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Part Twenty-Two: Route 119 and the Weather Institute

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Fortree City

- Teh big cities. Route 119 probably took it out of you a little bit, so stop by the Pokemon Center first. A kid in here will tell you how to have rematches with trainers you've already defeated, which is quite handy for building up levels in a hurry. (You can do it via the Trainers tab on the enlarged map view of the AreaNav, in case the explanation is insufficient.)

- Check to the left of the Poke Mart for a Super Repel. The store itself is nothing special.

- Climb up to the first treehouse to the right of the Poke Mart. The girl inside will give you Stairs for a Secret Base. Speaking of bases, the Secret Base Headquarters something something is east of this tree house. Aarune is inside, and he'll give you the skinny on some advanced Secret Base type stuff that we'll look at in another article. He'll give you a Proclamation to get started. Speak to him again and you can challenge him to a pokemon battle, as well. This place also serves as a store for purchasing food and furniture for your Secret Base.

Secret Base Expert Aarune
  • Flygon, level 23
Reward: $1,380

Would be dangerous if it were a higher level. It's not. Shrug.

- Head back to ground level and check out the north end of town. There's a hidden Tiny Mushroom in a corner near the northern ladder, just south of the tree that's furthest to the left.

- Climb to the upper level again. The third house to the left contains an old woman who will tell you what your pokemon would do if they used Hidden Power... which is convenient, since the other old woman in here will give you TM10, Hidden Power, if you guess which of her hands holds a coin. Answer right, right, and left.

- Check the final house on the left up here and you'll find a little girl who will trade a Skitty for a Spinda, which, given their relative rareness, is a pretty good bargain.

- There's a Pokemon Gym in Fortree, but an invisible obstacle blocks your path. You can't visit yet. Head east out of Fortree to solve this strange dilemma.

May meets Steven on Route 120.
May meets Steven on Route 120.

Route 120
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Absol Rare Both Either
Gloom Common Both Either Tall Grass
Kecleon Rare Both Either Tall Grass
Linoone Common Both Either Tall Grass
Marill (horde) Rare Both Either Tall Grass
Oddish (horde) Rare Both Either Tall Grass
Tropius Uncommon Both Either Tall Grass

- This is a fairly straightforward Route. Head east to get into several battles. There are a few trainers on your way to the bridge that connects one half of the Route with the other. If you check along the north of the Route you'll find Cuttable bushes; they block a dead end containing a hidden Rare Candy. Look for two empty spaces in the tall grass while wading through, as there's a hidden Revive beside the second. Head all the way south to the water's edge to find a Nest Ball, then sail south from this ledge to find a cave called the Scorched Slab. We'll explore it in this article.

Parasol Lady Clarissa
  • Goldeen, level 31
  • Seaking, level 33
Reward: $1,056

Seaking is... moderately dangerous...? Eh...

Bird Keeper Robert
  • Swablu, level 34
Reward: $1,360

... seriously...?

- Check out the southern bridge. Steven is waiting, and he'll give you a Devon Scope. You can use it to observe - and catch, if you want - the Kecleon standing nearby. You can thereafter use the Devon Scope to reveal any hidden Kecleons that get in your way... including, say, the one standing in front of the Fortree Pokemon Gym. Steven will also give you a Mega Stone for your starter pokemon - either Sceptilite, Blazikenite, or Swampertite.

- You can try to continue across the bridge from here, but a trainer will stop you from going too far. We'll finish with Route 120 in a subsequent article. For now, return to Fortree City and use the Devon Scope to get to the gym. Check around the left side of the gym to find TM86, Grass Knot, then step inside. Rest assured, Grass Knot will be absolutely useless in here.

Part Twenty-Four: Fortree Pokemon Gym

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