Part 20: Traitor

Main Walkthrough

With a traitor exposed and Xuanhuo Cult on the move, Wudang Sect is gearing up for some major operations - and if Yi wants to join in, he'll need to be higher-ranked in the sect. So, once again, it falls on you to collect Affiliation Credits and earn another title. 

To become a Martial Disciple in Wudang Sect you'll need to earn a minimum of 3,000 Affiliation Credits. The game has been handing them out for completing several main game tasks, so you're probably close, but... not quite there. As ever, there are plenty of things you can do around Wudang Sect to bump yourself over the 3,000 mark.

Gather Ores

Look west of Sanqing Hall and you'll see a disciple named Daowei. Speak to him and he'll express a need for Black Gold Ore. You'll only need one sample to satisfy Daowei. You probably have one sitting around already, but if not you can find it in a few different places:

  • The Precipice, in the mountains to the northwest of Wudang Sect
  • Valley of Dragons' Slumber, north of Wudang Sect
  • In Nanyu Village's mine (must complete the Lost Lucky side quest)

Give Daowei the ore and you'll be allowed to choose your reward: A Yuchang Sword, a Minghong Saber, Nether Claws, or an Exorcism Staff. You'll also receive 200 Affiliation Credits.

Clear Mount Tigeroar

Speak to Daowei after completing Gather Ores and he'll have another Affiliate Quest for you. The bandits of Mount Tigeroar are causing trouble, and Daowei wants you to defeat ten of them. (You just visited Mount Tigeroar, but if you forget the path, head east of Wudang Sect, past the bridge near Lotus Lake, and then turn south.) Despite what Daowei says, only the Mount Tigeroar Bandits and Spies count towards your total, not their tiger buddies.

You'll receive a Jadeite Guanyin and 2,000 credits for completing this quest. You'll also receive 280 Affiliation Credits.

Affiliate Quests

Per usual, Yuanfeng, to the east of Sanqing Hall, has a slew of smaller tasks for you to perform. You'll receive Affiliation Credits for completing them.

  • Gather herbs - Yuanfeng needs three Bear Gallbladders. You can get them by defeating the Rabid Bears on the Precipice, to the northwest of Wudang Sect. They're found near the top of the mountain. You'll receive High Grade Yangelixir, 2,000 coins, and 220 Affiliation Credits for completing this quest.
  • Advanced fishing - Yuanfeng wants you to catch a Lamprey in the Cave of Tribulations, to the southeast of Wudang Sect. The fishing spot is on your left if you follow the southern paths to the east through the cave. You'll receive some Duel of Two Dragons, 1,500 coins, Martial Arts Perceptions, and 180 Affiliation Credits for completing this quest. 
  • Letter to Shaolin - Yuanfeng wants you to deliver A Letter from Qingxu to the Shaolin Temple. Follow the eastbound road from Wutong Village, past Yanfu Town, to find the Shaolin Temple. The recipient, Yuan Jue, is directly north of the entrance. You'll receive Confusion Incense, 1,000 coins, and 150 Affiliation Credits for completing this quest.
  • Monkey's Fruit Juice - Yuanfeng wants three jars of Monkey's Fruit Juice. You can gather it by defeating Monkeys, found in the Monkey Woods, a short walk southeast of Wudang Sect. Speak to Yuanfeng, then Moqi on the Swordplay Platform, then Yuanfeng again. You'll receive Ginseng, Shouwu, 1,500 coins, and 150 Affiliation Credits for completing this quest.
Speak to Daotong, right next to Yuanfeng, after accumulating 3,000 Affiliation Credits. You know what happens next!


Using more of his martial arts prowess than normal, Daotong is a bit harder this time - but your Yi will probably be more than ready to take him on. Daotong uses the following attacks:
  • Short-range punches
  • Ranged punches
  • Tai Chi, a ranged AOE attack
Not much to say. Get behind Daotong and punch his lights out. Heal as needed. Lightness is always useful if you need to run away.

You'll receive the Martial Disciple's Nameplate for defeating Daotong. The cut scene that follows will point you towards your next main quest, as well as provide Yi with yet another Cultivation Method: The Infinite Four Symbols. Time to power up!

Main Walkthrough