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Part Nineteen: Petalburg Pokemon Gym

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This next segment of the walkthrough will take us through the waterbound sections of Routes 105 to 109. You will need a pokemon that knows Surf to accomplish this feat, as you can now use Surf outside of battle in the wake of defeating Norman. Pretty much every water-type pokemon (save, like, Magikarp and Feebas) can learn Surf, and a few others learn it as well (Zigzagoon, off the top of my head), so it shouldn't be difficult to scrounge up an HM slave for the task.

Route 105 begins near Petalburg, so we'll dip in right beside Mr. Briney's seaside shack.

Route 105

- (Yes, technically this begins on Route 104. Hush. There's nothing there.)

- Head south. There's a trainer swimming on your left, and another to the right. You'll see plenty of swimmers as you make your way towards Slateport.

Swimmer Beverly
  • Wailmer, level 25
  • Azumarill, level 25
Reward: $400

Two bulky threats, the greater of which is Azumarill. Grass- or electric-type moves will do.

Triathlete Vin
  • Wailmer, level 25
  • Spheal, level 25
Reward: $1,000

Oooo, that's a new face. Spheals are ice-types, so remain wary of them if your primary attacker is a grass-type.

- To the south and on your left is an island. There's a trainer standing on it. North of this island is another with an odd rock formation, one of little use to you now; west of it is another small island with an Iron and a hidden Heart Scale, beside a rock on the right side of the island. Check along the beach's edge, just north and to the west of two trees, to find a hidden Big Pearl. (Thanks to Anon for pointing this out.) A trainer swims between these islands. Back on the main path, look to the right of the first island for another swimming trainer, then one last one to the right of where you found the Heart Scale.

Ruin Maniac Foster
  • Nosepass, level 27
Reward: $756

Probably haven't seen one of these for a while. Grass- or water-type attacks will do nicely to take it down. It has Spark, but isn't a huge threat to your water-types.

Swimmer Luis
  • Carvanha, level 27
Reward: $432

Alpha Sapphire players will know how to trounce this thing by now. Omega Ruby users can go for grass, electric, fighting, or fairy.

Swimmer Dawn
  • Azumarill, level 27
Reward: $432

Meh. A threat, to be sure, but not much of one at this point.

Swimmer Austin
  • Wingull, level 24
  • Pelipper, level 26
Reward: $416

Wingull is nothing. Pelipper has Roost and Protect. It's not dangerous, really, but it can waste a lot of your PP if you don't go at it with super effective moves. Electric is preferable.

May continues to swim between Petalburg and Slateport.  Good god but it's a long trip.
May continues to swim between Petalburg and Slateport.
Good god but it's a long trip.
Route 106

- There's a trainer right near the beginning of the Route. Head east once you hit land and you'll find another trainer swimming away off the coast of Dewford Town. You'll find one other swimmer before reaching Dewford.

Swimmer Nicole
  • Goldeen, level 27
Reward: $432

A single Goldeen? Meh.

Swimmer Douglas
  • Gyarados, level 27
Reward: $432

Always dangerous, but you can fry it easily with an electric-type move.

Triathlete Caleb
  • Wailmer, level 27
Reward: $1,080

Smack it around with physical attacks. Easy.

- If your pokemon are running on low, now's a good time to get them healed. Head into Dewford and check out the Pokemon Center. I recommend this, as the stretch between Dewford and Slateport is a lot longer than the two Routes you just traversed. Either way, it's back out to open sea with you afterward to the next Route.

Route 107

- First off, if you didn't get it earlier, there's a shoreline to the south. There's a Super Repel sitting on the shore. Then head back out to sea and challenge the trainer on your right, and another a ways to the northeast. And, uh, honestly, there's just a string of trainers as you head east for a while.

Swimmer Beth
  • Pelipper, level 27
Reward: $432

Gotta hate these things. Seriously.

Swimmer Denise
  • Goldeen, level 25
  • Wailmer, level 25
Reward: $400

Oh man. So deadly.

Swimmer Darrin
  • Barboach, level 27
Reward: $432

Part ground-type? Insidious. Still, meh.

Sis & Bro Lisa & Ray
  • Goldeen, level 26
  • Corphish, level 27
Reward: $520

Piece 'o cake.

Swimmer Tony
  • Tentacool, level 27
Reward: $432


... almost done...

Route 108

... more trainers... keep your eye open along the south of this route for a small beach with a Star Piece, as well as a hidden Rare Candy. Check the middle rock for the latter.

Swimmer Jerome
  • Tentacool, level 25
  • Pelipper, level 25
Reward: $400


Swimmer Missy
  • Wingull, level 24
  • Barboach, level 24
  • Wailmer, level 24
Reward: $384

Maybe that IGN review commenting on the excess of water was on to something.

Swimmer Tara
  • Wailmer, level 27
Reward: $432

Dum dee dum.

- Partway through this Route you'll find an enormous shipwreck in the north. This is the Sea Mauville, and you can head here to fight more trainers and pick up some extra items. We don't have everything we need to explore the wreck, however, so we'll save this part of the walkthrough for later. (You aren't missing out on anything earthshaking, I promise.)

- So, hey, dem trainers, right?

Ace Trainer Constance
  • Seviper, level 26
  • Swellow, level 28
Reward: $1,680

Shock! Non-water-types! A bit of a surprise, and they can be painful if you've been relying on a grass-type to tackle all the water-types on this Route. Nevertheless, not too bad overall.

Ace Trainer Neville
  • Zangoose, level 26
  • Breloom, level 28
Reward: $1,680

Less surprising, perhaps, in Constance's wake. Still not that big a deal. 

Swimmer Matthew
  • Lombre, level 27
Reward: $432

A flying-type would do nicely here.

Route 109

- Almost done. Route 109 leads northbound to the beach outside Slateport City, and boasts several small islands populated by trainers. You'll find a hidden Heart Scale on the island with the lovey-dovey couple, right in front of the guy (be careful not to position yourself in such a way that he walks onto it), a Big Pearl on the bottom-right island,

Fisherman Carter
  • Tentacool, level 27
Reward: $864

Gettin' kinda dull, water-types.

Young Couple Mel & Paul
  • Beautifly, level 27
  • Dustox, level 27
Reward: $1,728

Woot! A bit of a change-up! Both pokemon are relatively frail by this point in the game, but you should still beware being poisoned by Dustox. Flying-type moves will thrash both.

Swimmer Alice
  • Goldeen, level 25
  • Wailmer, level 25
Reward: $400

Well, back to water-types... fun while it lasted...

Swimmer David
  • Corphish, level 24
  • Carvanha, level 26
Reward: $416


Ace Trainer Portia
  • Kecleon, level 26
  • Magcargo, level 28
Reward: $1,680

A Magcargo out here? Bold, Portia. Splash it and it'll go down easily. Kecleon is pretty situation, based on your team, though still not difficult.

Tuber Gwen
  • Azumarill, level 26
Reward: $104


Tuber Carmen
  • Azumarill, level 26
Reward: $104

Well, this looks familiar.

- The tiny island with the Tubers is the last place of note on the Route. This brings us to the end, which means dry land once again. Woo! Now we're off to Mauville City, to continue our trip to the eastern side of Hoenn.

Bet you miss this guy now.
Return Trip

Route 107

- Skim the south of this Route as you head east and you'll find a spot where you can Dive. You'll find two trainers in the waters below, and if you check the top-left corner of the area (near Free Diver Hollie) you can find a hidden Flame Plate on the northern boundaries.

Scuba Diver Keaton

  • Wailmer, level 38
  • Wailord, level 40
Reward: $1,600

One is a stronger version of the other. What's there to say? Water-type weaknesses apply.

Free Diver Hollie

  • Lanturn, level 40
Reward: $1,640

Tricksy. Lanturns ignore electric attacks, one of the typical water-type weaknesses. Go for grass- or ground-type moves (grass being safer, depending on your pokemon).

Part Twenty-One: Route 118, Southern Island, Route 123

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