ORANGE OASIS is an optional area in OMORI. It's located beyond the TRAIN STATION in the western half of VAST FOREST, though you can't access it until you've received the TRAIN PASS from CAPT. SPACEBOY in the PROLOGUE. Once you have the TRAIN PASS the path to the north of the main hub in the TRAIN STATION will clear, allowing you to board the train.

The trip on the train is not a pleasant one, and it goes from merely unnerving to a nightmare within a few moments. Wait long enough in the dark and something will appear and challenge you.


Ah, what a horror. ??? is not a complex creature, and will spend most of the fight simply attacking your characters. It would be an easy battle save for the fact that AUBREY, KEL, and HERO are all AFRAID, robbing them of their SKILLs. You can remedy this with OMORI (if you're okay with SAD) or by using items than change each character's EMOTION. Otherwise, just smack ??? around until it leaves. If you're coming at any time other than just after you started THREE DAYS LEFT ??? should not be an issue.

As soon as you leave the train everything gets colorful again, and life floods back into the world. Welcome to ORANGE OASIS.


A blissful vacation paradise of sand, strawberries, and birthday candles, the ORANGE OASIS has lots to see and do - all of which is completely optional. You can see as much and as little of this place as you please and it will all have little effect on your game, aside from making some of the later areas a bit easier. Let's explore!

(Note that although you can enter this area at any time once you have the TRAIN PASS, you won't be able to make the most of it until your party is around levels 25 to 30. The enemies in the main section of ORANGE OASIS are easy, but some of the others in the side bits... not so much.)

Though this area is largely filled with friendly NPCs, you will occasionally run into confectionary baddies:

  • CUPCAKE BUNNY - Can buff its stats and make itself HAPPY. Shouldn't be a problem by the time you're here.
  • GINGERDEAD MAN - Does damage. Very basic.
  • MILKSHAKE BUNNY - Can hit one or all characters with normal attacks. No major threat.
  • PANCAKE BUNNY - Can nibble you. Oooo, so lethal.
  • TOAST GHOST - Can inflict JUICE damage on a character regardless of whether they're SAD or not. Still no big deal.

We'll start from the entrance, in the south of ORANGE OASIS, and make our way clockwise around the area:

  • There's a big apple to the left of the entrance. Wow. Beside it is an APPLE JUICE.
  • North of the big apple is the PLUTO'S SPACELINE station. If you want to head back to the rest of HEADSPACE, this is where to go.
  • Near PLUTO'S SPACELINE is DINO'S DIG, a huge pyramid that serves as a dungeon. This is the primary draw for ORANGE OASIS, and the main reason you need your party to be around level 25 or more to survive. We'll come back to this place in another article.
  • Sitting at a table near DINO'S DIG is a TOFU CONCONNASISSEUR. He loves TOFU, and will trade other SNACK items for 10 pieces of TOFU. You can get some great restorative items - WHOLE PIZZAS, CHEESEBURGERS, CHEESE WHEELS, etc. - by trading TOFU to this guy. Might want to head to SPROUT MOLE VILLAGE and stock up on TOFU.
  • There's a stand beside the TOFU CONCONNASISSEUR. You can buy ORANGE JUICE, PEACH SODA, and MILK from GALLIPOT, its camel owner. There's also a MAILBOX just to the south with more goodies.

  • On the ledge just north of DINO'S DIG you'll find more giant fruit on display. Check the southwest corner of the displays for a GRAPE SODA, and look on the wooden planks in the northeast for a TREASURE MAP.
  • Sticking out of the top-left side of DINO'S DIG is SCOTT, a tall... something. Stand on the right side of SCOTT to speak to him. SCOTT can't scratch himself, and needs your help. You'll need to enter DINO'S DIG to get at his backside, which is to the left of the entrance. Return to SCOTT after relieving his itch to receive a HARD HAT.
  • As you head to the northeast you'll find a CROSSANT that is flipped over. Flip it back on its... feet... to send it on its way. Or don't, and let it suffer.
  • You'll find homes to the northeast. If you check the donut-shaped home you'll find a bookshelf inside with a picture of SWEETHEART on it. Does this mean she's a...? Well, anyway... just outside the house is a DONUT, because of course there is.
  • Up the path to the left of the donut house is an orange-shaped house. Inside you'll find a BLOOD ORANGE. Outside is ORANGE JOE, who is hucking oranges into the ether, each with a note attached. He's trying to find his long-lost brother, ORAGNE JOE. (Not a typo.) He'll give you an ORANGE CREST to give to ORAGNE JOE, should you ever come across him.

  • Next to the donut house on the right is a cave filled with mice. The kids claim to have dug a secret tunnel nearby. If you check to the east of the cave you'll find what looks like a quicksand pool in the ground. Hop in to find the tunnel. It consists of passageways with arrows, and if you ignore the arrows you'll wind up with dead ends - and enemies will spawn. These enemies don't spawn anywhere else, so you'll need to go through here for FOE FACTS! if you want to complete every entry. Otherwise...
  • East of the donut house and the cave filled with mice people is MISS PALMIE's house. Inside you'll find two kids, PEANUT and JELLY, and JELLY wants to give MISS PALMIE something extra special. This triggers the PRESENT FOR PALMIE side quest, which you'll need to enter DINO'S DIG to complete. Once you bring JELLY the THANK-YOU FOSSIL she wants she'll give you a SNO-CONE TICKET as thanks.
  • Just outside MISS PALMIE's sandwich-shaped home is a LIFE JAM.
  • South of the homes and on your right is a raised area with some sandfalls. On the left side is a SANDFRUIT JUICE, and on the left is a WEE CACTUS that will give you 100 CLAMS just for speaking to it. Near the cactus is a golden door for a CLUB SANDWICH that only HERO can open, once you've completed LAST RESORT. Speak to REUBEN, the owner, and he'll eventually give you a GRAPE SODA. Lounge at the bar and everyone will permanently gain 5 JUICE.

  • South of the CLUB SANDWICH is an eastbound path. On the next screen you'll find a MAN ON FIRE who is running around willy-nilly. If you manage to speak to him - just get in his way and keep tapping the the button - he will speak words of encouragement. Agree with him and he'll teach HERO SPICY FOOD.
  • Down the road from the MAN ON FIRE is a toast graveyard. This section is a bit more complicated than it appears, so we'll cover it in the BREAVEN article.
  • West of the aforementioned road is a citrus lake where MARI has set up camp. Feel free to picnic with her for some dialogue. Check the top-right of the lake for an ORANGE JUICE. Stare into the 'water' on the north end, and you'll be transported...

  • ... to RAIN TOWN! Everyone here is slightly uncomfortable because of the constant rain. Speak to the VEGGIE KID in the middle of the four fields and it will tell you of a 'mystical valve' that controls the rain. This begins the RAIN TOWN side quest. You'll find the valve up and to the right of MARI's picnic blanket. Turn it to the right to lighten up everyone's day. You'll gain a VEGGIE KID for completing the quest. (Turning the valve to the left has... consequences. Needless to say, you won't complete the quest.)
  • In the southeast of ORANGE OASIS you'll find a small construction site. There's a JOKE to collect from a sign here. There's also a fellow named LARGE FACE, and he reveals that he is responsible for the odd, face-shaped markings found throughout HEADSPACE. Speaking to him will allow AUBREY to smash through the faces. The one next to LARGE FACE contains JAM PACKETS.
  • To the right of the little construction area is BEARD GHOST, part of the GHOST PARTY side quest from LAST RESORT. If you've started that quest you can send BEARD GHOST on his way.
  • South of the construction site is more massive fruit. Check the bottom-right corner of the displays for a MANGO SMOOTHIE.
  • You've completed the full circuit. Just east of the entrance to ORANGE OASIS is a bulb. If you've unlocked the ability to free the mushrooms inside bulbs you'll receive a DANDELION for helping this one. You can also jump on its head to reach the top of a nearby cliff. At the top you'll find a WISHBONE. If you come up here on THREE DAYS LEFT you'll find MR. OUTBACK, who offers some answers to questions regarding the larger plot. If you come here after THREE DAYS LEFT he'll have been turned into a sculpture, and you can no longer speak to him.

Aaaaaand that's all for ORANGE OASIS, save for the two areas we skipped. Phew. Shall we check out some side stops? Some very valuable side stops that you absolutely shouldn't miss? Yes, yes we shall.