Down the road from MAN ON FIRE, on the east side of ORANGE OASIS, is a toast graveyard. Each piece of toast makes a tone when inspected. Tap the four bottom-right pieces of toast from left to right - does that sound familiar? - and you'll reveal a path to a huge piece of toast. The message here says not to touch the toast, so, naturally, you should touch the toast.

Poke the toast and you'll fall into a chamber guarded by ACTUAL MOLE. He is watching over a table with several food items and animals on it, as well as a golden safe. You can pick up one of the items on the table and place it on the symbol in the middle of the room. You'll get different effects each time you sacrifice an item to the symbol:

  • Sacrificing the LOAF will summon SESAME, SLICE, and SOURDOUGH, a trio of bread-based baddies that will attack you. They're all pretty basic enemies, though you should go after SLICE first, as he can make the other two ANGRY.
  • Sacrificing the SPAGHETTI will summon two CREEPYPASTAS and three COPYPASTAS. This can be a pretty annoying fight, as the CREEPYPASTAS can make your characters AFRAID and lock out their SKILLS, while the COPYPASTAS can continually summon in more help. This is a good fight for earning EXP, since it keeps piling up as more enemies appear, though if you find it's getting annoying just heal your party, store away ENERGY, and use the RELEASE ENERGY FOLLOW-UP via OMORI to wipe out the entire enemy party at once.
  • Sacrificing the LIFE JAM will summon three LIVING BREADs. They can do a decent amount of damage but are otherwise unremarkable.
  • Sacrificing the COOKIES will summon PAPA CHIP. He'll give you BREAD. PAPA CHIP will also warn you against using the OATMEAL COOKIES, if he is summoned first.
  • Sacrificing the OATMEAL COOKIES will summon NEFARIOUS CHIP, a boss who can make himself HAPPY - and then launch cookies at your team, often hitting multiple characters at once. NEFARIOUS CHIP only uses his strongest attack when he's HAPPY, so you can use SKILLS to make him something other than HAPPY and block this. It's not that difficult a fight, though NEFARIOUS CHIP has enough HEART that it may take a while.
  • Sacrificing the FOREST BUNNY will summon a CUPCAKE BUNNY.
  • Sacrificing the STRAY CAT will summon HUSHPUPPIES to attack you. They're horrifying enemies that can make characters feel AFRAID, but otherwise they're no big deal. You'll need to defeat five HUSHPUPPIES before the chamber will return to normal. The area is quite dark, so you may need to wander around a bit to find the HUSHPUPPIES.

Once you've sacrificed everything on the table you'll reveal seven numbers: 7201969. Enter this into the safe and you'll receive a RECIPE FOR DISASTER. It reveals that the final sacrifice to make is the ACTUAL MOLE, whom you can now pick up and place on the sacrificial circle. Do so and you'll unlock a portal, accessed by stepping in the middle of the circle...

... which will take you to a room with a boulder! Regardless of what you do you'll 'die' and be sent to a storage room containing three LIFE JAMS. Use them on the three pieces of toast to revive your party members. Welcome to BREAVEN.

In the next room you'll find a picnic blanket with a save point and some jam to restore yourself. There are two more doors to the south, one of which contains BREAD and a WAFFLE, the other of which contains a DONUT. Head south of the picnic blanket, and...


This is a loooong fight. The UNBREAD TWINS only have one offensive attack, and that's their normal hit, which, admittedly, hits twice per turn, and can OHKO a character at the beginning of the battle. More often they will summon in various enemies from throughout ORANGE OASIS, relying on their peons to do the majority of the work. As the fight progresses the UNBREAD TWINS will become progressively SADDER, raising their defenses and redirecting any damage they take to their sizable JUICE count. By the end of the fight you'll have no choice but to whittle their JUICE down to zero before you can start in on their HEART.

Your first priority is to cut down on the offensive and defensive capabilities of the twins. If they decide to target OMORI they can end your battle very quickly with their dual-hit normal move. OMORI's MOCK SKILL is great for this purpose, as is AUBREY's POWER HIT. After that you'll want to make your whole party ANGRY and then use your strongest attacks to chew away at the UNBREAD TWINS' considerable HEART count. Do enough damage and the twins will become SAD, and their ability to heal themselves will be well beyond any hurt you can lay on them. Just keep hitting, pausing only to heal or to wipe out their minions. OMORI's SHUN will further reduce their defenses at this point if you didn't do so earlier. Once the UNBREAD TWINS' JUICE runs out they won't be able to heal themselves, and you can lay on the pain properly. Having at least OMORI and AUBREY ENRAGED while using their hardest-hitting SKILLS will make this a reasonable fight, even if it does take a while.

(Don't stress out too much about defeating the UNBREAD TWINS. Even if you lose the story will progress - you just won't get any EXP or CLAMS. Which is unfortunate, because your rewards here are considerable. You'll also miss out on an achievement. So... okay, maybe restart and try again.)

Once you've defeated the UNBREAD TWINS they will decide to leave their holy enclosure for good. Follow them and you'll reappear in the toast graveyard, alongside some BREADPHONES. Well done.