The party arrives at Mt. Kolts, an early outdoor dungeon in Final Fantasy VI.
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Mt. Kolts - Enemies
  • Cirpius - 134 HP
  • Gorgias - 270 HP - Weak to Fire - Drops Gold Needle
  • Trillium - 147 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Zaghrem - 137 HP - Weak to Ice - Drops Potion

  • A trek across mountain paths and through several caves, Mt. Kolts is home to a larger variety of enemies than normal. There are two enemies in particular that will cause you trouble in this area:
    • Trilliums know the Poison Touch attack. This can - and often will - inflict Poison status on your party members. Poison sticks to party members after battle, and slowly drains their HP. Either use Antidotes or Terra's Poisona spell to get rid of Poison status. You can also buy Star Pendants in South Figaro to block Poison altogether.
    • Gorgiases regularly use their Snowstorm attack to damage the whole party, and their single-target melee attack, Gore, inflicts a bunch of damage. Terra's Fire spell or Edgar's Tools are recommended for quickly dispatching these creatures.
    Try to Steal Bandanas for Terra and Locke whenever you run into Zaghrems. (Though don't worry too much if you fail, as you can buy these within a few towns).

    Make your way along the main path of Mt. Kolts until you reach the second cave area, where the path turns north. Follow the southern wall east and you’ll find a semi-hidden path that leads to a chest containing a Main Gauche for Locke. Then, back inside, head north - but check the wall to the right of the wooden bridge to find another hidden path. This ultimately leads to a Gigas Glove, a Relic that boosts its wearer's attack power.

    Edgar explores the interior of Mt. Kolts in Final Fantasy VI.

    To the north is a path that leads around the summit of Mt. Kolts. Halfway to the other side you’ll find a cave that leads to a Tent. Grab it and backtrack the way you came, then head west to the second cave on this landing. Follow the main path until you reach an indoor save point. Use it, as well as a Tent if necessary, then head east and outdoors. 

    The final path along Mt. Kolts is a long, but straightforward, trip to a central cave. You'll likely face a lot of Trilliums along the way, and you should prioritize Edgar's Auto Crossbow to dispatch them before they can Poison anyone in the party. You'll need all the health you can get for the battle waiting at the end of this nature trek.

    The party battles Vargas, an early boss in Final Fantasy VI.


    • 11,600 (Vargas)
    • 360 (Ipooh)
    • Poison (Vargas)
    • Fire (Ipooh)
    Accompanied by two Ipooh, physical hitters without a great deal of health, Vargas is not that difficult a boss. The enemies use the following attacks:
    • Melee strikes against a single target
    • Claw, a stronger melee attack against a single target (Ipooh)
    • Gale Cut, a Wind attack against your whole party (Vargas)
    Not a big deal. The only tricky part about this battle is your inability to hit Vargas at first, since he’s protected from all hits until the Ipooh are killed. Wipe them out with a few physical attacks and an Auto Crossbow volley, then focus your strongest attacks on Vargas. It won’t take too long before he knocks your party away...

    ... except for one person: Sabin, Edgar's brother. You’re now facing Vargas with just Sabin, and you have to use his unique Blitz ability to wipe out Vargas. Select Blitz, then press the left, right, and left buttons, in that order. If entered correctly Sabin’s Raging Fist move will wipe out Vargas and end the battle. Sabin learns more Blitzes as he grows stronger, and they come in quite handy throughout the game (though more so early on). Vargas inflicts a Doom timer on Sabin that will kill him if you take too long, so don’t waste your time in using Blitz.

    If you didn't get them earlier, from Belmodars, you can potentially Steal Mythril Claws from Vargas. The chances that he's carrying any are pretty low, however.

    Sabin squares off against Vargas, his rival in Final Fantasy VI.

    Defeating Vargas recruits Sabin into the party. He's a strong physical attacker, and should prove useful for the entire game. Enter the cave Vargas was blocking, grab the Tent in the final passage of Mt. Kolts, and head south to find the exit.