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Part Twenty: Route 105 to Route 109

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Route 118
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Electrike Common Both Either Grass, Tall Grass
Electrike (horde) Uncommon Both Either Tall Grass
Kecleon Rare Both Either Grass, Tall Grass
Linoone Common Both Either Grass, Tall Grass
Pelipper Rare Both Either Grass, Tall Grass,
Tentacool Common Both Either Water
Wingull Common Both Either Grass, Water
Wingull (horde) Rare Both Either Tall Grass

- You can reach Route 118 by heading east out of Mauville City, but you can't explore the entirety of the Route until you know Surf. Use it to sail across the bay to the eastern shore. Here you'll find a fisherman who will give you a Good Rod, aaaand a pair of familiar reporters. There are two rocks directly south of the journalists; one contains a hidden Iron.

Interviewers Gabby & Ty
  • Magneton, level 29
  • Loudred, level 29
Reward: $2,320

These two have gotten a fair bit stronger since your last encounter, but they're still not that tough. Do whatever you want against Loudred; fire-type special moves are advisable for Magneton.

- Continue down the Route and you'll find a trainer by the beach to the south.

Fisherman Barny
  • Carvanha, level 26
  • Gyarados, level 26
Reward: $832

Gyarados can be scary. Carvanha is not.

- Once you get onto grass turf you'll be approached by Steven. After a short conversation you'll be approached by a Latias (Omega Ruby) or a Latios (Alpha Sapphire) and shuttled off to a far-away island.

Southern Island

- (If you want, you can leave by speaking to Steven. Nevertheless, you have to get this over with now. It won't take long.)

- Head north. You'll encounter Latios / Latias elsewhere on the island and get into a battle with some villainous team scoundrels.

Magma Admin Courtney and a lowly Grunt take on May.
Magma Admin Courtney and a lowly Grunt
take on May.
Magma / Aqua Admin and Grunt
  • Camerupt, level 31
  • Koffing, level 29
Reward: $4,260

Not a difficult battle for your team alone. Bringing Steven along makes it unfair.

- Once you defeat the villainous team, Latios (Omega Ruby) or Latias (Alpha Sapphire) will join your party. You'll have to stow one of your pokemon to accept it. The pokemon is carrying Latiosite or Latiasite, which brings us to a new concept: Mega Stones.

Mega Stones

Once Steven hands over a Mega Bracelet you'll gain access to the power of Mega Stones. Mega Stones are special held items that allow certain pokemon to transform into their Mega Evolutions. Mega Evolutions are especially powerful, granting significant stat boosts to the user, and may change the type and / or abilities of the pokemon. You can have multiple pokemon equipped with Mega Stones in your party, but you can only use one Mega Evolution per battle.

Route 118

- Well, that was fun. Back to work. To the left of where you come down are some Cutable bushes; you can bypass them to reach a dirt patch with six Sitrus Berries. East of here, past some large clumps of grass, you'll find a trainer waiting. There's another hiding in the tall grass if you continue east, and one more right on the edge of the Route. Just north of both of them is a Hyper Potion, to the right of the first trainer.

- One thing to note: When you enter the tall grass there's a chance you'll run into Hordes of pokemon. Hordess are composed entirely of a single type of pokemon (in most cases, anyway) and offer a great chance for EV training. More on this in another article.

Bird Keeper Perry
  • Pellipper, level 29
Reward: $1,160

Eh. These things are always annoying, but never really hard.

Bird Keeper Chester
  • Swablu, level 26
  • Swellow, level 28
Reward: $1,120

Swellow is fast. That's 'bout all this team has going for itself.

Delinquent Miley
  • Cacnea, level 26
  • Mightyena, level 28
Reward: $896

Kill Mightyena quickly. It knows Swagger. Annoying.

- That's all for this Route. Yep, pretty short. To continue with your quest you need to head north from the first Bird Keeper, but we'll keep going east a short way to see what's waiting on the first, small section of Route 123.

May faces down a Bird Keeper on Route 118.

Route 123

- There are two trainer battles to face on this short Route. Between them you'll find a little girl who will give you TM99, Dazzling Gleam. There's an Ultra Ball sitting on the other side of the white fence when you first arrive on the Route, and if you check up one space from where the Ultra Ball was sitting you'll find a hidden Revive

- In the house on this Route you'll meet the Berry Master. He'll give you two random, rare Berries each day you visit him. Speak to his wife and provide her with part of a catch phrase to earn another random Berry. (Thanks to Anon for pointing out the latter.)

- Go up the stairs near the Berry Master's house. You'll find a field with four dirt patches, each already fully-supplied with Berries. If you want to make Berry-planting a thing, this is the place to get it done. You'll find the following when you first arrive:
  • One Kasib Berry
  • One Haban Berry
  • One Colbur Berry
  • One Babiri Berry
  • One Chilan Berry
  • One Roseli Berry
  • One Occa Berry
  • One Passho Berry
  • One Wacan Berry
  • One Rindo Berry
  • One Yache Berry
  • One Chople Berry
  • One Kebia Berry
  • One Shuca Berry
  • One Coba Berry
  • One Payapa Berry
  • One Tanga Berry
  • One Charti Berry
  • Two Iapapa Berries
  • Two Aguav Berries
  • Two Mago Berries
  • Two Wiki Berries
  • Two Figy Berries
  • Two Lum Berries
Quite the haul, in short. These are all rare Berries, and you may want to replant at least the double-batch Berries. (You should also check this area again after dealing with Kyogre and Groudon, as you'll find Abomasite sitting near a dirt plot in the north.)

Aroma Lady Violet
  • Vileplume, level 36
Reward: $1,152

This thing can be fairly dangerous, since the rain on the Route deadens the power of fire. Stick to a flying- or psychic-type move to take it out. Watch out for paralysis.

Twins Miu & Yuki
  • Dustox, level 35
  • Beautifly, level 35
Reward: $280

You've faced this combo before. Again, stick with flying-type moves to forego the disadvantage of the rain overhead. Beware the use of Bug Buzz on your psychic-types, if you bring one out to take out Dustox.

- For the moment the rest of Route 123 is inaccessible, as you have to come at it from the east, not the west. We'll explore it more after we bypass a few more Routes.

Return Trip 

Route 123

Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Duskull Common Alpha Sapphire Either Tall Grass
Duskull (horde) Rare Alpha Sapphire Either Tall Grass
Gloom Common Both Either Tall Grass
Kecleon Rare Both Either Tall Grass
Linoone Uncommon Both Either Tall Grass
Pelipper Uncommon Both Either Tall Grass
Shuppet Common Omega Ruby Either Tall Grass
Shuppet (horde) Rare Omega Ruby Either Tall Grass
Wingull (horde) Rare Both Either Tall Grass

- You can reach the rest of Route 123 via Route 122, a watery passage that surrounds Mt. Pyre. You won't get here until after you've gained your sixth badge. Once you have access to Route 122, Surf south of Mt. Pyre to find the eastern entrance of Route 123.

- Head south onto the Route. On your right, beside a cluster of three trees, is a small divot in the scenery. There's a hidden Rare Candy inside the divot. Just south of here is a Cuttable tree; south of the tree is a Revival Herb, east is a trainer. Before you hit the trainer you can find a hidden PP Up on the path, just north of Cameron.

Psychic Cameron
  • Kadabra, level 34
  • Solrock, level 36
Reward: $1,152

Kadabra can make this battle more annoying by throwing up Reflect. Try to wipe it out quickly. Solrock is no big deal.

- Head west. There's a little kid ahead, standing beside a plot of dirt. If you speak to him with a grass-type pokemon in your party she'll give you a Big Root. The dirt contains two Hondew Berries, four Leppa Berries, and four Sitrus Berries.

- There's a cluster of tall grass ahead. On the edge is a bush to Cut down which you can use to bypass both the grass and a trainer. (You can also search the ground just south of the first Cuttable bush for a hidden Hyper Potion.) This thin path eventually leads to a patch of dirt with six Qualot Berries, six Grepa Berries, and six Tamato Berries.

Picnicker Martha
  • Illumise, level 33
  • Wigglytuff, level 33
Reward: $528

Illumise is pretty weak. Wigglytuff is more robust, but it still doesn't hit that hard, considering it's obsessed with Double Slap.

- Now the Route gets tricky. There are multiple ways to wander through Route 123, and once you embark on one path you're forced to keep following it to the end. We'll have to Fly back to the beginning of the Route to get everything after reaching the Berry Master's home.

- There are two places to jump down from here; make sure you jump down from the ledge facing left, nearer the dirt patch you just plundered. There's a wandering trainer here, and just south of him you can leap down to find an Elixir. There's another trainer waiting one further ledge down from here, and as you make your way further west you'll find one final trainer before reaching the bottom of the Route.

Street Thug Hannibal
  • Crawdaunt, level 36
Reward: $1,152

Strong, but not that durable. A solid fighting- or fairy- or grass- or electric- or... well, okay, a lot of moves will take this thing down.

Delinquent Kylie
  • Mightyena, level 36
Reward: $1,152

You may have fought these things before. Maybe.

Ace Trainer Clyde
  • Vibrava, level 35
  • Skarmory, level 37
Reward: $2,220

Vibrava is a dragon-type, but not a terribly strong one. Anything should work. Skarmory is another matter; fire- or electric-type attacks are your best bet for chewing through its considerable armour.

- Fly back to the east end of Route 123 and make your way west, through the two bushes and all the grass, to Street Thug Hannibal. Continue west from here until you're forced to jump down a ledge to the south. Jump down one more and head west to find another trainer. There's one a ledge to the left of her; check south through the tall grass to find a PP Up.

Ace Trainer Julie
  • Ninetales, level 35
  • Bellossom, level 37
Reward: $2,220

Chances are good you haven't seen either of these pokemon yet. Ninetales is more dangerous since it can both confuse and burn you; Bellossom simply bypasses evasion boosts with Magical Leaf.

- Hop down the ledge. There's a fishing shack here. A fisherman inside will give you an Eviolite if you answer him with 'Magikarp', and if you scratch the Poochyena it will hack up a Gyaradosite. Outside the shack is a small pond, attended by several trainers; down and to the left of them you'll find a Wide Lens, on the very edge back to the lower Route that leads to the Berry Master's house.

Fisherman Timin

  • Seaking, level 36
Reward: $1,152

Easy stuff. Just a water-type, is all.

Fisherman Fisher
  • Whiscash, level 36
Reward: $1,152

A water- and ground-type. Grass-type moves will shred this dopey dude.

Fisherman Finley
  • Crawdaunt, level 34
  • Gyarados, level 34
Reward: $1,088

The toughest of the lot. Crawdaunt falls to the usual water-type weaknesses, as well as fighting, bug, and fairy; Gyarados is best handled with an electric-type move.

Part Twenty-Two: Route 119 and the Weather Institute

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