The party visits the library in Onett, the first town in EarthBound.
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- In order to gain access to the next dungeon, Lumine Hall, you have to relieve the Tendas of Tenda Village of their shyness. This means finding the book Overcoming Shyness. Head to Onett and look in the Library’s first room. Overcoming Shyness is on the third shelf from the right.

- Give Overcoming Shyness to the chief of the Tendas. He’ll teach everyone to speak normally, and give you some smelly Tendakraut in return. (Smile!) Now you can ask around and get extra info about the Tendas, including something about a tribe that lives below. 

- Hunt around. There’s also another coffee break available here, and you can speak to the top-left Tenda for an odd trading service: give him a Horn of Life and he’ll give you one of a list of increasingly-awesome items. You can buy Horns of Life in Saturn Valley. You’ll get a Plain Roll, a Plain Yogurt, a Plain Roll, a Spicy Jerky, a Bag of Dragonite, a Talisman Coin, and a Hall of Fame Bat. (The Bag of Dragonite is the only thing that’s really worth getting.)

- Speak to the Tenda in the bottom-left corner of town. He’ll heft a rock out of the way, opening the way to your next destination. If you don’t have it, this is a good time to grab the Franklin Badge.

The party explores Lumine Hall, a My Sanctuary location in EarthBound.

Lumine Hall

- This is something of a circuitous dungeon, populated, as ever, by a new group of enemies: 
  • Fobbies are orbular creatures similar to Foppies from Grapefruit Falls. They’re very easy kills, and make for excellent level grinding. You can also use PSI Magnet Omega on Fobbies to absorb a lot of PP, allowing you to charge up before the boss.
  • Conducting Spirits specialize in Thunder attacks, as you might expect. Physical attacks or PSI work nicely.
  • Hyper Spinning Robos are, well, robots. They shoot beams. Not much to say.
  • Uncontrollable Spheres are painful battlers that love PSI Fire, though they have shields up that deflect your own PSI attacks. Physical hits are best. Kill Spheres last, as they’ll explode and inflict a lot of damage upon defeat. Uncontrollable Spheres have a one in 128 chance of dropping a Broken Antenna, which Jeff can fix to receive the Gaia Beam, his best weapon. You’re better off waiting until after you beat Lumine Hall to try for this weapon, as any Spheres you encounter will try to run from you.

- Start by heading northwest. You’ll run into an intersection pretty quickly. Go south to find a ladder. It leads down to a Super Bomb. Backtrack to the intersection.

The party approaches the boss of Lumine Hall in EarthBound.

- Head west as far as you can go, past a hole. (It leads to the Super Bomb.) A ladder at the end of the path leads to another underground section. Look south to find an IQ Capsule near another ladder. The ladder leads up to the Diadem of Kings, another of Poo’s pieces of equipment. Fantastical.

- Backtrack to the main route, wander east, and head north. This path twists around to another ladder. Look southeast of the ladder for a Luck Capsule, then climb down. The next spiralling pathway will take you past a Rock Candy, a Bottle of DXwater, and two ladders. Go up the first ladder to find a Cup of Lifenoodles and a hole. Drop through the hole to find a western passage leading to Luxury Jerky and a ladder.

- Head up the ladder. The boss of Lumine Hall will be a short walk to the left. Before taking it on, head southwest to find a Rabbit’s Foot. Then backtrack and get into a scrap.

The party battles the Electro Spectre, master of Lumine Hall in EarthBound.

Electro Spectre

Electro Spectre is a stranger version of Thunder and Storm from Pink Cloud. Relying primarily on Thunder attacks to do damage, Electro Spectre can be rebuffed with the Franklin Badge if you get lucky. It can do more, though, namely absorb your HP and nullify any beneficial PSI effects on its and your party. This latter sounds annoying, but the Electro Spectre has an automatic shield up that it won’t replace once it’s down. Use Shield on yourself to get the Electro Spectre to bring down its own, then hit it with PSI Freeze. It’s quite vulnerable to these attacks, and won’t take many hits before it goes down.

- Lumine Hall waits belong, and at the far end, after you’ve collected your melody, you’ll find a hole. This will take you down, down, down, to the centre of the earth…