Ness explores Twoson, the second town in EarthBound.
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Twoson - Enemies
  • Annoying Old Party Man - 99 HP - Drops Protein Drink
  • Cop - 75 HP - Drops Hamburger
  • Cranky Lady - 75 HP - Weak to Fire, Freeze - Drops Handbang Strap
  • Mobile Sprout - 79 HP - Weak to Fire, Freeze - Drops Croissant
  • New Age Retro Hippie - 87 HP - Weak to Fire, Freeze - Drops Ruler
  • Ramblin' Evil Mushroom - 60 HP - Weak to Fire, Freeze - Drops Ketchup Packet
  • Runaway Dog - 21 HP - Drops Bread Roll
  • Unassuming Local Guy - 73 HP - Weak to Fire, Freeze - Drops Toothbrush

  • - After taking down Captain Strong, head south through Onett. The blockade once keeping you in town is gone. Follow the path to leave. Along the way you’ll find a small house, the home of the Exit Mice, and if you want you can take one along. The Exit Mouse appears as a part of your inventory, and if you use one while in a dungeon you’ll instantly jump to the entrance. Handy, though you really don’t need one right now. Near the border with Twoson you’ll find a Hamburger.

    Ness faces off against an Annoying Old Party Man in EarthBound.

    - As you enter Twoson you’ll run into a bevy of new enemies, and unlike Onett’s offering this lot varies somewhat wildly from one another in their handling:
    • Ramblin’ Evil Mushrooms are among the first you’ll meet, appearing in forested areas. Aside from being a little tough, Ramblin’ Evil Mushrooms can hit you with spores that will cause the victim to act in odd ways. In battle they’ll occasionally strike out against orders, even hitting their own team; outside battle you’ll find your control scheme changed at random, making movement a challenge. You can get rid of the mushrooms (and earn $50) by speaking to the blue-haired healers at Hospitals.
    • Mobile Sprouts also live on the outskirts of town. They lack the Evil Mushroom's status attack, but they can sprout reinforcements at bad moments. Overall, not that bad.
    • New Age Retro Hippies roam the streets. Aside from occasionally using a Ruler… which is useless… they’ll attack Ness normally. Meh.
    • Cranky Ladies also roam the streets, wielding bags with incredible accuracy. Otherwise, nothing special.
    • Annoying Old Party Men… same as above, for the most part. These guys waste their turns a lot.
    • Unassuming Local Guys... yep. 
    • Aaaaand Cops. Basically the same as the Cops you fought to leave Onett. The strongest of the human enemies in Twoson, but still not a big deal.

    Ness visits the park in Twoson, a town in EarthBound.

    - Twoson’s first street includes several key buildings. A Hotel waits near the entrance to service your restoration needs, and a man at one of the tables inside will give you $50 if you bug him enough. Next to it is the Cycle Shop, and the guy inside will give you a Bicycle. It’ll speed up your progress, but only while Ness is alone. Entering the Cycle Shop will get you a photo session. Beside that is a Department Store where you can purchase restorative food and purchase new gear for Ness. Be warned: though stronger than a Tee Ball Bat, the Slingshot is quite inaccurate.

    - Down the northbound street beside the Department Store you’ll find the local Hospital, which you’ll probably have to visit a few times to get rid of mushrooms. A man in one of the Hospital’s upper rooms you’ll find a man from Threed, the next town over, and he claims to have left something there; fetch it for a reward. We’ll come back to this.

    - Back south and to the right is the Chaos Theatre. The Runaway Five are here, and they want to meet a girl named Paula. They’re involved in leaving Twoson, so forget about them for now. Next to the Theatre is the home of the hint man.

    - On your way south down the street is Burglin Park on your left. The people here sell a variety of, well, junk, mostly. The most interesting item is the For Sale Sign for $98. Use it and customers will run up and offer to buy your stuff. It’s a handy way of freeing up your inventory, though it doesn’t always work. 

    - On the far west side of Burglin Park is a house, and a man is standing atop the house. Approach him to get into a little boss battle.

    Ness battles Everdred, a minor boss in EarthBound.


    HP: 182

    As far as bosses go Everdred isn’t exactly overwhelming. He tends towards physical attacks, the more powerful of which is his annoying bite. That aside he’ll often waste turns knitting his brow, and on the rare occasion he’ll steal one of your items. Not much to say, really - beat him down with physical attacks. Best Everdred and, aside from kind of apologizing, he’ll ask you to bring Paula to meet him. You’ll get back to this.

    - South and to the right of Burglin Park is the Polestar Preschool, Paula’s home. Not much to see here, though speaking to her dad will trigger some humorous cut scenes elsewhere in Twoson. Check Paula’s room for a Teddy Bear, an item that will absorb a few hits for you in combat while it’s in your inventory.

    - Next to Polestar Preschool is a Mach Pizza branch, and this one is open. Speak to the girl at the counter and she’ll give you the number for Mach Pizza. You can then call them at a phone and get one of three sizes of pizza while you’re in the field. Unlike the Escargo Express dudes who show up immediately and get lost easily, Mach Pizza delivery guys take a while - and will pop up almost everywhere.

    - Next door is the Bus Station. Interact with the Bus Stop sign out front and a bus will show up. This bus can, later in the game, shuttle you from Twoson to Threed for a small fee. Try it now, though, and you’ll just waste money and be turned back. Don’t bother.

    Ness visits the homes of Apple Kid and Orange Kid in EarthBound.

    - Head back west and go south when the street turns. There are two houses on the left labelled ‘Orange Kid’ and ‘Apple Kid’. The Orange Kid will ask you for $200 worth of funding, and ponying up the money will result in occasional, useless inventions, such as the Suporma. He’s a fop. The Apple Kid will ask for a food item in addition to $200, but his inventions are very important, and you need to fund him to proceed in the game. His mouse will give you a Receiver Phone, allowing you to accept calls in the field. Check the trash can in the house for a Broken Machine before leaving.

    - If you follow the road south towards Threed you’ll find a present containing a Skip Sandwich on the left side of the road. Otherwise this is just a lengthy waste of time. Checking this road constitutes the end of your Twoson adventures for now; head for the Bus Station and continue west to find the next important area.