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Part Twenty-Four: Fortree Pokemon Gym

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Route 120

- After defeating Winona and retrieving your sixth gym badge, you're free to head east onto the second half of Route 120, across the bridge where you met Steven earlier, and continue your journey. There's a trainer waiting for you on the other side. This half of the Route is nice and rainy, so plan your attacks and pokemon usage accordingly.

Bird Keeper Colin
  • Swellow, level 32
  • Xatu, level 32
Reward: $1,280

Ooo, Xatu. These creepy birds are psychic-types, so mind that when choosing an attacker. Otherwise, standard battle.

- The path splits ahead. You'll face a trainer whether you go north or south. There's another trainer waiting in the far east, just north of some tall grass; north of her you'll find a Cuttable bush that blocks the way to a plot of dirt with four Wepear Berries, four Pinap Berries, and four Aspear Berries.

Ninja Boy Tsunao
  • Koffing, level 29
  • Koffing, level 30
  • Koffing, level 31
Reward: $496

Aside from the threat of poison, not too dangerous.

Parasol Lady Angelica
  • Castform, level 34
Reward: $1,088

Castform will predictably turn into a water-type thanks to the current weather. You know what to do.

Ace Trainer Jennifer
  • Milotic, level 36
Reward: $2,160

Oh dear. Milotics are terribly powerful in most cases, as they have powerful special attacks and can take a fair amount of special punishment. That said, this Milotic is not that bad. Hit it with grass- or electric-type physical moves. Water Pulse is its greatest weapon, capable of confusing. 

- There are pathways through the tall grass that will allow you to avoid wild pokemon if you wish. Look down the first thin pathway to your left before entering the tall grass to find a hidden Zinc, then start making your way south howsoever you wish. There are a few invisible Kecleons in here, if you didn't catch one earlier, and if you stay on the left side of the path you'll find a Nugget. There's also a trainer to fight in the south.

Bug Maniac Brandon
  • Masquerain, level 34
Reward: $952

Though more durable than it looks, Masquerain is still pretty meh. Beat it down.

- You'll emerge from the rain in the far south. (This area is purdy at night, by the way.) Follow the edge of the cliffs until you find a cluster of tall grass; check the thin path along the north of the grass to find a kinda-hidden Light Ball.

- Head west from the grass. There's a girl standing at the bottom of some stairs. Talk to her for a Mago Berry, then head up the stairs. There's a small lake up here. Surf across it to the southwest to find a Full Heal, then search right beside it for a hidden Rare Candy. (I actually picked up the Rare Candy trying to get the Full Heal. Go fig.) Surf north across it to find a dirt patch with four Nanb Berries, four Razz Berries, and six Pecha Berries

- Head north through the grass. You'll find an open area populated by several trainers. The weird, standout rock formation aside, you'll find a Revive in the north and a dirt patch with six Pecha Berries, six Razz Berries, and six Nanab Berries.

Street Thug Gomez
  • Cacturne, level 34
Reward: $1,088

Looks cool, isn't very strong. A single bug-type move will rock this poor fellow.

Delinquent Sharlene
  • Sharpedo, level 34
Reward: $1,088

Well, it's stronger than Cacturne, anyway...

Ruin Maniac Chip
  • Baltoy, level 32
  • Nosepass, level 32
Reward: $896

Eh. Easy enough. Water will shred 'im.

Ninja Boy Keigo
  • Ninjask, level 32
  • Koffing, level 30
Reward: $480

Easy enough. Watch out for that Ninjask.

- Return to the main path and head east. You'll find two more trainers along the way before you reach the next Route, both in plain sight and both fairly easy to skip if you're getting weak.

Pokemon Ranger Carlos
  • Nuzleaf, level 33
  • Manectric, level 33
Reward: $1,980

Stupid Static is stupid.

Pokemon Ranger Jenna
  • Lombre, level 33
  • Grumpig, level 33
Reward: $1,980

Lombre is pretty easy. Grumpig is a fair bit more difficult, with strong defences and the ability to confuse your pokemon. Try to take it out quickly with a strong dark- or ghost-type move.

May runs along Route 121.
Route 121

Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Duskull Common Alpha Sapphire Either Grass, Tall Grass
Gloom Common Both Either Grass, Tall Grass
Rare Alpha Sapphire Either Tall Grass
Kecleon Rare Both Either Grass, Tall Grass
Linoone Uncommon Both Either Grass, Tall Grass
Pelipper Uncommon Both Either Grass, Tall Grass
Shuppet Common Omega Ruby Either Grass
Shuppet (horde) Rare Omega Ruby Either Tall Grass
Wingull (horde) Rare Both Either Tall Grass

- At last, some fresh territory. There's a trainer waiting right at the beginning of the Route, wandering in a circle, and if you look past the first grass cluster to the north you'll find a dirt patch with four Rawst Berries, three Aspear Berries, and four Persim Berries. Look on the left-most square of grass in the southern field, on the bottom side of the fence, to find a hidden HP Up.

Hex Maniac Tammy
  • Duskull, level 33
  • Sableye, level 33
Reward: $924

The main thing to keep in mind from this point going forward is that under most circumstances normal-type and fighting-type moves cannot hit ghost-type pokemon such as these. That aside, you shouldn't have much trouble taking these guys down. Dark-type moves will ravage Duskull, and Sableye will fall to fairy-type moves.

- Keep heading east. After a skippable battle you'll find some villainous thugs up to shenanigans. Once they run off, follow them south a short ways, then head west. You can Cut through a bush to find a path leading to a Zinc.

Beauty Jessica
  • Kecleon, level 32
  • Seviper, level 34
Reward: $1,904

Eh. Nothing special.

- To the south is a dock leading to Mt. Pyre, the next plot-important area in the game. We'll head there after checking out the remainder of the Route. You can speak to a Pokemon Center employee on the dock to heal up, if need be.

- Continue east. There are two trainers standing just south of a small building. This building leads to the Safari Zone, a special area with pokemon you likely won't find anywhere else in Hoenn. We'll look at the offerings of the Safari Zone in another article. Speak to the man by the door in here, if nothing else, to receive TM85, Dream Eater.

Teammates Kate & Joy
  • Slaking, level 35
  • Spinda, level 34
Reward: $1,680

This is a surprisingly difficult battle if you don't bring in a fighting-type, as Spinda can - and will - confuse your party members, often, with Teeter Dance. Quickly take it out before ganging up on the Slaking, which, bereft of a partner and incapable of moving every second turn, should be much easier.

- Head east from the Safari Zone. There's a Max Repel on the side of the path, and, through some thick grass, a trainer. Up and to the left of the trainer you'll find a fenced-in area; check the bottom-left corner you'll find a Carbos.

Gentleman Walter
  • Manectric, level 35
Reward: $7,000

Oooo, so much money. Manectric is nothing special.

- Beyond the patch of tall grass to the east is a trainer. Beside her is a bush you can Cut down to find a Shiny Stone, and, just south of it, a hidden Nugget. Look through the grass to the right of this trainer and you'll find a hidden Full Heal on the other side.

Poke Fan Vanessa
  • Pikachu, level 35
Reward: $2,240

Iconic but easy. Thwomp.

- Almost done. There's a southern path leading back east that will take you to a dirt patch. It contains six Nanab Berries. Just south of the left-most Berry Tree you'll find a hidden Max Revive. Return to the main path from here and you'll find a new area, Lilycove City, which we'll explore in the next article. (No, no pokemon gym. Boo.)

Part Twenty-Six: Lilycove City

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