Location: Nanyu Village 
Petitioner: Lord Luo
Reward: Nanyu Village Mining Pass

In order to trigger this side quest you first need to find Nanyu Village. The village is along the western boundary of the game's starting grasslands, a short walk away from Tancheng City. If you follow the winding paths south of Pingkang City you'll eventually come to Nanyu Village.

The petitioner, Lord Luo, is in the northeast of Nanyu Village. Speak to him and you'll discover that he lost his dog, Lucky, while on a walk in nearby Petalsfall Forest. He wants Yi to find the dog and bring him home. You'll find Petalsfall Forest to the north of Nanyu Village, around a small mountain range.

Your search shouldn't take too long, as Petalsfall Forest is not huge, and it's easy to avoid enemies if you'd prefer not to battle. The easiest way to find Lucky is to head west through Petalsfall Forest, past the various bandit-type enemies, until you see the forest's fishing spot. Just north of the pond is a tree, and if you inspect to the right of the tree you'll find Lucky. You'll also have to battle three Scaled White Serpents, which shouldn't prove too challenging.

Yi will bring Lucky back to Nanyu Village immediately after the battle. Your prize for finding the dog is a Nanyu Village Mining Pass, which allows you to use the mine in the northwest of the village. There's a big heap of minerals inside the mine, and the harvest point beside the heap will endlessly regenerate seconds after you check it. This allows you to quickly accumulate lots of the following ores:
  • Waste Rock (most common)
  • Black Gold Ore
  • Cinnabar Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Jade Ore
  • Silver Ore