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One of the oddest RPGs ever created, EarthBound hit the shores of North America in 1995 for the SNES. Originally known as Mother 2, sequel to the NES RPG Mother, EarthBound tells the story of a young man who has been tapped to stop an alien invasion. A great deal of silliness and dozens of pop culture oddities follow him on his journey. Though not a great success upon release, EarthBound developed a strong cult following thanks to its quirky, sometimes emotional story and solid game play, and enjoyed a rerelease on the Wii U's Virtual Console in 2013.

Main Story

Part One: The Meteor
Part Two: Onett
Part Three: The Sharks
Part Four: Giant Step
Part Five: Twoson
Part Six: Peaceful Rest Valley
Part Seven: Happy Happy Village
Part Eight: Lilliput Steps
Part Nine: Threed
Part Ten: Winters
Part Eleven: Saturn Valley
Part Twelve: Grapefruit Falls and Milky Well
Part Thirteen: Dusty Dunes Desert
Part Fourteen: Fourside
Part Fifteen: Gold Mine
Part Sixteen: Fourside Department Store and Moonside
Part Seventeen: Monkey Cave and the Monotoli Building
Part Eighteen: Rainy Circle and Summers
Part Nineteen: Magnet Hill and Pink Cloud
Part Twenty: Scaraba
Part Twenty-One: Dungeon Man
Part Twenty-Two: Deep Darkness
Part Twenty-Three: Stonehenge Base
Part Twenty-Four: Lumine Hall
Part Twenty-Five: Lost Underworld
Part Twenty-Six: Fire Spring
Part Twenty-Seven: Magicant and Onett
Part Twenty-Eight: Giygas