When the quartet reenters FARAWAY PARK it will be evening. Your first goal should be to drop off BASIL at home. Trek south two blocks and take a right to find his house, the first on the street. POLLY will usher everyone in. Follow her and HERO into the rear of the house, and check BASIL's room for HERO to rejoin you. You can check on BASIL - and see he's doing poorly - but at this point all you can do is leave.

At this point you're meant to head back to KEL'S HOUSE, but with HERO in tow and the time changed there are things worth checking out in FARAWAY TOWN yet again:

  • Assuming you helped WRINKLY FOREHEAD the previous day, you can enter his home - next to BASIL's - and speak to his son, whose room is now open. KEL will sort things out. Watch father and son reconnect in the living room, then speak to WRINKLY FOREHEAD for a SLICE OF CAKE. Check the driveway outside their home for a COIN.
  • Also on BASIL's street is a FASHIONABLE MOM, who's complaining that her son is taking too long picking out a lamp at FIX-IT. Head to the store and you'll find the STRANGE MAN staring at the lamps, unable to make a decision. He'll give you $50 and tell you to pick a lamp as he runs off. (Did you just create a supervillain?) Speak to the FIX-IT GUY behind the counter to buy the FLOOR LAMP, then take it to the FASHIONABLE MOM. She'll invite you in. Check the coffee machine in the kitchen for a COFFEE.
  • Visit ARTIST's house at the end of BASIL's street. It turns out that ANGEL is her brother, and he'll challenge SUNNY and KEL to another fight. Wallop him. (Apparently HERO isn't interested in helping.)
  • Assuming you've made friends with RED-GLASSES LADY on the north-eastern street you can enter her house and find KIM and VANCE in their bedroom. They tolerate the party's presence. At the end of their street you'll find CHARLIE - ahem, CHARLENE's - house, accessible if you helped out the YELLOW BUN GRANDMA on the previous day.
  • FARAWAY PARK is pretty much the same as before, though now you'll see two children on the swings - and they will, of course, disappear if you interact with them.
  • The PONYTAIL LADY is in GINO'S PIZZA, agonizing over the diet she has forced on her family. She decides to buy a WHOLE PIZZA to make up for it. Agree with her sentiments and she'll grab one. More on this in a second.
  • If you've fed the ORANGE CAT in the tree outside OTHERMART FISH every time you could - making this your fourth opportunity - it will drop an ARCADE PIECE for this fourth gift. You can give it to the GLASSES MAN trying to fix the arcade machine in GINO'S PIZZA to repair the game, SPROUT MOLE EATER. Beat GLASSES MAN's best score of 500 points and he'll give you a SEASHELL.
  • If you spoke to the couple in FIX-IT the previous day and convinced them to have a party they will be in OTHERMART, trying to decide what to have for the party. No need to encourage them, just know they're still on track.
  • The CLUMSY GUY is in the CANDY STORE, trying to pick out an anniversary gift for his wife, PONYTAIL LADY. Any suggestion is fine. (Given the wife's health kick, choosing CARAMEL APPLES from the counter seems prudent.) Head to his and the PONYTAIL LADY's house after solving their problems - it's beside AUBREY'S HOUSE - and you'll see them reconnect. Speak to both parents after their scene is done for two PIZZA SLICES.
  • MINCY is in the garden center of FIX-IT, sketching away. Encourage her!
  • Head back to SUNNY's street. THE MAVERICK is outside his house, and he claims to sense an evil presence within. Head to the upper-right bedroom and you'll find cardboard cutouts of his brother and sister, twins, who have 'gone missing'. Check under THE MAVERICK's bed - his room is the messy one on the ground floor - to find the pair.
  • Check out KEL's neighbor, the ALL-AMERICAN GUY. He's lost his TV REMOTE again. It's in the medicine cabinet on the right side of the bathroom. Take it back to ALL-AMERICAN GUY to receive an ORANGE JOE.

And all that walking will bring you back to KEL'S HOUSE. Assuming you're done with FARAWAY TOWN, step inside the front door. The brothers will be chastised for being so late, but all's well that ends well. Head to the dining room, grab the HOMECOOKED MEAL off of the dining table, and put it in the microwave in the kitchen. Head out to the living room and the boys will pull out the PHOTO ALBUM to look through it...

... and HERO will point out something odd about the pictures still in the book. The boys then decide to go visit SUNNY's house one more time, before he moves, and their mom grudgingly relents. Head up to KEL and HERO's room for a fun scene where they compare heights, then head outside. HERO decides he wants to get his mom some FLOWERS from FIX-IT. (And no, if you already have FLOWERS, you can't use them.) You can play with HECTOR, their dog, via his dog house before you leave. 

Head to FIX-IT. HERO will give SUNNY $10 to buy FLOWERS. Grab some for $2 and head back to KEL'S HOUSE. This is your last chance to do anything you want around FARAWAY TOWN, so make sure you tie up loose ends before going back inside. Give the flowers to KEL'S MOM in her bedroom, then head outside.


Nighttime. You can explore FARAWAY TOWN with impunity, but once again, no one will open their doors and the only things active - besides cats - are the two HOBOs in FARAWAY PARK. Might as well go to SUNNY'S HOUSE. The boys will reminisce a bit, and decide to spend the night, since it's their last chance before someone new moves in.

Head to the rear of the house. HERO will enter the room on the right that SUNNY always refuses to enter. Follow him to find a piano. The boys will talk for a bit, then head up to SUNNY's room. Follow them - and check the mirror in the bathroom for a bit of a spook - and you'll find that they've set up camp. They'll give HERO HERO'S GIFT.

KEL and HERO will go to sleep. Head to MOM's room for a bit of a spook, and to save, then hop in bed. SUNNY will dream... and when things pick up, you'll be in... not WHITE SPACE?