Ness finds an odd, pencil-shaped statue in Peaceful Rest Valley, an outdoor location in EarthBound.
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Peaceful Rest Valley - Enemies
  • Li'l UFO - 82 HP - Weak to Fire - Drops Skip Sandwich
  • Mobile Sprout - 79 HP - Weak to Fire, Freeze - Drops Croissant
  • Spinning Robo - 113 HP - Weak to Freeze - Drops Meteornium
  • Territorial Oak - 145 HP - Weak to Fire - Drops PSI Caramel

  • - The entrance to Peaceful Rest Valley is west of Twoson’s Bus Station. Don’t go this way until you’ve funded Apple Kid back in Twoson. Seriously. You’ll waste a good twenty minutes.

    - After a quick trip through a cave you’ll come out in a narrow valley. Beyond the entrance is a girl hunting mushrooms. Speak to her if you run afoul of Ramblin’ Evil Mushrooms and their spores and she’ll take the mushroom away - and give you $50. Nice.

    Ness battles a Territorial Oak, a normal enemy in EarthBound.

    - Peaceful Rest Valley is occupied by a variety of familiar enemies, as well as some newbies:
    • Li’l UFOs are normal attackers that can also inflict a cold. Colds hurt Ness for small amounts each round. You can heal them at a doctor or via Ness’s Healing A.
    • Spinning Robos are basically stronger versions of Li’l UFOs, with the same moves but slightly stronger hits.
    • Territorial Oaks are physical fighters that are reasonably tough. When defeated they burst into flames, dealing mortal amounts of damage to Ness virtually every time. You should always defeat them last in team battles.
    - Wander north along the river separating the Peaceful Rest Valley. Eventually you’ll be stopped by a pencil-shaped iron statue. Investigate it, then turn back towards Twoson. Apple Kid will call you up if you funded him and tell you to meet him in Burglin Park. Do so - he’s in the south, by a tree - and he’ll give you the Pencil Eraser. You can use this to get rid of the statue.

    - North of the statue is a bridge. Keep following the shore a bit further to hit a photographer spot, then back up and cross the bridge. Follow the path east and south until you hit an intersection. Follow it north to find a Travel Charm, then head west and south along the cliffs. You’ll find a present at the southern edge of the cliffs containing a Luck Capsule.

    Ness explores Peaceful Rest Valley in EarthBound.

    - Head west until you’re off the cliffs, then continue south. Past a forlorn chap you’ll find an open area. On the left you’ll find a Croissant; to the southeast is a Bomb. Wander east after collecting what you want.

    - Cross the bridge and head north until you hit an intersection. Follow the coastline northeast and eventually you’ll find a Hard Hat. Return to the intersection and go right, then south. Eventually you’ll see a cave on your right. Stay on the cliff to the left and follow it south until you find a Cup of Lifenoodles in a present, then head back and enter the cave. This cave leads to the sinister Happy Happy Village.