The party explores the Fire Spring, the final My Sanctuary location in EarthBound.
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Fire Spring

- Found in the far southwest of the Lost Underworld, the Fire Spring is, predictably, an area populated by fiery enemies. Anything that resists fire attacks will help a great deal in this place:
  • Soul Consuming Flames are strong fire users, but they’re quite weak to physical attacks. Go after them first.
  • Evil Elementals don’t hit terribly hard, but they can possess you, quite an annoying ailment.
  • Psychic Psychos almost entirely use PSI Fire of varying levels. PSI Freeze is your friend.
  • Major Psychic Psychos are stronger versions of the lower type which can also paralyze you. Given a choice, they should go first.
- This dungeon begins in an open area. Enter the first cave on the right to find a Speed Capsule, then return to the open area and climb the rope beside the tunnel. It eventually leads to a Bag of Dragonite.

The party battles a Soul Consuming Flame in EarthBound.

- Return to the open area and carry on west until you find another cave. Go through to find another open area. Head to the far right side to find a Cherub’s Band, then backtrack and go up the rope beside the tunnel. There are two tunnels and a rope here; the left tunnel leads to a Magic Butterfly spawn point, while the rope leads to a Horn of Life.

- Through the right door and past another tunnel you’ll find a rope leading to yet another rope. Climb and go through the next tunnel. Straight ahead to the left is another doorway leading, ultimately, to a Moon Beam Gun. Grab it and backtrack to the tunnel, continuing along the path.

- To the west, back outside, and up a few more ropes you’ll hit the final challenge of the Fire Spring - and probably the strongest Your Sanctuary boss you’ve ever challenged.

The party battles the Carbon Dog, first boss of the Fire Spring in EarthBound.

Carbon Dog / Diamond Dog

The first half of this battle is not amazingly bad. Carbon Dog is basically an advanced version of the rest of the foes in the Fire Spring, alternating between a slew of physical attacks and an all-hitting fire breathing attack that can do quite a bit of damage to your characters. Anyone not protected by Pendants will get trashed by the fire. Assault Carbon Dog with PSI Freeze or PSI Thunder and, in fairly short order, it will go down…

The party battles the Diamond Dog, master of the Fire Spring in EarthBound.

… leaving Diamond Dog in its place. This fearsome opponent trades fire attacks for a naturally-occurring Shield that it replenishes whenever it goes down and some painful status attacks. Its Flash Omega move can, if you’re unlucky, instantly kill a character, and Diamond Dog’s bite can diamondize a character. Put either Ness or Poo on healing duty (preferably Ness) while the rest of the time performs PSI attacks to whittle away Diamond Dog’s considerable HP. You can get rid of its Shield with Jeff via his Shield Killer to waste its turn, though this will only prove exceptionally effective if Jeff gets to go first each time. Avoid physical attacks otherwise, especially Multi Bottle Rockets. They’ll reflect back and do sooooo much damage to your team.

- Defeating this Dog combo will open the door to the Fire Spring, which, if you’ve been going in order, is your final Your Sanctuary location. Entering and receiving the melody will trigger a series of cut scenes, and when they’re done Ness will be alone in a very strange place…