Terra, Edgar, and Banon return to Narshe during Terra's scenario in Final Fantasy VI.

The scenarios continue, and if you’re following the walkthrough you’ll have two left. The remaining scenarios are not nearly as long as Sabin’s, and the one we’ll focus on now, Terra’s, is extremely short. 

You begin this mission on the Lethe River, completing the trek to Narshe. The same conditions apply as before: Don’t let Banon get knocked out. If he goes down your game is over. This trip is a bit harder without Sabin, but Edgar’s Auto Crossbow should make it relatively easy. The enemies along the way are the same as last time, and you don't need to worry about steering the raft.

You’ll wash up near Narshe soon enough. Once there, attempt to enter the city through the front gates and you’ll be soundly rebuffed. Ouch. You’ll have to find an alternate route into Narshe. Use the secret passage from the beginning of the game, west of the front gate, to get into the Narshe Mines.

Terra gets trapped by a security device inside the Narshe Mines, a dungeon in Final Fantasy VI.

Narshe Mines - Back Door - Enemies
  • Darkside - 255 HP - Weak to Fire, Holy, Healing - Drops Hi-Potion
  • Eukaryote - 110 HP - Weak to Fire, Holy, Healing - Drops Potion
  • Specter - 255 HP - Weak to Fire, Holy, Healing - Drops Potion
  • Valeor - 180 HP - Weak to Poison
  • Wild Rat  - 160 HP - Weak to Fire

  • Make your way through the Narshe Mines until you reach a second indoor screen with a bridge. This is one of the only places in this scenario where you’ll face enemies equal to your level. You’ll never see these enemies again in the game, so if you want their Rages later, spend a bit of time here getting into fights. Edgar can handle them.

    Through the northern door is a puzzle of sorts. A glowing dot weaves through a tiny maze of rocks. You must tag its movements exactly to get through unharmed. Steer away from the path and you’ll get trapped in a security field. Inspect the yellow light in the chain and you’ll break free; inspect any other light and you’ll get into a fight. There are unique enemies in this battle that you may want to trigger just for the sake of future Rages:
    • Darkside
    • Eukaryote
    • Specter
    Of particular note are the Specters, from which you can Steal Ice Rods... though you need to wait until Locke is back in the party. That aside, none of these enemies are difficult, and Edgar can mow them down pretty easily. If you're not interested in fighting, then follow this route through the maze:

    The route through the Narshe Mine security checkpoint, during Terra's scenario in Final Fantasy VI.

    Or, if you can't see the picture above, take this route:
    • Go north from the entrance and take a left at the first rock to the north
    • Go north from the southwest corner of the room, past the first large boulder, then take a right before passing the second large boulder
    • Go north when you're between three large boulders
    • Go east between two more boulders
    • Head south when you hit the largest boulder of the room, and keep going south until you're back near the entrance
    • Go right, to the southeast corner of the area
    • Head north past two large boulders
    • Take a left between the second and third large boulders on the east side of the area
    • Go north / northwest to the exit
    This will take you out of the security area, and back to areas with weak, early-game enemies. The tunnel beyond is familiar, as you visited this place while escaping Narshe’s guards as Terra. You can head east and south through here the normal way and escape…

    Terra visits the Moogles of the Narshe Mines in Final Fantasy VI.

    ... or you can sidetrack and go through the first doorway you see, alon the eastbound passage. It leads to the area where you fought alongside Mog and his Moogles, and in the north of this area you’ll find the Moogles’ nest. A chest in here contains a Rune Blade - though if you wait on this item until later, you'll find something better inside the chest. The Rune Blade is an okay weapon that saps MP from its user to inflict critical hits, so this is your call.

    The door nearest the chest leads back to the main path, where you first steered Terra through the Narshe Mines. If you ignored the chests in this passage earlier you won't find anything new this time through, though if you again wait until later in the game they will contain better items. 

    Head south to exit, where you can cross the bridge into Arvis's house. This ends the scenario. (You also won't get to use Banon again after this, so say goodbye to him.)