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Part Twenty-Three: Fortree City and Route 120

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Fortree Pokemon Gym

Fortree's Pokemon Gym is as puzzley as they get. The gym consists of a series of rotating wooden turnstiles that you must bypass in the proper order to get through the gym. It's a bit tricksy on the first run through, and requires some careful manipulation of your environment.

Fortree's gym is staffed entirely by pokemon trainers who use flying-type pokemon. Given their general nature, electric- or rock-type pokemon will rule the day if you bring them in to fight. (Ice-types aren't bad, either, if you can manage a lucky Wonder Trade or something.) Bug- and grass-types need not apply.

- You'll find the first trainer past the second turnstile. If you approach it from the left side you can skip the trainer entirely.

Bird Keeper Jared
  • Swellow, level 30
  • Skarmory, level 30
Reward: $1,200

Swellow is pretty easy to take out. Skarmory's quite a bit tougher with its steel-type pairing and high physical defence; fire or electric will whip it easily enough.

- The next trainer is around the corner from the first. You can skip her if you move carefully and step only when she's facing away. After you get past her, push the next turnstile to the right, then run back around and go down the open passage.

Picnicker Kylee
  • Swablu, level 31
Reward: $496

Meh. Easy enough. (Though Swablu's evolutionary counterpart will give you some trouble later in this gym.)

- You can return to the beginning from here by sliding to the south, if you wish. Otherwise, keep going west. There's another trainer ahead; you can skip him by pushing the turnstile north, then pushing the smaller, lower half to the left, then pushing up.

Camper Terrell
  • Doduo, level 28
  • Pelipper, level 30
Reward: $480

Pelippers are always a pain in the you-know-what. Doduo is meh. Electricity murders both, particularly Pelipper.

- The next dude can, again, be skipped with careful movements. You can skip to the beginning of the gym by sliding down the ramp next to him.

Bird Keeper Will
  • Dodrio, level 32
Reward: $1,280

Dodrios can do a lot of damage if given even half a chance, and this one should be taken down in a single hit if possible. If not, bring out something with a high defence.

- One final cluster of puzzles. Push the far right turnstile up to start. Push the larger turnstile on the left down, then reenter the first turnstile by pushing it left, then up. This will give you access to the gym leader. Note that you can easily skip the final gym trainer simply by avoiding his line of sight while pushing the second turnstile.

Bird Keeper Bran
  • Pelipper, level 32
Reward: $1,280

You took one out earlier, you can do it again.

Winona, the gym leader of the Fortree Pokemon Gym.
Leader Winona
  • Swellow, level 33
  • Skarmory, level 33
  • Pelipper, level 33
  • Altaria, level 35
Reward: $4,200

This is an annoying fight. Winona's pokemon on the whole don't hit that hard, but they're still plenty difficult to kill. Swellow loves Double Team, so you'll want to thrash it quickly before it becomes impossible to hit; Skarmory just has good defences thanks to its type, and should be slaughtered with the appropriate special moves (water works okay if you don't have electric or fire on hand); Pelipper is just flat out annoying with Protect. The big threat here is Altaria, as it can use Cotton Guard to drastically raise its normal defence and Earthquake to lightly maul your pokemon. Give its dragon-type pairing, ice-type moves are a natural choice - though if they're not available, dragon- or fairy- will also do. Electric works fine as well, but you risk your electric-type pokemon getting whomped by Earthquake. Roost is a possibility throughout this fight, but so long as you have super effective moves it's a delaying tactic more than anything.

Defeating Winona will earn you the Feather Badge, allowing you to control pokemon up to level 70 - as well as use Fly outside battle. You can now wing back to any towns or cities you've already visited. Winona will also give you TM19, Roost. Not bad for flying-type pokemon.

Part Twenty-Five: Route 120 and Route 121

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