The cast of The Legend of Legacy.

Main Walkthrough

The Legend of Legacy is an RPG, and you don't get very far in RPGs without at least one character in your party. You begin every new game of The Legend of Legacy with a party of three characters, one of whom is permanently in the party (and forms part of the story's backbone in some respects), and you can quickly recruit the other four by finding them in Initium. Which teammates you get depends on your starting character:
  • If you chose Meurs, you’ll get Bianca and Garnet.
  • If you chose Bianca, you’ll get Filmia and Eloise.
  • If you chose Liber, you’ll get Eloise and Meurs.
  • If you chose Garnet, you’ll get Owen and Meurs.
  • If you chose Owen, you’ll get Garnet and Filmia.
  • If you chose Eloise, you’ll get Owen and Liber.
  • If you chose Filmia, you’ll get Liber and Bianca.
Given the nature of The Legend of Legacy's levelling system, it's not necessary to pigeonhole any of these characters into a single role. Owen can specialize in healing, if you want, while Eloise can become a killer with a sword. That said, certain characters are more likely to develop in certain directions during battle, and with certain weapons or spells. We'll explore the particular aptitudes of each of the characters below.

Meurs, a playable party member in The Legend of Legacy.


A mysterious elementalist with a vested interest in seeing things through on the island of Avalon. Meurs starts off as combination swordsman and magic user, and can branch out on either road - or both of them simultaneously, which is probably the best use of his character. He's one of the better-balanced dudes in the game, with proficiency in bladed weapons and all forms of charms. His high HP and SP, as well as his proficiency in shields, make him a decent choice for your team's tank, though the fact that he's good at every kind of charm means you should probably relegate that role to someone else.

Final assessment? If you're just getting started with The Legend of Legacy, put Meurs on your team. He's really good.

Bianca, a playable party member in The Legend of Legacy.


An amnesiac young woman who looks an awful lot like some of the enemies that you meet in the game. Bianca is a jack-of-all-trades: she can wield every weapon and every elemental type with equal proficiency, and will do so quite well, given that her stats rise relatively quickly. You'll see a lot of quick awakenings with Bianca. That said, she's actually not that great a character, for two painful reasons:
  • Her HP gain is slow
  • Her SP gain is slow
Yep. Those are bad. Bianca keels over a lot, and though she gets a lot of cool moves she can't use them often unless you have substantial protection. I find that Bianca gets good at the end of the game, when her HP and SP have risen substantially, but until then.. yeah. You might have a painful time of it. Regardless, if you do use Bianca, you'll find her decent in any role - though you might want to keep her away from tanking, as she's not a good candidate for Retribution.

Liber, a playable party member in The Legend of Legacy.


Hey, look, the treasure hunter archetype! How novel. Liber is a light and speedy dude, and most of his development is geared towards striking first in battle. He's good with short swords, axes, and, most important, bows, which are some of the best weapons in The Legend of Legacy. Liber's also decent at charms, with a particular proficiency in Water, arguably the best grouping of charms available.

Liber's greatest flaw is his lack of physical fortitude. He doesn't get a ton of HP, though his SP growth is pretty decent, and his Guard stat won't go up quickly, probably to offset how rapidly his Support rises. Expect to use him either as a first-strike AOE character or as a healer. Either way, you need a really good tank to keep Liber alive. Decent character, not the greatest.

Garnet, a playable party member in The Legend of Legacy.


The holy knight of the party, determined to out the false gods of Avalon any way she can. Garnet is a martial character, and she can wield pretty much any weapon with equal efficiency. Expect her to be one of your best damage-dealers. She's also good with a shield and gains HP rather quickly, so she's a solid choice for a tank - though her Guard stat doesn't go up quite as quickly as you might like. Hope for luck if you go this route.

Garnet's only real flaw is her lack of charm-based development. You won't see her using charms too often unless you develop her in the Water domain, in which case you might as well just teach her a few healing staples (Water Shield, Healing Hands, Purity, etc.) and leave it at that. She's much better at dishing out damage with a sword than she is trying to kill things with Hailstorm.

Owen, a playable party member in The Legend of Legacy.


A gentleman mercenary - kinda, anyway - who's always happy to dispense advice. Owen is, given his enormous sword, the most obvious physical brawler in the game. He excels with any weapon besides a bow, and is probably the best tank you'll see, as his Guard and HP seem to rise more quickly than anyone else. Whether you make him a tank or a damage-dealer, you should get lots of use out of Owen, especially given that he's almost always the last person to die in a losing battle.

His weakness? Obvious enough: Charms. Owen's bad at magic. You can teach him some of the basics - the Shield spells are always nice, and Healing Hands / Retaliation can be useful - but anything more advanced than that isn't worth your time. Focus on the physical stuff for the best Owen.

Eloise, a playable party member in The Legend of Legacy.


Eloise is the obvious mage of The Legend of Legacy. She rises rather rapidly in the Attack stat, which you'd think might translate to a solid physical fighter, but, no. Eloise is only good with staves, and since staves are far from the best weapons, you're better off sticking to her true aptitude: Charms. Eloise is better than anyone else at slinging charms, and can use charms from any category with more or less equal aplomb. Teach Eloise lots of charms, then load her down with Singing Shards and have her steal elements like no one else.

The obvious downside here is Eloise's poor Guard and HP stats. She can't take a hit at all. If you don't have a defender, expect Eloise to die a lot. For this reason, as well as the relative inferiority of charms to weapons (in most cases, anyway, not always), Eloise isn't great as a first-time character. She's good, but you'll want some experience in the game before you use her.

Filmia, a playable party member in The Legend of Legacy.


A froggy prince with lots of enthusiasm and manners to spare. Filmia doesn't look it, but he's a physical fighter. He has proficiency with every weapon, and mostly gets the Attack boosts needed to make them work to his advantage. Filmia starts his game out as the de facto tank, but despite a health amount of HP he's not a great choice for tank, as he doesn't have much proficiency with shields and won't get much Guard compared to some other characters. Stick with making Filmia an attacker who can use Water magic to an appreciable degree instead.

I'll be honest, I don't really like Filmia as a party member. He was my first starter, and I struggled to use him properly, because his stat gains were too level to be much use. If you do use him, promptly replace him in the tank role with someone else. (I didn't get Retaliation until the last battle. Terrible!)