Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.
The latest in a proud line of adventure RPGs, Fallout 4 is a sad, sadistic, 50s-inspired tale of love, loss, and semi-revenge. You play as a soldier, lost in time and abruptly dropped into a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world with only two pieces of knowledge: your spouse is dead and your child has been kidnapped. How you handle this is up to you. Available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Fallout 4 is an open-world, run-and-gun, strategic RPG jammed with quests, places to go, irradiated water you shouldn't drink, and people to meet - or kill. It's entirely up to you what you do, or what you don't do. Have fun!

Because of Fallout 4's somewhat non-linear nature, you can complete most of it in any order you like. The primary exceptions are the Main Quests below, which need to be completed in this order to see the storyline through - but there's no time limit on 'em. Feel free to veer away from the primary storyline at your convenience. (Because, you know, saving your infant son isn't that urgent.)

General Gameplay

Achievements / Trophies
How to build a Settlement
Power Armor Locations

Main Quests

Part One: Character Creation

1.) Out of Time

Part Two: Vault 111
Part Three: Sanctuary
Part Four: Concord

2.) When Freedom Calls

3.) Jewel of the Commonwealth

Part Six: The Trip
Part Seven: Diamond City

4.) Unlikely Valentine

5.) Getting a Clue

6.) Reunions

Part Ten: Follow Dogmeat
Part Eleven: Fort Hagen and Greater Mass Blood Clinic
Part Twelve: Fort Hagen Command Center

7.) Dangerous Minds

8.) The Glowing Sea

Part Fourteen: Prep and Travel
Part Fifteen: Crater of Atom and Rocky Cave

9.) Hunter / Hunted

10.) The Molecular Level

11.) Institutionalized

Minutemen Quests

First Step, The 
Ghoul Problem at Greentop Nursery
Kidnapping at County Crossing
Nuclear Option, The
Old Guns
Out of the Fire
Raider Troubles at Oberland Station
Raider Troubles at Somerset Place
Taking Point: Starlight Drive-In
Taking Independence
With Our Powers Combined

Brotherhood of Steel Quests

Ad Victoriam
Blind Betrayal
Call to Arms
Cleansing the Commonwealth
Defend the Castle
Duty or Dishonor
Fire Support
From Within
Liberty Reprimed
Lost Patrol, The
Semper Invicta
Shadow of Steel
Show No Mercy
Spoils of War
Tactical Thinking
Tour of Duty

Railroad Quests

Boston After Dark
Butcher's Bill
Butcher's Bill 2
Mercer Safehouse
Precipice of War
Road to Freedom
Rockets' Red Glare
Underground Undercover

Institute Quests

A House Divided
Airship Down
Banished from the Institute
Battle of Bunker Hill, The
End of the Line
Mankind Redefined
Mass Fusion
Political Leanings
Powering Up
Synth Retention

Other Side Quests

Big Dig, The
Cambridge Polymer Labs
Clear out the Goodneighbor Warehouses
Confidence Man
Curtain Call
Devil's Due, The
Diamond City Blues
Here Kitty, Kitty
Hole in the Wall
Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution
Long Time Coming
Mama Murphy
Mystery Meat
Order Up
Pull the Plug
Returning the Favor
Short Stories
Silver Shroud, The
Troubled Waters
Vault 81

Side Areas

Atlantic Offices
Atom Cats Garage
BADTFL Regional Office
Beantown Brewery
Bedford Station
Breakheart Banks
Cambridge Crater
Cambridge Polymer Labs
Capsized Factory
Coast Guard Pier
College Square Station
Combat Zone
Concord Civic Access
Crater House
Croup House
Dunwich Borers
East Boston Police Department
Easy City Downs
Faneuil Hall
Federal Ration Stockpile
Forest Grove Marsh
Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant
Fraternal Post 115
General Atomics Galleria
General Atomics Factory
Greater Mass Blood Clinic
Gwinnett Brewery
Gwinnett Restaurant
Hangman's Alley
Hardware Town
Hub 360
Jamaica Plain
Kingsport Lighthouse
Lake Cochituate
Lake Quannapowitt
Lexington Apartments
Lynn Woods
Malden Center
Mass Fusion Disposal Site
Medford Memorial Hospital
Monsignor Plaza
Museum of Witchcraft
Nahant Chapel
Nahant Oceanological Society
Nahant Sheriff's Department
Natick Banks
Natick Police Department
O'Neill Family Manufacturing
Outpost Zimonja
Parkview Apartments
Parsons Creamery
Police Precinct 8
Poseidon Reservoir
Quincy Ruins
Revere Beach Station
Roadside Pines Motel
Robotics Disposal Ground
Rocky Narrows Park
Rotten Landfill
Sandy Coves Convalescent Home
Sentinel Site Prescott
Skylanes Flight 1665
Slocum's Joe Corporate HQ
South Boston Military Checkpoint
South Boston Police Station
Spectacle Island
Sunshine Tidings Co-op
Super Duper Mart
Taffington Boathouse
USAF Satellite Station Olivia
Wattz Consumer Electronics
Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup
Wildwood Cemetery
Wilson Atomatoys Factory
Wreck of the FMS Northern Star
Wreck of the USS Riptide