Part 31: Kiln Mountain

Main Walkthrough

After the events of Kiln Mountain - and the tragedy that follows - the team will wind up in Mooncradle. Everyone in the town has something new to say about what just happened, if you care to chat. Otherwise, assuming this is your first trip back to Mooncradle since the beginning of the game, you may want to gather some items.

Speak to Yolande - she's outside when you regain control, and will shift into the inn if you leave town - and she'll ferry you straight to the Cloud Kingdom. Speak to the Sky Giant Council and, after an extended vetting process, they will grant the group access to the Sea of Stars. Return to the ocean below via the Sky Shrine, south of Cloud Kingdom, and you'll find the entrance to the Sea of Stars just north of Wraith Island, in the middle of the world map.

The cavern you find below is... probably less glamorous than what you were expecting. Sail west of your landing point and you'll find a small sandbar where you can debark. A little ways further west is your next destination.

Trek to the Center of the World - Enemies

  • Ant Bruiser - 90 HP - Resists Blunt and Sword
  • Garnooy - 225 HP - Weak to Poison
  • GooGoon - 12 HP - Negates Arcane, Moon, Poison, Sun
  • Kunus'nuku Acolyte - 310 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun
  • Lonzon - 110 HP - Weak to Sun
  • Rochèvre - 110 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun
  • Woodland Spirit - 88 HP

Down we go. Hop into the hole at the entrance, then head west when you finally land. The first underground enemies are an Ant Bruiser and a GooGoon. These versions - the Ant Bruiser, anyway - are stronger than these same enemies that you fought earlier in the game, but are otherwise identical. Use physical attacks on the GooGoon and do your best to stop the Ant Bruiser from summoning help.

Further west is another hole. At the bottom you'll find another group of enemies, consisting of a Rochèvre, a Woodland Spirit, and a Kunus'nuku Acolyte. The Acolyte is the newcomer, but aside from its high HP is nothing special. Hop into the hole a bit further west.

The greatest hits of your past enemies continues below with a Lonzon and a Garnooy, though that's the end of the line. Continue west of this little battle zone to find the exit to the true Sea of Stars.

The Sea of Stars

You've finally made it. The Sea of Stars for which this game is named has appeared, and it is... daunting, to be sure. Once you leave the Trek to the Center of the World you'll be on the tip of what looks like a vast abyss. It is, however, just water, and when you check the western tip of this little island you can summon the Vespertine, same as always. 

Sail west of the island. The entire area is void of features, save for a ball of white light. Sail into the light and it will blast the Vespertine elsewhere. Keep looking for these balls of light until you're sent into a trippy, quasi-3D mode. Move the Vespertine around, collecting Live Mana, until it picks up enough speed to go to... warp? Things will get crazier...

... much crazier...

... and then settle down again near another island. Land and check the mountains to the west to find your next destination, a mystery cave. Walk north through the cave until you see a panel of sorts to your right. Press it to turn the lights on, revealing the scenery - and bringing your next challenge out to play.


HP: 132 (Drones)


Well, this got high-tech rather abruptly. Your first challenge in the Sea of Stars, the Guardian will give you a run for your money. It uses the following attacks:

  • A single-target blaster strike
  • Summons two Drones (Guardian)
  • Taser Grip, a three-Lock AOE attack that hits its targets one-at-a-time (Guardian)
  • Power Shot, a four-Lock Combo attack on a single target, using a Drone (Guardian)
  • Power Tackle, a three-Lock suicide attack on one target (Drone)
  • Hex Shield, a protective barrier for the Guardian (Drone)
This fight starts off simple enough, with the Guardian using its normal attack and Taser Grip to damage your party. Do enough damage and it will bring in two Drones to help it fight, which complicates things a little. The Drones can damage your party on their own, and will provide extra support to the Guardian. Most annoying is Hex Shield, which gives the Guardian an extra 200 HP or so before you start damaging the actual robot again.

All in all, this is an easy fight. Most of the Guardian's attacks (save perhaps Taser Grip) are easy to block, and none of the moves in this fight have a ton of Locks. You also have many options for quickly breaking Locks at this point. Wipe out the Drones whenever they appear to rob the Guardian of its extra options - Combos and Ultimate attacks will accomplish this in a hurry - and keep smashing the Guardian until it falls apart.

Defeat the Guardian and you'll receive a bit of a shock, as well as the Who Would Have Thought? Part 2 Achievement. Head through the door in the back to return to the world map and continue the journey.

Part 33: Derelict Factory

Main Walkthrough