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Part Twenty-One: Route 118, Southern Island, and Route 123

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Route 119
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Gloom Uncommon Both Either Grass, Tall Grass
Kecleon Rare Both Either Tall Grass
Linoone Common Both Either Tall Grass
Oddish (horde) Rare Both Either Tall Grass
Pelipper Common Both Either Water
Tropius Rare Both Either Tall Grass

- Route 119 begins in a massive, overgrown, grassy, rainy field. That last bit makes this a good place to use water- and electric-type attacks, and not so good to use fire-type attacks. The tall grass is filled with pokemon trainers whom you can only just see milling about. Some will match your movements, making encounters either easy or difficult to precipitate.

- Use the tree in the middle of the grass as a waypoint for exploration. Look in the bare patch to the left of the tree for a Max Repel and the barely-visible patch of grass up and to the left of the tree for a hidden Full Heal (you have to be almost out of sight to find it).

Bug Catcher Doug
  • Volbeat, level 26
  • Illumise, level 28
Reward: $448


Bug Maniac Donald
  • Beautifly, level 30
Reward: $840

Quite so very meh.

Bug Catcher Kent
  • Dustox, level 29
Reward: $464


Bug Catcher Greg
  • Beautifly, level 29
Reward: $464

Kids these days just aren't good at Pokemon, you know?

Bug Maniac Brent
  • Masquerain, level 28
  • Ninjask, level 28
Reward: $784

Ninjask can become quite annoying if you let it live for too long. Fortunately, it's about as durable as a paper cup.

Bug Maniac Taylor
  • Duxtox, level 30
Reward: $840


- On the northern end of the field you'll run into a trainer. East of her is a house where you can sleep and recover your health. Just north of her is a patch of water you can Surf across; on the northwestern side you'll find a trainer waiting. Up the stairs beside him is a big patch of tall grass, and semi-hidden on the northwest side of the grass, a Zinc.

Pokemon Ranger Catherine
  • Breloom, level 31
Reward: $1,860

Breloom is tough, but you can easily wipe it out with a flying-type move. Easily.

Fisherman Eugene
  • Carvanha, level 27
  • Carvanha, level 27
  • Feebas, level 27
Reward: $864

If you can take one, you can take 'em all. 

- Return to the house and head north, up the nearby stairs. If you go through the grassy patch on the left you'll find a plot of dirt underneath a bridge to the north; it holds four Hondew Berries. There are rails to the left of these Berries that you can cross using the Acro Bike; on the other side you'll find a dead end path that leads to a hidden Calcium.

A psychic and a martial artist, fighting together. They still kinda suck.
A psychic and a martial artist, fighting together.
They still kinda suck.
- Head up the stairs to the bridge. There are two trainers waiting on the right side of the bridge, and once you cross, head north, and go through a patch of grass, you'll find another trainer waiting. He's standing near a PP Max.

Brains & Brawn Jael & Kael
  • Kadabra, level 31
  • Machoke, level 31
Reward: $1,984

Good idea, poor execution. Slaughter Kadabra with one well-placed physical move; take down Machoke with a solid special move. Kadabra is weak enough to fall to even a neutral move, but you'll probably want psychic- or fairy-type moves for Machoke. Flying also works.

Pokemon Ranger Jackson
  • Seviper, level 29
  • Vigoroth, level 29
Reward: $1,740

Physical hitters with poor defence. Meh.

- If you have the Mach Bike you can go up the ramp to the left of Jackson and skip a grass field and some trainers. I suggest going right anyway, because you can find an Elixir off the beaten path and to the east, through more tall grass. It's watched over by a rather ill-disguised ninja. Back on the path you'll find a roaming trainer, and up the nearby stairs and west of him, one more trainer.

Ninja Boy Takashi
  • Koffing, level 29
Reward: $464

You been there, you done that.

Bird Keeper Phil
  • Doduo, level 30
Reward: $1,200

Well, it's nice to see something different, for a change...

Bird Keeper Hugh
  • Swellow, level 30
Reward: $1,200

These poor birds.

- Head north through the tall grass. You'll find a bridge blocked by the villainous team, preventing your escape. To the left of the bridge is the handy-dandy Weather Institute.

The entry hall of the Weather Institute on Route 119.
The entry hall of the Weather Institute on Route 119.
Weather Institute

- The Weather Institute is, as you probably guessed, under attack by the villainous team. You need to fight your way to the second floor and oust their presence from these hallowed halls. If you're weak from your trip across Route 119 - or if you need to heal while battling through the Weather Institute - you can rest in the beds on the first floor. You can also use the PC in this room to swap your pokemon.

Team Magma / Aqua Grunt
  • Mightyena, level 29
  • Golbat, level 29
Reward: $1,160

Confusion reigns supreme. Don't let these pokemon go first.

Team Magma / Aqua Grunt
  • Koffing / Grimer, level 30
Reward: $1,200

Gyro Ball? Okie dokie...

Team Magma / Aqua Grunt
  • Numel / Carvanha, level 28
  • Mightyena, level 28
Reward: $1,120

Hey, look who it is!

Team Magma / Aqua Grunt
  • Golbat, level 30
Reward: $1,200

Dangerous in teams, not on its own.

Magma / Aqua Admin
  • Camerupt / Sharpedo, level 32
Reward: $3,200

They're more dangerous than everyone else you fought in this place, at least. Sigh.

- After chasing the villainous team out of the Weather Institute, one of the lead scientists will give you a Castform. They're oddball pokemon that change types depending on the weather. You'll need to clear a space to accept the Castform; do so on the PC downstairs if necessary. Before leaving the Weather Institute, speak to the scientist by the front door to receive a Rocky Helmet and the front receptionist for an Icy Rock, a Smooth Rock, a Damp Rock, or a Heat Rock. Which you'll get is random, and you'll get a new Rock each day.

Route 119

- Head back outside. The bridge to the right is now open. Wander across and go down the stairs to the south. Surf southeast from the water's edge and you'll find several places to land; there's a hidden Ultra Ball in the middle of a bundle of tall grass in the first landing spot, a Secret Base spot on the second, a Leaf Stone on the third, and another Secret Base spot on the fourth. Head northwest from where you started and you'll find a waterfall; check the small dry spot to the right of the waterfall to find a hidden Max Ether.

- Back to dry land. Head north up the steps - or try to, anyway - and your rival will rush in. Battle!

May and Brendan meet up to have another rival battle on Route 119.
May and Brendan meet up to have another rival battle
on Route 119.
Pokemon Trainer Brendan / May
  • Slugma / Wailmer / Shroomish, level 31
  • Wailmer / Shroomish / Slugma, level 31
  • Grovyle / Combusken / Swampert, level 33
Reward: $1,320, HM02

Man. Your rival is way behind on evolutions. This is much less difficult than last time as a result, even if they have a water-type pokemon being protected / bolstered by the rainy weather. Your pokemon should be more than capable of taking the rival's team down. As with last time, Shroomish can be annoying thanks to Effect Spore, so avoid using physical attacks if you can.

- After beating the rival you'll receive HM02, Fly. Fly will allow your flying-type pokemon to Fly back to any town or city you've previously visited. You still need the gym badge from the next city in line before you can use it, though, so don't saddle your pokemon with it yet. (Unless you wanna use it in battle, I suppose. It's a pretty decent flying-type move for in-game battles. Against online players... maybe not so much.)

- Continue north up the stairs. There's one final 'hidden' trainer along the way, and north of him a plot of dirt with six Pomeg Berries. East of the Berries you'll find Fortree City, the next major location on your list of Pokemon League Gym Challenges.

Ninja Boy Yasu
  • Ninjask, level 27
Reward: $432

Kill it quickly to avoid Double Team irritation.


Route 119 is infamous for one thing above all else: the pokemon known as Feebas. This is the only place where you can catch a Feebas. Though largely useless on its own, Feebas will evolve into a Milotic if you almost max out its Beauty Contest stat via Poke Blocks and then level it. Milotic is one of the better water-type pokemon out there, which is saying something, considering how bloody many water-types are in the games.

Normally you would have to catch a Feebas by fishing in the water along Route 119, and your chances of getting one with any Rod are pretty small. That said, you can maximize your chances of catching a Feebas by fishing under the bridge nearest the northern end of Route 119. You'll need Surf to get here. As far as I can tell, virtually every fishing attempt here will net you a Feebas. Much easier.

Return Trip

- Once you have Surf and Waterfall, head to the Weather Institute and cross the bridge to the east. You can Surf north from the shore near here and ascend the large waterfall up here. Make sure you have the Acro Bike before doing this...

- ... as there are rails that require the Acro Bike up here. Snag the five Leppa Berries and three Sitrus Berries from the dirt plot at the top, then use the Acro Bike to cross the rails on your right. (You'll need the Devon Scope to get past a Kecleon in front of the rails, as well, but if you have Waterfall... kind of a given.)

- Across the rail and to the north you'll find an obvious trainer who is obvious; south of him is a hail that leads to a central island, upon which sits TM62, Acrobatics. To his right is a trail that leads to Fortree City, and to his left is another rail that leads to a dude who will admire your Bike. He's part of a small quest to allow you to take both Bikes at once. Don't neglect to speak to him. Continue biking south and you'll find a Rare Candy near a ledge that will take you back to the beginning.

Ninja Boy Hideo
  • Koffing, level 27
  • Koffing, level 27
Reward: $432

By the time you get up here, Hideo and his pokemon are kind of a joke. Kind of.

Return Trip

Route 119

- Look south of the house where you can rest after dealing with Groudon / Kyogre. There's a bare patch in the thick grass where you'll find Venusaurite.

Part Twenty-Three: Fortree City and Route 120

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