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Mt. Kolts

- Mt. Kolts is home to a larger variety of enemies than normal. When you’re wandering outdoors you’ll face Cirpiuses, Gorgiases and Triliums, the last of which can poison your characters. Once you’re indoors you’ll face Gorgiases and Zaghrems, the former of which are by far the more deadly. None of these enemies are exceptionally painful, though if you become poisoned, be sure to heal yourself with magic or an Antidote immediately. You’ll lose health very quickly wandering around while poisoned.

- Make your way through here until you reach the second cave area, where the path meanders north. Follow the southern wall east and you’ll find a semi-hidden path that leads to a chest containing a Main Gauche. Then, back inside, head north - but check the wall to the right of the wooden bridge to find another hidden path, this ultimately leading to a Gigas Glove.

- To the north is a path that leads around the summit of Mt. Kolts. Halfway to the other side you’ll find a cave that leads to a Tent

- Follow the main path until you reach an indoor save point. Use it, as well as a Tent if necessary, then head east and outdoors. The remainder of the path winds to a central point where one final opponent waits for your party.


Accompanied by two Ipooh, physical hitters without a great deal of health, Vargas is not that difficult a boss. He relies either on a single-hitting physical attack of decent strength or on an all-hitting wind attack that’s slightly weaker. The only tricky part about this battle is Vargas’s immunity from the beginning, since he’s protected from all hits until the Ipooh are killed. Wipe them out with a few physical attacks and an Auto Crossbow volley, then focus your strongest hits on Vargas. It won’t take too long before he knocks your party away…

… save for a new face: Sabin. You’re now facing Vargas with Sabin alone, and you have to use his unique Blitz ability to wipe out Vargas. Select Blitz, then hit left, right, and left. If entered correctly Sabin’s move will wipe out Vargas and end the battle. Sabin learns more Blitzes as he grows stronger, and they come in quite handy throughout the game (though more so early on). Vargas inflicts a timer on Sabin, so don’t waste your time in using Blitz.

- Defeating Vargas will put Sabin on your party. Yay! It will also open the path out the other side of Mt. Kolts. Grab the Tent in the final passage as you make your way to the foot of the mountain.