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- Now that you’re out of the mines you won’t have a way back into Narshe. That said, you can still find things to do in the house just beyond Narshe’s front wall. This building is the Adventuring School, and it will teach you the basics of Final Fantasy VI. Poke around the rooms and you’ll find a chest containing a Silver Lobo battle, an Ether in a yellow pot, a Sleeping Bag in a chest, and a Potion in one last chest. You can also inspect the bucket by the front door and instantly heal your party.

- You’ll get booted every time you try to head into town, so depart from this unfriendly place and head south.

World Map

- Welcome to the World of Balance! The world map allows you to move from one location to another, in this case on foot. While you’re moving around without transportation you’ll occasionally be forced into random battles, the nature of which will depend on your location and, sometimes, the surrounding terrain. 

- Travel south until you hit a desert, then head southwest. The grasslands are full of enemies that will die in a single hit, and provide almost no risk to Terra and Locke. The desert, by contrast, is populated by Sand Rays and Alacrans. Alacrans aren’t too bad, but Sand Rays have an attack that can temporarily stop one of your characters if it lands. Consider using Fire on these creatures until you’re strong enough to one-hit one.

- Your destination is pretty obvious once you see it poking out of the desert.

Figaro Castle

- After being challenged at the entrance you’ll be allowed into the Castle, though most of the place is blocked by guards. Head straight north through the Castle until you meet the king, who, coincidentally, is another party member. His default name is Edgar.

- You now have time to wander around. Head south out of the throne room, then loop east / west and north. On the passage up to the top ramparts of the castle you’ll find a chest containing a Phoenix Down.

- There are two doors on either side of the corridor leading to the throne room. In the left is a man who will sell you a variety of basic healing items. Also here is a chest containing a Gold Needle. In the right is a man who will sell you Tools, Edgar’s special weapons of choice. You automatically have an Auto Crossbow, but if you want you can purchase a Noiseblaster and a Bioblaster. If you come back later with Edgar in the lead of the party you’ll get a hefty discount on these items, but you won’t have them for the immediate future if you don’t buy them with Terra. Your call. Also in here is a chest containing a Potion and another containing an Antidote.

- Head south to the Castle’s main avenue. Go through the door on the left, sleep in the rooms ahead if need be, then go down the stairs. They lead to the outer walls. Check out the west wing of the Castle and speak to the woman in green beside the bed to trigger a cut scene. It features Edgar’s brother, default name Sabin, who isn’t around just yet.

- Return to the throne room and speak to Edgar again to trigger a cut scene. Here you’ll meet Kefka, one of the game’s main antagonists. He’s such a lovely man. You’ll have temporary control of Edgar, though when you speak to Locke command will jump back to Terra again.

- Follow Locke through the east wing of the Castle. Speak to him again to jump to Edgar again. Bad things happen. Once your team is on its way you’ll have to fight a pair of Magitek Armors, which, despite having boss music, are barely worth the distinction. Have Terra heal and use Fire while Edgar peppers the Armors with his Auto Crossbow and Locke attacks normally. If you use magic during this battle you’ll see a funny cut scene highlighting Terra’s unusual nature.

- You’re now on a chocobo, a burly, friendly bird that can ferry you across vast distances at a high speed without running into random encounters. The chocobo will leave as soon as you dismount, though, so don’t touch any buttons until you’ve arrived at your destination. You can find a chocobo stable in the forests to the southwest of the desert if you ever need to rent another chocobo (though, to be honest, it’s in such an inconvenient location that you may never normally see the thing).

- Guide the chocobo south and wander along the mountain range until you find a cave. Hop off the bird and head inside. With Edgar in your party the guard in front of the cave will let you inside.