Part 19: Visiting Mingjian

Main Walkthrough

After dealing with the poison that has infested Ouyang Xue - at least temporarily - a new fact has come to Yi's attention: There's a traitor in Wudang Sect. (And their identity is a surprise to no one.) Your next destination is the Weiyuan Security Guard Agency, in the southeast. If you're headed there straight from Gusu City you only need to follow the road leading west.

Upon entering the WSGA you'll find it oddly empty. Head north and you'll find out why: Everyone is busy fighting a Xuanhuo assassin, one whom you may recognize. You have two options for dealing with this situation:

  • Intervene. Fight time!
  • Persuade. You can skip the fight.

Wan Huahong

One of Yao Ji's associates, Wan Huahong appears to be much more powerful. She uses many of the same moves as Ji, including her trademark Saha Hell technique, but they're all pointed at you this time around. Despite Huahong's high health this fight isn't too difficult. Wait one turn so Huahong can approach, then surround her on all sides and beat her down. So long as you've been training consistently it should only take a few rounds to knock her out.

Either way, Huahong will depart after the confrontation, and you'll be directed elsewhere to deal with the traitor: Mount Tigeroar. There's a tiger roaring on top of the mountain, so you'll have a hard time missing it. Head northwest of the WSGA, cross the bridge in the north, and check on your right for the entrance. 

Mount Tigeroar

A lengthy outdoor area with a cave at the end, Mount Tigeroar plays a role in a few side quests - and you won't spend much time here. We'll look at this area in more detail in a different guide, one where you'll have to travel through the entirety of Mount Tigeroar.

Roughly halfway through the outdoor section of Mount Tigeroar you'll find Moqi, and he's confronting the rather unsurprising traitor. Once the cut scene ends you'll be prevented from going any further on Mount Tigeroar until Moqi leaves, which won't be until after this quest.

Leave Moutn Tigeroar the way you came in and head back to Wudang Sect. The bridge to the north of Mount Tigeroar will return you to familiar territory, and you can head west from here to find Wudang Sect. Speak to Master Qingxu in Sanqing Hall, directly north of the entrance, to brief him on what happened. You'll receive 100 Wudang Sect Affiliation Credits.

Head up to the Disciples' Dorm and rest. The next day you'll be back to a familiar task: Raising Yi to a new rank in Wudang Sect.

Part 21: Become Martial Disciple

Main Walkthrough