Coral Cascades - Enemies
  • Croube - 38 HP
  • Mangler Fish -  75 HP - Weak to Moon
The descent towards the seashore continues, and with the Stonemasons Outpost out of the way the team are now blessed with a rather pleasant trip through Coral Cascades. This journey is largely vertical in nature, and there's some stuff to grab along the way. (Fortunately, no bosses will bar your path this time around.)

Take a leap from the entrance and you'll land in a sizable pool. There's a geyser to the east that will launch back up if you care to leave, and further east of that is a save point. Between the geyser and the save point, inside the waterfall, for a chest containing Pirate's Garb. Check the southeast for some Grain, then hop in the water and surf down the waterfall in the middle of the pool.

You'll land near Coral Cascades' first batch of enemies, a Croube and a Mangler Fish. Neither one is terribly dangerous, though you should target the Croube first, as they can charge up to the painful Thunder attack if given time. East of the enemies you'll come to three waterfalls, each of which will lead you somewhere different:
  • The central waterfall leads to a large pool with several enemies. The other two waterfalls connect up here as well. If you look behind this waterfall you'll find ledges that you can climb, and if you walk east behind the rocks you'll find a path to a chest. The chest contains 50 gold.
  • The eastern-most waterfall leads to a chest you can't reach and a fan that you can. Use the Mistral Bracelet on the fan to blow the chest towards you. Inside is a Rainbow Conch. You'll also find some Berries on the west side of this landing.
  • The western-most waterfall leads to a pool with vines down to the pool filled with enemies. There's a path leading west of here, and if you wade through the rapids and climb onto the shores in the far west you'll find a geyser to the north, near a picnic basket containing Mooncradle Fish Pie. Using the geyser will launch you up another level, where you'll find some Grain - and another geyser that can take you back to the save point.

Allow the western rapids to carry you along and eventually you'll be dumped through a hole and onto a lower level. Climb onto the shores and check the cliffs to the northeast to find Grains, Berries, Potatoes, and a fan. Activate the fan to reveal a chest containing two Obsidian Ore.

There are three Mangler Fish in the pool at the bottom of the long drop. Climb up out of the water and head west from their pool. Beneath streaming waterfall you'll find a vague, but important, sign, and beneath it is crumbly dirt. Continue west of here to find a geyser, between two waterfalls. Use it to launch upward, then use the next geyser to hit a walkway above. Go east of here to find a drop point that will put you through the crumbly dirt, and on the other side you'll find a chest containing a Rainbow Conch. (Also some Potatoes.)

Use the ledges to the left of the Rainbow Conch chest to return to the main pools. Go down the western waterfall again and you'll find three more waterfalls to the south. All three lead to the same area, though if you go down the middle waterfall you'll find a picnic basket containing Chaudrée in the water at the bottom. Look west of here and you'll find a beach shack where you can save and camp out, as well as gather some Potatoes.

Check the north side of the campsite and you'll find four Croube surrounding a time puzzle. Defeat the baddies, then step onto the purple diamond. Shift time so you're lighting up the bottom diamond on the right, then, once it is charged, move to the bottom diamond on the left. This will give you enough time to have both diamonds charged, revealing a cave to the north. Inside is a scroll for the Bash Drop Combo between Valere and Garl.

Head back to the beach and travel east as far as you can. There is one more batch of enemies waiting, and once they're gone - or once you avoid them - you'll be returning to the world map.