When OMORI awakens he'll be in NEIGHBOR'S ROOM, not WHITE SPACE. If you peer through the door to WHITE SPACE you'll see SOMETHING, and the door will lock. Guess you're not getting back in there. KEL, AUBREY, and HERO are all missing, so OMORI has to run around solo for a while.

Leave the stump. You can't go east or west, thanks to a thick fog, so head south. The FOREST PLAYGROUND is empty. Even the tetherball is missing. You can play hide-and-seek with the mirror, but nothing happens. The southern road out of here is enshrouded in fog, just like the other two routes.

Head back north. There's only one path left, and that's north of the stump. You'll find MARI on the dock in this area, and she's apparently the only person left in HEADSPACE... though she suspects everyone else might have crossed the water. Agree to join MARI and she'll help OMORI get into the water, and get over his fear of drowning.

The next area appears to be a sparse, submerged forest. You'll find nothing if you try to go east or west, so just keep swimming north. On the second screen you'll run into shadowy figures that disappear when touched, and if you swim on the east side of the screen you'll find a small island with a lighthouse. You can go inside, but there's not much to see.

In the far north is a waterfall, split in half by a dock. Climb onto the dock and go north a screen. The dock will turn into a sort of boardwalk, and you can get back into the water and swim east and west. You'll find dilapidated houses on small islands in either direction, and if you travel far enough in one direction you'll loop back to the dock. The house closest to the west side of the dock has DEAD BATTERIES inside if you check the drawer in the top-left corner of the house.

Follow the boardwalk north and you'll wind up on a long, twisting path that runs past many shadow figures. Eventually this path will lead you to a swaying curtain in the middle of the water, and MARI will leave. Get in the water and head towards the whirlpool where she vanished.

OMORI will wind up near an island with a well. Climb into the well and descend to the bottom. You'll find the M key for Hangman in the depths. Leave the well and you'll wind up on an underwater road called the ENDLESS HIGHWAY. Head east and you'll start running into taxis that will offer to take you somewhere called LAST RESORT, as well as back to the DEEP WELL where you came in. Aside from some CLAMS on the sides of the road the ENDLESS HIGHWAY is, well, an endless loop, so ultimately you'll need to take a taxi to LAST RESORT.


Upon arrival you'll find KEL, who is staring into LAST RESORT. Apparently everyone got tricked into signing contracts and working at the place. KEL offers to help find HERO and AUBREY, and suggests looking for AUBREY first. Time to look around:

  • There are CLAMS here and there that you can pick up if you want.
  • There are two items right at the entrance of LAST RESORT, behind some barrels. Once you have AUBREY back in the party you can bust up the barrels to receive a BEACH BALL for KEL and a BOTTLED WATER.
  • At the entrance of LAST RESORT is a GOOMAN who will offer to sell you premium milk for 500 CLAMS. Accept and he'll sell you ROTTEN MILK. Probably not a great idea to drink this stuff. The rest of the GOOMANs as you head north will similarly try to scam you. You shouldn't buy anything from the GOOMANs at LAST RESORT.
  • To the northwest is MARI's picnic blanket. North of the blanket you'll find a JOKE on a sign for your JOKE BOOK, as well as some RAMEN in a toilet.

  • To the northeast you'll find SHARLEEN, watching over a... haunted swimming pool. Climb in the pool and you'll be whisked to GHOST PARTY, a small side area with unnecessary amounts of food and a PARTY JASH with lots of items for manipulating EMOTIONS in battle. You'll find the letter O for Hangman here, and you can climb into the hole it leaves behind for a vague, spooky little scene. 
  • Also in GHOST PARTY you'll also find a TOPHAT GHOST who's looking for his party guests. He'll give you six SPOOKY MAPS to hand out to any floating hats you find (and you've probably seen them several times already). Completing the GHOST PARTY side quest will earn you a TOP HAT and an achievement.

All done. In the north is a sizable ship, which is the LAST RESORT itself. Make any purchases you think you'll need from the MAILBOX out front, then step inside.


Ah, a casino staffed by children. Classy. Though this looks like an area full of NPCs only, there are enemies in here that you'll have to fight from time to time:

  • GATOR GUY - Physical fighter. Not a whole lot to say, really. You can tell the 'friendly' GATOR GUYs apart from the enemies based on whether they're walking on the overworld map or not.

While you're fighting in LAST RESORT KEL will play the slots between rounds, winning or losing CLAMS in the process. The chances that you will come out way ahead with him doing this are pretty slim, so don't use this as a means of earning money.

There's plenty to see on the ground floor of LAST RESORT:

  • There are slot machines all over the place in LAST RESORT, and surprisingly they are not rigged. If you have a reasonable starting investment - and a bit of luck / patience - you can win abnormal amounts of CLAMS playing the slots. (Just make sure you save and reload if things don't go your way.)
  • There are card tables on the west side of the casino. You'll find the N letter for HANGMAN over here. Speak to TIFFANY DARLING, and the top-left table, and she'll give you 1,000 CLAMS. The DEALER JASH at TIFFANY's table will sell you MILK, and... ROTTEN MILK.
  • Check the north wall of ground level for a men's washroom. Inside you'll find the P letter for HANGMAN inside one of the stalls. (Ha ha, very funny.) Check the hole that appears in the right corner of the washroom for a horrifying vision.
  • If you check the northeast corner of the upper level you'll find a billiards table. Near it is a golden door with a sub sandwich overtop. You'll need a password to get in. Soon...
  • Check the northwest corner of the upper level and you'll find a HOT DOG GUY. He sells HOT DOGS. Shock! Also here is SHARK PICKLE, who will share a fact about sharks or pickles, your choice, if you give him a COMBO MEAL. Given how useful COMBO MEALS are in battle, you absolutely should not give him any.

That's it for the ground floor. Enter one of the elevators in the north - they both somehow have MARI's picnic basket inside - then use the panel to the right of the door to choose another floor. You need to hunt down a keycard to reach your destination, the fifth floor. We'll start with the basement and work our way up.


You'll find the break room for the GATOR GUYS on B1. They're not interested in fighting while relaxing, so you can look around with impunity. There are some things to find:

  • In the bottom-left corner of the eastern room is a PUNCHING BAG.
  • Check the microwave in the top-left corner of the eastern room to find a FISH TACO.
  • Check the wastebasket in the top-right corner of the western room for ROTTEN MILK.
  • Look in the second locker from the right in the upper-left bank of lockers in the western room. Inside is a BOTTLED WATER. You'll need one soon, and this is a better place to get one, rather than buying one off of the scammy GOOMANs upstairs.
  • Look in the second locker from the right in the lower-right bank of lockers for a FRUIT JUICE?.
  • Sitting on the lower-left bench in the western room is a POETRY BOOK.


You'll see more old friends on 2F. There are things to find here, as well:

  • Standing in the hallway is JOGEN, the 'rock-paper-scissors champion'. Choose 'Paper' and you'll win 3 CLAMS. Apparently being the champ doesn't pay very well.
  • Check the wastebasket in the right room for a BIG RUBBER BAND. The COOL KEY CARD you need is sitting on the bed opposite BANGS. (Though we'll keep looking around a while before we go to the fifth floor.)
  • There's a doll 'with an empty face' in the left room. You can choose to throw it out, if you wish, placing it in the trash can in the bottom-right corner of the room. Inspect it again for an unsettling text box. Leave the room and it will be back on the bed when you return. Repeat the process of throwing it out three times and it will look very familiar on your last visit. Erm.


  • In the hallway of this floor you'll meet BARBRACOA. Apparently she's the mother of every one of the GATOR GUYS? Geez.
  • You'll find a BIG RUBBER BAND in the wastebin of the room on the right. Also in here is a FEDORA.
  • The LIFE JAM GUY is hanging out in the room on the left, and will, as ever, sell you LIFE JAM. Check his wastebin for a BIG RUBBER BAND, and the melon in the corner for a CLAM COIN.


  • The GATOR GUYs in the hallway range from enthused to annoyed that their mother is visiting. Be thankful, fellows.
  • Inside the room on the right is MUSTACHE GHOST, part of the GHOST PARTY side quest. Send him on his way to the party. Check the toilet near him for RAMEN. Through the hole in the wall is a construction site that you should hold off on exploring, as you'll need AUBREY to make it to the top.
  • Inside the room on the left is a... ball pit? Okie dokie.


If you decide to climb the scaffolding outside the fourth floor you'll find a multi-level area guarded by GATOR GUYS and full of items. MARI's at the bottom for saving and restorative purposes, and you'll meet a few familiar faces as you climb. You can go out now, but you'll need AUBREY (whom you're getting if you climb to the fifth floor) to make it all the way to the top, as there are barrels along the way that she needs to destroy.

You'll find the following items on the scaffolding:


Make it to the top and you'll emerge on the small section of FOGGY BRIDGE that you couldn't access earlier in the game. The R HANGMAN key is sitting up here.


With the COOL KEY CARD you can now head up to the fifth floor. Here you'll find BERLY, who is head of security for LAST RESORT. She's blocking the way into the owner's office, and won't let you through unless you bring her a BOTTLED WATER. Assuming you still have it, you can give her the one you found in the break room on B1.

Enter the elevator and you'll find the Q key for HANGMAN. Choose 'CONCIERGE' on the control panel.


It appears there are many people waiting to speak to MR. JAWSUM, the owner of LAST RESORT. It also appears that AUBREY is in charge of taking his calls. KEL will bring AUBREY back to her senses - the allure of being a secretary is powerful - and she'll rejoin the party. (This is the point to check out the scaffolding on the fourth floor, by the way.)

Enter the elevator to the left of AUBREY's desk. Inside you'll find some restorative food and a save point, which should clue you in to what's coming. Check the bookshelf for a FRUIT JUICE?, then take the elevator up to MR. JAWSUM'S OFFICE. JAWSUM is willing to let AUBREY and KEL go... but HERO? His ultimate employee, who shows up in the middle of the conversation? That's a no-no.


Despite how JAWSUM looks, this isn't really the boss fight you might have expected. JAWSUM enters the fight with two GATOR GUYS, and will call in more when you defeat his existing cronies at the end of a turn where he's alone. He can make them angry, raising their attack power, and... that's about it. You've already fought a bunch of GATOR GUYS, so you know how to handle them, even if they're ANGRY. You can't hurt JAWSUM unless he's alone, so the battle might take a bit, but it's not difficult.

You'll receive a CONTRACT for defeating MR. JAWSUM. Unfortunately, the true battle is just beginning...


PLUTO?! You traitor! PLUTO's massive new form can dish out quite a bit of hurt, and is capable of doing well over 100 points of damage to a character even if you make him SAD. As the battle wears on he will expand further, increasing his ATTACK and DEFENSE but lowering his SPEED. Unless PLUTO manages to debuff the SPEED of your characters with his attacks they will almost always go first.

Because PLUTO doesn't mess with EMOTIONS getting through this fight is deceptively easy. If you want you can do a fairly standard SAD setup, making your characters ANGRY so they can wail on PLUTO and not take as much damage in return. Making him HAPPY isn't a terrible idea, either, so long as you have SKILLS that do extra damage to HAPPY enemies equipped. As long as you keep your characters above, say, 140 HEART, and have HERO heal as needed, the fight won't take that long to finish.

JAWSUM will put a lid on things once PLUTO is defeated, and release the kids from their contracts. He still sucks, but maybe not as much as you thought. (The picture on his desk confirms as much.) Follow PLUTO through the hole he made in the wall and he'll help KEL gain 50 HEART. 

Otherwise, head back to the elevator. HERO will give OMORI the V.I.P. KEY CARD, which makes the elevators move more quickly. There are a few things to see on the way down:

  • Some of the GATOR GUYs have different things to say, particularly those you fought out on the scaffolding on the fourth floor.
  • Now that the team is reunited you can play in the ball pit on the fourth floor.
  • If you speak to the WOLF on the third floor with HERO in the front of the party he'll give you 143 CLAMS. Thanks?
  • BERLY is in the basement with the GATOR GUYS, and she'll offer to make you the biggest, baddest, most ultimate weapon there is. This triggers the CALL OF INSPIRATION side quest. Go outside and speak to the MAILBOX and it will offer you a POOL NOODLE for 5,000 CLAMS. You can bargain it down to... nothing. Just keep saying 'no'. Take the POOL NOODLE to BERLY and she'll change it into the COOL NOODLE, a weapon for AUDREY. (It appears that BERLY added eyes to it. Well done.)
  • With HERO back on the team - and in the lead - you can now access CLUB SANDWICHES. They're behind golden doors, and are scattered throughout HEADSPACE. One of them is in the top-right corner of the first floor of LAST RESORT. REUBEN, the bartender, will give you a GRAPE SODA if you keep talking to him, and lounging at the bar will earn everyone +5 JUICE. If you allow HERO to beat up MR. SCAREBRO on the stage he'll earn +20 ATTACK, as well.
  • With AUBREY in the party you can now go in the women's bathroom on the first floor. Inside you'll find a COMBO MEAL. She can also fish RAMEN out of the toilet.
  • There's a guy named KRISPY at the slots on the east side of the first floor. Speak to him with HERO at the front and he'll give you CONFETTI.
  • Near the front entrance is a guy called BASKET CASE. Apparently HERO helped him with his taxes. He'll give you NERDY GLASSES.
  • At the card tables is a squidy thing named SILKER. HERO covered one of SILKER's shifts. He'll give you 500 CLAMS. No, sorry, 440 CLAMS. Taxes, you know?

Head to the front of LAST RESORT. The kids will wonder where BASIL is, yet again, and create a BAD DRAWING of him to show people. They all decide to head back to DEEP WELL, where this undersea adventure started. Picnic on MARI's blanket outside LAST RESORT now that the gang is back together, then head back south to the highway.