After the cut scenes roll, which will take a while, you'll be sent to Y'eet, the golem on Evermist Island. If you haven't visited the Solstice Shrine or Mooncradle, now is a good time. Otherwise, use the geyser near Y'eet to hop down to a lower section of the island, then head east. Beside the Solstice Shrine is a hidden gap that will pop you out near a dock so you can go sailing.

A word of warning! Although he is still around for now, Garl won't be staying in the party much longer. If you have anything else you specifically want to do with him, this is the time to do it.

Sail south of Mesa Island. There are two islands here that are collectively named Hiker's Rest. Debark at the southern island and enter Skyward Shrine Bridge. Climb to the top of the rise for a cut scene which will create a bridge between the two islands, granting you access to the Skyward Shrine. Step aboard the pedestal and it will blast you somewhere you never could have expected: The sky itself.

After leaving a place called the Sky Shrine you'll be on a new map, far above the rest of the planet. You have a few places you can visit:
  • Near the Sky Shrine is Skybound Lagoon. There are some fish up here that you won't find anywhere else.
  • To the northwest is a spot called Air Elemental Skyland. You need a key to get inside, and you don't have it. Come back later.
  • Cloud Kingdom. You can't miss it, and this is your next destination.

Cloud Kingdom

A land of enormous people, the Cloud Kingdom is your primary stop in the Skylands. Rather than speaking to the NPCs hereabouts you'll be speaking to their feet, though this doesn't stop them from being friendly. Let's have a quick look around.
  • Just north of the first pair of feet you see is a little transport spot that will zip you to the Cloud Kingdom's inn and tavern. The pirates have somehow followed you up here, and you can speak to the feet to rest for the night or play Wheels in the bottom-right corner. Check the chest in here for Question Pack #6, and rest to find a chest containing a Rainbow Conch.
  • Between two more giants, east of the tavern, is a teleportation spot that will take you into a store. This massive Merchant sells, among other things, the Cloud Sword, the Recipe for Peach Strudel, and Music Sheet #6. The chest on the right contains Truesilver Daggers for Sera├».
  • Go all the way east and you'll find a fellow with winged shoes. There's a familiar-looking craft next to them. Take a guess what you can do here in the not-too-distance future. Look down and to the left of the legs and you'll see a chest containing the Cloudy Shard, an artifact for Teaks.

Ultimately you need to use the teleportation spot near the winged feet. This will shoot you into the audience chamber of 'the council'. Garl will take the lead in the discussion, and by the end you'll receive a Wind Key. Check behind the pedestals on your right before you leave for a chest containing a Rainbow Conch.

Leave the council chamber and another cut scene will follow. The party splits up, with Garl going his own way while copies of Resh'an accompany Valere, Zale, and Seraï on their individual tasks. Time to bake some bread.