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Part Twenty-Five: Route 120 and Route 121

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Lilycove City

- Another big city, though not quite so massive as Mauville City. The first (relevant) stop is the Pokemon Center, to the east. The Center itself isn't terribly interesting, but out front is a little girl who will read the memories of one of your pokemon. Not that useful, but quirky.

- South of the Pokemon Center is the local Contest Spectacular Hall. Nothing special there. Next to it is a house belonging to a Pokeblock Master, and she'll teach you some advanced techniques regarding Pokeblock creation, if that's your thing. South of here, on the waterfront, is a Ferry; you can't use it yet.

- There are two more homes to visit in the centre of Lilycove. The southern house is in fact a motel, which, despite its size, is kinda useless at this point. The northern house is the Contest Spectacular Trainer Fan Club, which will change as you complete more Contests. The dude out front will ask to see Lisia's favourite pokemon; show him an Altaria and he'll give you Altarianite. I should've known.

- There's a set of stairs leading north. Be ready to fight, as you'll be approached when you try and climb...

May and Brendan face off for (maybe?) the final time.
May and Brendan face off for (maybe?) the final time.
Pokemon Trainer Brendan / May
  • Swellow, level 37
  • Wailord / Magcargo / Breloom, level 37
  • Breloom / Wailord / Magcargo, level 37
  • Blaziken / Sceptile / Swampert, level 39
Reward: $1,560

Your rival strikes again. His / her team is stronger than ever, and a decent step up from the trainers back on Route 121. Nevertheless, this isn't that bad a battle, mainly because you've fought the rival enough times to know their weak points by now. Keep on the offensive and wear down their team, which is, probably, smaller than yours at this point. Their starter will probably present the greatest difficulties, so... just don't deploy your own starter. Eh. 

- At the top of the stairs is the Lilycove Department Store. This multi-floor monument to consumer gluttony is full of merchants who will sell you a variety of things:
  • There are no merchants on the first floor, but if you speak to the woman on the right at the front desk you can play the Lottery. Bring a pokemon that matches the ID number the woman displays to win prizes. The more ID numbers you match, the better the prize. You can only win one prize per day. The prizes include:
    • One number = A Moomoo Milk
    • Two numbers = A PP Up
    • Three numbers = A PP Max
    • Four numbers = A Rare Candy
    • Five numbers = A Master Ball
  • The merchants on the second floor sell the standard set of items (Poke Balls, Potions, etc.) as well as some toys that can gain the attention of pokemon in battle.
  • The merchants on the third floor sell temporary stat-boosting items (X Attacks, X Defends, etc.) and permanent stat-boosting items (Proteins, Carboses, Irons, etc.)
  • The merchants on the fourth floor sell a variety of powerful TMs. They are, on average, terribly expensive, and include the following: 
    • Fire Blast
    • Thunder
    • Blizzard
    • Focus Blast
    • Stone Edge
    • Hyper Beam
    • Giga Impact
    • Protect
    • Safeguard
    • Reflect
    • Light Screen
  • The merchants on the fifth floor sell Dolls, Mats, Posters, and Cushions, all for your Secret Base.
  • Aaaaaand, on the roof, you'll find... nothing. Most days, anyway. Come here on Saturdays, though, and you'll find a Clearance Sale. The merchant will hand over a ton of stuff for your Secret Base that you won't find elsewhere. Fancy.
- West of the Department Store you'll find Lilycove Museum. There are many works of fine art here, and if you speak to a man in the far west you can purchase his art for your Secret Base at a ridiculous price. ($100,000 per piece? No thanks, dood.) There's a second floor, but it's no use to you just yet.

- East of the Department Store are some houses. The first belongs to the Move Deleter, who will remove unwanted moves from your pokemon. This includes HM moves, and is the only way to get rid of HM moves. Past the second house you'll find an old man who will give you a Rawst Berry. Hop down the ledges near the man to get at a house on your right; a sleepy man inside will give you TM44, Rest. Speak to him again for TM88, Sleep Talk. The other, more active dude in here will give you a Poke Flute decoration for your Secret Base.

- Head down to the beach. Check the first rock you see to the south for a hidden Poke Ball. Head north and follow the western cliff's edge, until you're beside a large cave. This is the villainous team's base, and you'll be coming here in a little while. Check the large rock right beside the entrance for a hidden PP Up.

- Run to the west end of the beach. You'll find a set of stairs. Check the large rock beside them for a Heart Scale. Climb the stairs, then follow the southern path. It leads out onto a cape with a lighthouse. On the right side of the lighthouse is a Max Repel.

- That's all for Lilycove City for the moment, as Team EvilVillainy has the place under lockdown. You'll have to head back west to progress the plot.

Part Twenty-Seven: Mt. Pyre

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