Part 29: Air Elemental Skyland

Main Walkthrough

Ah, this lovely place again. As the perspective switches to Seraï you'll be back in the Sea of Nightmare, speaking to Hortence. She'll give you an Immaculate Pearl to complete the task. She'll also teach Seraï and Resh'an the Arcane Barrage Combo, which should come in handy for what's next. You can speak to Hortence to buy a few items, though nothing new.

Climb Maelstrom Point to find the campsite and save point. You won't need to rest, but you should absolutely save, as there's a battle waiting in the same place where you fought Stormcaller. Toss the Immaculate Pearl into the sea when you reach the precipice of Maelstrom Point to summon the beast.


Oh, hey, it's Stormcaller's pet. That makes sense. Hydralion consists of two parts, its main body and its Tail, and can put quite the hurt on Seraï and Resh'an if you don't fight strategically. Hydralion uses the following attacks:

  • An AOE puff of noxious breath (Hydralion)
  • Bubble Drop, a two-Lock spell against one target (Hydralion)
  • Ruler of Tides, a five-Lock, heavy AOE attack (Hydralion)
  • Counterattack AOE if you attack Hydralion while the Tail is active (Tail)

The Hydralion's attack pattern is fairly simple, choosing between one of three attacks. The normal puff attack and Bubble Drop are not a big deal, but Ruler of Tides will likely kill your party members if they aren't at full health. Attack Hydralion while its Tail is active, though, and both party members will get slapped in retaliation. Defeating the Tail is only temporary, and it will come back a few rounds later.

First thing's first: Take out the Tail. A few normal attacks or Skills will suffice. After that, pepper Hydralion with normal attacks and wait for it to begin charging up to Ruler of Tides. This move always has the same Locks to break (three Poison, two Arcane), and you can take it out with Seraï and Resh'an's Skills. Arcane Barrage, your new Combo, is particularly good at rebuffing Ruler of Tides, as it also delays Hydralion's move for a few extra turns.

By this point in the game both Seraï and Resh'an will have an Ultimate move to use. It is by far the better call to use Resh'an's Great Eagle attack once it is charged. Not only will it damage Hydralion, it will restore health to your party. Ideally you want to use this to restore most of your health, though if your characters are in a pinch Resh'an can use Petrichor or items instead.

Defeat Hydralion and you'll receive a Magic Scale from the beast. After a quick jump to Garl you'll be headed to the final duo, Valere and Resh'an (again), to complete the quest.

Part 31: Kiln Mountain

Main Walkthrough