Part 28: Cloud Kingdom

Main Walkthrough

Air Elemental Skyland - Enemies

  • Braidzard - Weak to Sword, resists Poison, Sun
  • SlingRabbit - Weak to Astral, Poison, resists Sword

With the team separated - and embarking on a truly cockamamy plan - you'll be placed in the shoes of Zale and Resh'an. It stinks to only have two party members, but don't worry, they won't be in over their heads. Travel west of the Cloud Kingdom and you'll find your next destination, the Air Elemental Skyland. 

Use the Wind Key you received from the Cloud Kingdom's council to get inside. The whirling elemental that you need, Zephyr, is inside an enormous crystal to the north of the entrance... but you need to smash said crystal to get at Zephyr. Go around the crystal and head north. Here you'll run into two Braidzards, your first new enemies. Their Torblado attack does quite a bit of damage, so try to stop them from charging.

Wipe out the enemies and you'll have access to a puzzle. There are two diamond tracks here, and between them are a light crystal and two devices you can raise. Shine the light on the smaller sun track on the right to raise a laser. Energize the left track to raise the mirror, then energize the right track - quickly - to start the laser. This will direct the laser into another device on your right, raising a wind tunnel.

Step into the wind tunnel and it will blow you northeast, to another large island. Here you'll find a Braidzard and two SlingRabbits, the latter of which can hit both of your party members and are more dangerous. Rely on Boosted attacks and Skills for the SlingRabbits. Take them out to gain access to a campsite and save point.

Grapple northeast of the save point and you'll eventually find your way to another light-bending puzzle, this time with four diamond tracks. Do as follows to complete the puzzle:
  • Activate the upper-right diamond track, which raises a chest containing a Cypress Cork for Resh'an
  • Activate the lower-left diamond track, which raises a mirror - Use the Mistral Bracelet to position the mirror so it is facing northeast
  • Activate the lower-right diamond track, which raises another mirror - Position this mirror so it is facing northwest
  • Charge up and raise both mirrors
  • Activate the upper-left diamond track, which raises a laser

Do all this quickly enough and you'll raise another wind tunnel in the northeast. Before leaving, though, look around. On the west side of this island is a little drop with a cave. Enter the cave and you'll find a chest containing a Rainbow Conch, as well as a Combo scroll for the Conflagrate move between Zale and Resh'an. This will come in handy, since they have no Combos together.

Hop over to the wind tunnel and take a ride to find two more Braidzards and two more SlingRabbits. Abeyance is highly recommended for pulling them into a tight group, or you can try out Conflagrate. Climb the cliff on your left after the battle. Hop east and you'll find a Triangular Slab floating by itself. Further east are two Braidzards, and they're protecting a Hexagonal Slab. There's nowhere else you can go at this point, so grab both Slabs and start backtracking.

Make your way back to the puzzle with the four diamond tracks. Next to the doorway where you found Conflagrate is a triangular device. Insert the Triangular Slab into the device and you'll create a shortcut back to the campsite. Use it, save, and look northwest of the campsite. There's another device here for the Hexagonal Slab. Plug it in to create an upward-bound wind tunnel. Drop back down after flying upward and you'll land near a chest containing an Assassin's Pin.

Zip upwards and follow the path until you're next to water. Walk across the tightrope on your right to find a chest containing Sky Armor for Zale, then step into the water and fall down the waterfall to the west. You'll land near two Braidzards and a SlingRabbit. On the southwest side of this island is a grapple point, and it will put you on a path leading much higher into the air.

Drop down the next waterfall and you'll find an Apple tree. You'll also find an incomplete, four-way intersection. Hop to the north, take out the three Braidzards you find, and climb the cliffs on your left. There's another Apple tree up here, and if you use the Mistral Bracelet on the fan to the south you'llfill in the intersection below. Check the south of the intersection for some Peaches.

East of the intersection is another light puzzle. Fill in the longer sun track on the right to raise a mirror, then reposition it to face north. Fill in the moon track on the left to raise a laser. When these two are actiavted together the laser will bounce into the device on the right, opening the nearby door.

Three SlingRabbits will ambush you when you enter the door. Defeat them and you'll be facing, yes, another puzzle. There's a laser emitter and four mirrors in this room, two per level. Here's the solution:

  • Swing the northern mirror west to raise a climbing wall
  • Face the northern mirror to the south 
  • Switch the other mirror on the lower floor so it is facing north - This will send the laser beam up to the higher level
  • Climb to the upper level and spin the eastern mirror so it is facing north
  • Spin the western mirror so it is facing south

This will extend a platform to the south, allowing you to exit. Pop open the chest along the western wall for an Azure Cape for Resh'an as you leave. Be ready to fight, as three more SlingRabbits are waiting just outside the door.

Almost done. There are two more mirrors and a laser emitter out here. Spin the mirror on the left to face east, then spin the lower mirror to face north. This will raise a small pedestal, and the crystal on it will upgrade the Coral Hammer into the Cobalt Hammer. You can use this item to break blue crystals, such as the one at the south end of this clearing. Use it and hop into the waterfall beyond to fall aaaaall the way back to the campsite.

Zip back southwest and you'll be at the entrance again. Use the Cobalt Hammer on the giant blue crystal containing Zephyr. That's one element down... how about the rest?

Part 30: Maelstrom Point (Hydralion)

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