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South Figaro Cave

- Immediately inside the Cave you’ll find a healing pool. You can use this pool to restore your health and magic in the wake of the battle against the Magitek Armors. If you want to use the Cave to grind out levels, this is also a good spot to linger.

- Figaro Cave is a relatively small area with a few basic enemies. They’re stronger than the foes you fought in the desert, but with Edgar’s Auto Crossbow they’re very easily felled. If you’re fast enough (or if you set your Cursor Position to Remember) you can kill a whole group before they even have a chance to get off an attack.

- The chests in this cave contain different items depending on when you collect them:
  • The Ether up the stairs and to the left in the main part of the dungeon becomes a Thunder Rod on your second trip through here, or a Hero’s Ring if you wait until the third, more than halfway through the game.
  • The Ether down and to the right in the largest corridor becomes a Dry Ether if you leave it until after the halfway point.
  • The Phoenix Down to the left of the exit stairs becomes an X-Potion if you leave it until after your second trek through.

- The stairs in the south of the main area lead up and out to the world map.

South Figaro

- Upon exiting you’ll find a vast expanse of grassy land. If you follow the mountain range to the east you can find a small house. Here you can sleep by stepping into one of the beds, and you can find a Potion by checking the bucket by the stove. Otherwise, head to the southern coastline to find a town that should be your next destination.

- South Figaro has plenty of places to explore, more than you might even know at first. Start by checking the two barrels by the entrance; one contains a Potion. Look south and west along the port to find two boxes, one of which contains a Gold Needle, then continue checking boxes and barrels on your way east to find Eye Drops and an Antidote

- Head back north, towards the largest building in town. Just south is a cluster of boxes. One contains a Green Cherry. East of here are two stores with a barrel between them. It contains a Potion. Go up the stairs near these stores and follow the town’s outer walls west to find several barrels; the bottom right one contains a Teleport Stone.

- Enter the building marked Inn. On the first floor is a store that sells relics. Star Pendants are the only items here that are highly recommended for this part of the game, though you may like some Sprint Shoes if your version of Final Fantasy VI does not have an option to run at all times. (Equipping these Shoes when you can normally run is… a little too fast, sometimes.)

- Through the Inn and to the right is a Pub. Here you can find a ninja by the default name of Shadow. He… won’t join you. (Yet.)

- Back outside. There are three stores. The one on the far right will sell you items, and picking up a few Potions and a Tent can’t hurt. The two stores in the centre of town sell weapons and armour, and it’s a good idea to pick up new gear for everyone. You won’t have another chance for a little while.

- There’s only one spot you haven’t yet explored: the large mansion in town. You can find a Phoenix Down through the right door on the bottom floor, and if you go upstairs and into the first bedroom you’ll find a secret passage behind the bookcases. This leads to an area that you’re not supposed to find right now, but within which you can find some more items and money. We’ll explore this area in another article; look there for more details. 

- Consider South Figaro explored. Head northeast on the world map to reach your next major destination: Mt. Kolts.