Ness stands outside Giant Step, the first major dungeon of EarthBound.
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Giant Step - Enemies
  • Attack Slug - 30 HP - Drops Bomb
  • Black Antoid - 34 HP - Drops Cookie
  • Rowdy Mouse - 36 HP - Drops Bread Roll

  • - After defeating the Sharks and collecting the Key to the Shack from Mayor Pirkle, head to Onett’s Library and take the path to the northwest. Eventually you’ll find the implied shack. Speak to the two entertainers out front the shack after using the Key to open the door and one will give you a Travel Charm. It’s virtually useless as equipment.

    - Beyond the shack you’ll find the cave of Giant Step. This place is populated by three types of enemies:
    • Rowdy Mice. Normally quite weak, these things receive many more SMASHING hits than the average foe. Still not that bad.
    • Black Antoids. Minor enemies that get worse in packs, as they can heal themselves. Black Antoids can call for help, and in groups probably warrant a dose of PSI Rockin A, which you should be learning about now.
    • Attack Slugs. These things are weak, weak, weak, and even in groups won’t pose much of a danger. Attack Slugs are great for levelling, though there’s no way on the map to look them apart from Black Antoids.
    - Head west through the cave until you see a doorway to the north. Inside is a Skip Sandwich. Continue west back in the main area and you’ll find a rope leading to a higher level, as well as another small side cave that contains bug all. Climb the rope.

    Ness battles a Rowdy Mouse, an enemy of Giant Step in EarthBound.

    - To the far east of this rather nondescript level is another rope and another side cave. Inside is a Cold Remedy. Climb the rope. There’s not much to see on the third, final level save an exit to the left.

    - You’re outside. There are no enemies out here, and most of the time when you emerge from Giant’s Foot you’ll find a Magic Butterfly waiting. This is a good place to grind levels if the coming boss proves too difficult.

    - The next cave on the right takes you back inside. On the right is a present containing a Hamburger. Move through the next section of the cave and you’ll find several ropes, at the top of which is a strange, shining light. Approach and speak to it to face your first serious boss battle in EarthBound.

    Ness battles the Titanic Ant, a My Sanctuary boss in EarthBound.

    Titanic Ant

    HP: 235

    Though a rather painful brawler, the worst you’ve faced so far, the Titanic Ant isn’t so bad. Aside from a decent normal attack it can both increase its own defence for a few turns and lower yours, the latter of which is appreciably worse for your side of the battle. The only thing that makes this fight truly painful is the presence of two Antoids which will call in reinforcements if they aren’t killed immediately. Use PSI Rockin A to wipe them out on your first turn, then batter the Titanic Ant with normal attacks. Save your PP for healing. Heal if your HP drops below 30 to avoid the threat of the occasional SMASHING attack.

    - Past the Titanic Ant you’ll find the game’s first sanctuary spot, Giant Step. The melody of the place will be recorded to your Sound Stone, and Ness will regain his HP and PP whenever you approach this place. (Which will, probably, never happen again.)

    - Make your way back through Giant Step. The enemies in this dungeon will now, regardless of your level, flee from Ness. You can use this to your advantage to farm experience points rather easily, as you can almost always get a surprise attack.

    - Once you reach the exit of Giant Step you’ll be accosted by a police officer. He’ll tell you to visit the Police Station in the south of Onett. Heal up at the Hotel or Ness’s House, then follow orders. Speak to the moustached man inside to trigger a series of battles. The first four Cops you have to face are pretty basic opponents, 75 HP each, who are a bit more difficult than a Black Antoid. The fifth, though…

    Ness battles Captain Strong, head of Onett's police force in EarthBound.

    Captain Strong

    HP: 140
    Drops: Boiled Egg

    After the Titanic Ant, Captain Strong isn’t so bad. He’s very straightforward, either standing guard or lashing out with some admittedly powerful physical attacks. If you’ve already learned it, PSI Shield A will buffer you against his attacks and make the fight a fair bit easier so long as it lasts. This battle gets more painful if Strong upgrades his offence, but he has so little HP that you can probably take him down after a handful of attacks. PSI Rockin A isn’t a bad idea if you wish to expedite the process and already have high HP.

    - Defeat Captain Strong and you’ll open the path to the south, leading to Twoson. Foreign territory!