After OMORI stabs himself SUNNY will wake up back in the real world. You'll immediately hear a frantic knocking at the door, which is, of course, KEL. Head to the bathroom, check the mirror sticky notes from MOM to brush SUNNY's teeth, and head downstairs. Assuming you still want to stick to the SUNNY ROUTE, open the door and greet KEL. 

KEL needs to do some shopping at FARAWAY PLAZA, but there's an entire town to check first, so let's have a look around FARAWAY TOWN and see what's changed since yesterday:

  • The sidewalk in front of KEL's house has been graffitied. Poor guy.
  • You won't find anything tangible if you head to the CHURCH, though both the PREACHER and OLD BEARDY claim that the cemetery feels off today. Something's gonna happen. Ominous.
  • If you head to the house on the far right side of BASIL's street you'll find ARTIST standing outside her house. Apparently her dog, LUCAS, has run off somewhere. You'll find him near KEL'S HOUSE. Speak to him to send him home and ARTIST will give you a PAINT BRUSH. (And LUCAS himself will give you... TRASH. Thanks, boy.)
  • There are five more bags of TRASH to pick up in FARAWAY PARK, three to the west and two to the east.
  • There are kids running around the basketball court. They will vanish if you speak to them.
  • BASIL is standing in the northeast of FARAWAY PARK. He looks nervous, as always, and rebuffs an offer to hang out... though perhaps he will tomorrow.
  • The BLUE-HAIRED GIRL and her family are hanging out in the southeast of FARAWAY PARK. You can give her SEASHELLS here, if you have any.

That's all for FARAWAY TOWN. Head to FARAWAY PLAZA to begin the shopping spree.


The PLAZA is as you left it, with a few small differences. Have a look around:

  • HOBBEEZ is largely unchanged, though KEL will have a few things to say if you step inside. There are a pair of kids on the left that will disappear if you look at them.
  • GINO's PIZZA is next. All of the HOOLIGANS are sharing a pie, and they'll keep mentioning how they plan on spending time at their secret hideout. None of them - particularly AUBREY - seem interested in talking to SUNNY and KEL. Oh well. Speak to the guy by the arcade machine to learn that a crucial part of the game has been 'bitten' off, then speak to the PIZZA GUY at the counter for KEL's "PIZZA" ORDER. Deliver some pizza while you're here to earn money, as well.
  • Head to OTHERMART. There are two more phantom kids looking at the drinks that you can disappear, and if you check out the CANDY STORE you'll find MINCY sketching. Encourage her to show her drawing the storeowner. Feel free to work at the fish counter while you're here, as well. Otherwise, speak to the BAKER in the top-right corner of the store to receive KEL'S BAKERY ORDER.
  • Last is FIX-IT. The GRUFF GUY from the previous day is back, still trying to fix his leak, and he'll run off if you speak to him. (Follow him back to his house - it's next to the CHURCH, with the red car out front - and he'll, uh, do something dramatic. Check the hole he leaves behind for a SEASHELL.) KEL'S DAD is near the back of FIX-IT, and he doesn't seem all that surprised to see KEL goofing off. While you're here you can work for the FIX-IT GUY again and earn more money. Still so tedious...

That's all for OTHERMART PLAZA. If you have side quests left to do or PET ROCKS battles, now's a good time to do 'em. Otherwise, head back towards SUNNY'S street and go to KEL'S HOUSE. He will finally let you go inside. KEL will find a way to slyly sidestep his angry mother, then usher SUNNY up to his and HERO's room. HERO is... accomplished, that's for sure.

Check the wardrobe on the left side of the bedroom room for $20 - and an achievement - then head back downstairs. POLLY is at the door, and she's looking for BASIL. He seems to have vanished. KEL vows to look for their missing friend. Check the purse in the dining room for PEPPER SPRAY, then head out. DO not forget the PEPPER SPRAY, it is very useful.

Return to FARAWAY PARK and check the spot where you saw BASIL earlier. He's not around... but the boys will hear him crying for help. Save at the nearby picnic basket, then inspect the trees. You'll find the HOOLIGANS' hangout spot, and BASIL is currently freaking out. Things will escalate quickly after that.


The whole gang at once? Geez. Despite appearing as a group THE HOOLIGANS count as a single enemy, and they hit pretty hard. Either they'll hit one character, hit both characters, lower a character's attack, or attack four times at random. Let SUNNY handle healing while KEL attacks. If you have the PEPPER SPRAY you can use it to end the fight in one blast.

Once the fight is over most of the gang will leave, though AUBREY will go a step further and push BASIL into the pond. Jump in after him, and...


This thing again. CALM DOWN, then PERSIST three times to end the fight.

In the end BASIL and SUNNY are both rescued by HERO, fresh home from college, and he insists that you take BASIL somewhere he can recover.