The party enters the Lost Underworld, a realm of dinosaurs in EarthBound.
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Lost Underworld

- Dropping through the hole in Lumine Hall will bring you to the Lost Underworld, one of the neatest areas in EarthBound. Your party is instantly reduced to a tiny size, and everything nearby dwarfs Ness and his friends. You can restore health and PP by visiting the red and blue springs that explode out of the ground throughout the area. You’ll need the help, as you’ll encounter some nasty enemies down here:
  • Wetnosaurs are perhaps the weakest of the foes down here, preferring physical attacks. They can also occasionally freeze your characters. Physical attacks or PSI Freeze work nicely.
  • Chomposaurs are a big jump ahead, capable of PSI Fire attacks and some very powerful physical attacks. Chomposaurs have Shield cast upon entering battle and will reflect physical attacks, so stick to high levels of PSI Freeze. Chomposaurs have a one in 128 chance of dropping a Magic Fry Pan, Paula’s best weapon.
  • Ego Orbs are physical hitters that can smash you quite badly. They have low HP compared to the other enemies down here, though, and PSI Freeze will stop 'em cold.

- Your first goal down here is to find the local Tenda Village. Check to the northwest of where you land for a small refuge area where you can save and avoid enemies, then head further northwest around the cliffs. There’s a walled village here that will open up so long as you’re carrying Tendakraut.

The party enters the Tenda Village of the Lost Underworld in EarthBound.

- This Tenda Village has a phone, a Hotel, a store with some awesome items, and a money-lending Tenda who will charge you an equal amount of interest to what you want from her. Ouch. The most important NPC here is the talking rock, which will reveal the locations of all of the Your Sanctuary locations (unnecessary if you followed this guide, really). The last it mentions is down here, in the Lost Underworld.

- There are only two other locations you can visit down here, one of which is useless to you at this point. That said, there are several items you can pick up by exploring the Underworld:
  • Just west of the first refuge you spotted upon entering the area is a Brain Food Lunch.
  • East of the refuge and near the far east wall of the Underworld is a Horn of Life.
  • Northeast of the refuge is a Sea Pendant.
  • Northeast of the Tenda Village is a Guts Capsule.
  • Southwest of the Tenda Village and around a cluster of cliffs is a Cloak of Kings. This is the last of Poo’s equipment that you’ll come across while wandering EarthBound, assuming you’ve already explored Pink Cloud.
- Got everything you want? Head to the far southwest corner of the area. Here you’ll find the next major dungeon, the Fire Spring.