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Only one left. As ever you can complete the three scenarios in any order you wish, though Locke’s is probably the most difficult of the three because a) Locke is on his own for a while, and ) When he does get help, it is rather poorly equipped. You’ll get what you need equipment-wise while exploring one of the scenario’s two dungeons… or you can simply buy it during Sabin’s scenario. Your call.

Locke’s Scenario

- Locke starts off in South Figaro, which has now been overrun by Imperial troops. It is very important that you not speak to any troopers in Magitek Armor, such as the one to the west of where you begin, as they’ll immediately attack - and Locke’s chances of winning the fight are slim to nil. Ouch.

- The first house to the west contains passage to the rest of South Figaro, but you can’t get through dressed as you are now. Enter the Item Shop to the north and speak to the merchant inside to get into a fight, then Steal from him to grab his clothes. Locke is now dressed as a merchant, and can pass by the boy in the basement of the house. You can also find a Potion in the bucket on the lower floor of the house.

- Get onto the walls and follow them west. There’s a soldier in green up here. Attack and steal from him. Now you’re dressed as a soldier. You can now speak to soldiers around town and gain some actual information, and, most importantly, you can relieve one of the soldiers in front of the manor. He’s blocking the path to the Inn and the Pub.

- Enter the Pub and go downstairs. You’ll find a merchant’s apartment. Steal his clothing and you’ll receive Cider after the battle.

- Return to the house from earlier and speak to the old man on the upper floor. He’ll accept your Cider, then mention something about a password. Speak to the boy who blocks the staircase and he’ll ask for a password. Use ‘Courage’ to get by. He’ll open a secret passage that will take you into the basement of the manor.

- Check the clock in the basement for an Elixir, then head upstairs and into the manor. In the left room on the second floor you’ll see a double bed beside a book case. Go through the bed and behind the book case to find a secret passage leading into the bowels of the manor. Once inside you’ll have the option to change or maintain your disguise; you’ll get a slightly different cut scene in a few moments depending on how Locke looks. (I like the reaction to the soldier disguise, personally.)

- Walk directly south once you’re down the stairs and through the wall. There’s another hidden passage. It leads to a Hyper Wrist and Hermes Sandals.

- Head back upstairs. A cut scene will intervene. Enter the room after it’s done for another cut scene, then check the sleeping soldier’s pocket for an Old Clock Key. The sum of this is a new ally, default name Celes. She’s a powerful magic user, possessed of ice powers, and her Runic command will allow you to absorb any magic cast in battle, on the enemy’s side or yours. Not that handy, but Celes’s stats make her a powerful party member regardless. Equip her and return to the hallway.

- The first door on the right leads to a save point. The second door leads to a large storage room. There are four chests in here. One contains 500 gil, the second 1,000 gil, the third 1,500 gil, and the fourth… squat. What a cheat. Regardless, wind the clock on the right side of the room to open a secret passage behind a nearby cabinet.

- This next area contains enemies, and Celes’s Blizzard spell is your best bet for killing them quickly. Head east and you’ll quickly learn that this area contains unseen passages. Head directly south once you’re through the wall to find Iron Armor, then backtrack north and continue east.

- There’s a crossroads ahead. Head north and wind around to find a set of chests containing a Heavy Shield and a Great Sword. If you didn’t have equipment for Celes before, she’s set up now.

- Wander back to the crossroads again and go south. Check the wall on your left as you wander blindly to find a path leading to stairs. Down here you’ll find a chest containing a Hi-Ether to the south and another chest to the north containing an X-Potion. Just south of the X-Potion is a third chest, hidden, containing a Ribbon.

- Head back to the main floor and return to the southbound passage. You’ll hit another crossroads. Head west and you’ll find a chest containing an Earring. Then make your way east to exit the dungeon. This is your last chance to do anything in South Figaro, so don’t leave unless you’ve completed your business here.

South Figaro Cave

- If you need healing, don’t waste your Tents. Instead, head north of South Figaro to find the cabin where Sabin once lived. Here you can sleep and restore your health for free.

- Head to the South Figaro Cave in the west. It looks the same, but the enemies here are more powerful than before. Most are still rather easy comparative to your level, but Gold Bears can be quite a pain if you give them the chance. Kill them first.

- Make your way north through the Cave. If you didn’t open any chests before, or if you left the chest nearest the entrance closed (it’s up a set of stairs), you’ll find a Thunder Rod waiting. This Rod can make the next major fight an absolute joke.

- At the end of the cave is the old restorative spring. Use it, ‘cause you’re going to get into a fight when you try to leave the Cave.

Tunnel Armor

This fight can be a little tricky or really easy, depending on your items. If you don’t have the Thunder Rod you’ll have to fight the Tunnel Armor the old fashioned way. It combines powerful spells with strong physical hits. Your best method of attack is to have Celes use Runic on most turns while Locke batters the Tunnel Armor with normal attacks. Celes can join in occasionally with Blizzard and normal strikes, but it’s safer to have her use Runic and Cure when necessary.

If you collected the Thunder Rod, this battle is a one-hit kill. Use the Rod as an item and the Tunnel Armor is done. Woo!