Part 8: Coral Cascades

Main Walkthrough

After a harrowing climb down the side of a dragon-covered mountain, the party has at last arrived by the sea. Their need for a boat brings them to the Port Town of Brisk, home to pirates and buccaneers of all stripes.

Your destination in Brisk is the Humble Boast tavern on the east side of town, built into the side of a large ship. A pirate crew - the pirate crew of the game - will point you there if you head far enough east through Brisk. First, though, we'd best have a look around. Let's start with Brisk's goods and services industry.

  • The first Merchant nearest the save point, as you head through Brisk, sells ingredients. You can also purchase the Papillotte Recipe from this stall.
  • A short walk east of the ingredients Merchant is a second stall. Here you can buy weapons, all of which you probably already have. Still, it can't hurt to look.
  • If you plop into the water south of the save point and swim under the dock on your right you'll find a Hidden Shop. They will only sell you items if you have the Trader's Signet, which you hopefully picked up in the Wind Tunnel Mines. You can get the following items in the Hidden Shop:
    • The Eye of Yomara, which displays enemy HP, weaknesses, and resistances
    • Dubious Dare, a Relic that increases damage taken
    • The Tome of Knowledge, a Relic that increases experience gained
    • The Double Edge, which increases damage 'in certain situations'
  • Head to the center of Brisk - near the plaza with the fountain - and check the back-alley houses to the west, accessible by climbing walls and buildings. One of these homes contains a chest-guessing game run by a fellow named Mr. Chest. You can pay him 5 gold to open one of his three chests and keep what's inside: Either 10 gold, 2 gold, or nothing. Find the 10 gold prize five times (not in a row) and he'll give you a Rainbow Conch. Just keep picking the same chest and you'll get there eventually. Check the chest outside and to the left of the house if you need some more cash.
  • In the northwest of Brisk, past the central plaza and on your left, you'll find an upscale place called the Golden Pelican. You'll need a reservation of some kind to get past the front desk, and you don't have one. Keep this place in mind for later.
  • On the east side of Brisk's central area is the home to the Bonus Spin Roulette. The owner spins a roulette wheel and you choose from one of three numbers. You will never pick the right number... unless you pay a man outside this house for the next winning number (90 gold). Do this and guess correctly to receive Question Pack #2.

It's also worth giving Brisk a once-over for items, as there are many chests and containers hidden throughout the streets:

  • South of the entrance and on your left is a building with a ladder on its side. Climb up and you'll find a path to a picnic basket containing Mushroom Scramble.
  • There's a chest hidden behind a palm tree's fronds on the far west side of Brisk. It contains a Rainbow Conch.
  • If you swim out into the southwestern waters of Brisk you'll find a father and son fishing in a boat. The son asks for 40 Fish so they can stop fishing. Oblige and he'll give you a Rainbow Conch. (You can do this in instalments if you don't have them all right now.)
  • If you enter the Hidden Shop beneath the docks of Brisk, south of the save point, you'll find a chest containing another Rainbow Conch.
  • Look west of the central stairs leading to the middle of Brisk. There's a chest sitting atop the building where you found the save point. It contains Pirate Garb.
  • Check the house up and to the right of Brisk's central fountain. There's a chest inside, sitting atop an oven. You'll need to climb on top of the house and jump in the gap in the roof to get at it. The chest contains Sapphire Ore.
  • There's a chest next to Mr. Chest's house. It contains 50 gold. Perfect for gambling!
  • There are two chests within sight of each other on the west side of Brisk, near the stairs that lead to the center of town. You'll need to do some climbing up north to get at them. The one to the left of the stairs contains 30 gold, while the one of the right of the stairs and on top of a building contains a Shiny Pearl.
  • If you check the stairs leading to the center of town on the east side of Brisk you'll spot a chest. Go up the stairs and climb the walls to get at the chest, which contains an Arcane Amulet.
  • Head to the north of Brisk, near the central plaza. You'll see a chest on top of a building, near some wooden stairs. Go up the stairs and drop down from the nearby alleyway to get at the chest. It contains a Power Belt.
  • In the far north of Brisk you'll wind up on a wooden bridge with a nice view of more of the town in the background. Walk east of here, straight into the side of the next building, to find a hidden path through the house. Go out the other side and you'll find a balcony with a wooden box. Use the Mistral Bracelet to blow the box down one level, then move the box right and up to create a path behind the rear walls of Brisk. Head west and you'll find a hidden room, within which is a chest containing a Rainbow Conch.
  • Walk east through Brisk and you'll see a picnic basket on the roof of a building, next to an alleyway. Use the stairs to the west of here to get onto the rooftops and get at the basket. It contains nine pieces of Grain.
  • Travel to the far eastern beach in Brisk. In the north you'll find a picnic basket containing six Seafoods. Head south of the basket and you'll see some kids digging in the sand on the other end of the beach. Speak to them for a Rainbow Conch.

That is, hopefully, everything you can find in Brisk. Phew. Head to the Humble Boast. There's a gaming table in the bottom corner that you... can't currently play... and if you speak to the guy behind the counter you can spend the night upstairs. Pick up Garl in the kitchen, then head to the northwest end of the tavern to speak to the pirates. 

Suffice it to say that things don't go the party's way, and you'll be doing their bidding for a little while. Three of them will 'join' the party as cargo. On the way out their most boisterous member, Yolande, will give you a Copper Wheel that you can use to play Wheels, a figurine-based game. We'll discuss Wheels in another guide.

Your next destination after leaving Brisk is to the northeast of town. If you want you can stop in at Lavish Lake, a Fishing Lake along the way, but otherwise the only thing you'll find up here is a magically-infused ruin. Time for more puzzles!

Part 10: Abandoned Wizard's Lab

Main Walkthrough