has changed, now that we've defeated SWEETHEART and left LAST RESORT behind.


  • Head to the south end of VAST FOREST and you'll find BASIL's plants in need of watering. Can't hurt to earn more bonus HEARTS. His house is looking absolutely terrible these days, but there's not much you can do about that. (And if the sinking floor looks important... yes, it is. But not yet.)
  • Visit the home of the shadowy dog in VAST FOREST and it will be there. Pet it to receive a HOT DOG.
  • Though it's possible to have done this earlier in the game, now is a good time to visit the TRAIN STATION in VAST FOREST and make the trip to ORANGE OASIS. Your characters should be ready to tackle its challenges by now.


  • Head to the home of SMOL, the world's smallest centaur. He lives in OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE, in the house shaped like a sleeping dinosaur with warp nacelles. Put HERO in front of the party and SMOL will give you a FRIENDSHIP BRACELET.
  • Now that OMORI has gotten over his fear of drowning you can swim in OTHERWORLD LAKE. This will allow you to get at a small island in the middle of the lake. On it is a RED RIBBON.
  • Assuming you've triggered the GHOST PARTY side quest, you can find the SUNHAT GHOST at FROZEN LAKE.
  • You can find a JOKE on a billboard on the east side of CATTAIL FIELD, near several bales of hay and an old car.


  • Assuming you completed the two side quests from PYREFLY FOREST while in SWEETHEART'S CASTLE, you can turn in the items you found for rewards.
  • There's a waterfall near the end of PYREFLY FOREST that you couldn't accessible previously since OMORI was afraid of drowning. After completing LAST RESORT that is no longer an issue. Swim up to the waterfall and you'll find a CLUB SANDWICH behind it, accessible if you put HERO in the lead. Lounge at the bar for 5 JUICE, and speak to REUBEN behind the bar for a GRAPE SODA.


There are several side quests tied into this location, now that SWEETHEART is gone, and they're all connected. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

  • You'll find PESSI, the SWEETHEART lover from OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE, standing outside the giant door to SWEETHEART CASTLE. He's waiting for SWEETHEART's show to begin - kinda missed it, dude - but is suddenly distressed to realize that his favorite, most important thing has gone missing.
  • To the right of MARI is a SHADY MOLE who overheard your talk with PESSI. He's willing to help, but wants something in exchange first: A B.E.D.
  • Climb deeper into SPROUT MOLE VILLAGE, tending to the right as you descend. You'll find the MAYOR MOLE in his room near the bottom. He has given his B.E.D. to his son to test, but he doesn't know where his son has gone.
  • Go back up the ladder from MAYOR MOLE and take the central ladder down. You'll find a SPORT MOLE on your right who wants TOFU. Give him a piece and he'll give you a BIG AIRHORN
  • Go down the ladder beside the SPORT MOLE and you'll find the SLEEPY MOLE. Use the BIG AIRHORN to wake him up. Follow him back to MAYOR MOLE and you'll receive the B.E.D. It's just too powerful for SPROUT MOLES.
  • Take the B.E.D. back to the SHADY MOLE. He'll reveal that ROSA, the SPROUT MOLE nuisance from JUNKYARD and SWEETHEART'S CASTLE, stole something from PESSI. 
  • You'll find ROSA in her room, down the ladder to the left of the washing machines near the bottom-left of SPROUT MOLE VILLAGE. ROSA refuses to hand PESSI'S THING over.
  • Return to SHADY MOLE. He has BLACKMAIL that you can use on ROSA. Show it to her and she'll swap it for PESSI'S THING. Take it back to PESSI and he'll give you a SWEETHEART BUST as thanks. It's one of AUBREY's stronger weapons, though it makes her veeeery slow.


Reenter SWEETHEART'S CASTLE from SPROUT MOLE VILLAGE, and use the trap door in the bottom-left corner of the theatre. This will take you back into the underground passage that leads to the rest of the castle. On your left as you head north you'll see a new hole in the wall. 

Within the wall is ROCOCO, an artist of great talent (and greater stories) who is eager for someone to fund his work. He'll charge you to create six pieces of art, costing 1,000 CLAMS, 5,000 CLAMS, 10,000 CLAMS, 15,000 CLAMS, 25,000 CLAMS, and a whopping 50,000 CLAMS. You'll need to leave for a while and come back so ROCOCO has time to finish his masterpieces. You'll earn two achievements for aiding ROCOCO in his grand work.

As for the rest of the castle...

  • If you go to the ROYAL GALLERY you'll find PRINCESS GHOST, and if you've started the GHOST PARTY side quest you can send her on her way.
  • And... that's it, honestly. There are a few SPROUT MOLES with different dialogue, but SWEETHEART'S CASTLE is largely unchanged. 


Didn't we just leave this party? In truth, though, you'll want to come back here. Once you've dealt with PESSI's side quest in SPROUT MOLE VILLAGE you'll find SHADY MOLE out front of LAST RESORT. He claims that all CLAMS are about to be replaced with CLEMS, and offers to trade his CLEMS for your useless CLAMS. If you agree he will leave with all your CLAMS.

You've been scammed. That's the hitch here.

Should you make this trade? Yes. Yes you should. You'll get your CLAMS back, and soon. In fact, we'll go get them right now, since this is the last thing to check out before heading to UNDERWATER HIGHWAY.