Part 10: Abandoned Wizard's Lab

Main Walkthrough

Wraith Island Docks - Enemies

  • Lonzon - 75 HP - Weak to Sun
  • Woodland Spirit - 63 HP

After a quick jaunt across the high seas - and not a comfortable one - the party lands at Wraith Island Docks, the closest thing you'll find to cheery welcome on Wraith Island. The pirates will take off for the nearby Town of Lucent, leaving you to find your own way. Check the north side of the path for some Berries, the south side for a campsite and a save point, and straight down the middle for further exploration.

You won't be walking long before you run into a Lonzon and a Woodland Spirit. The Woodland Spirit is no big deal - they can heal other enemies - but the Lonzon can put serious hurt on one character with its Chomp Chomp attack - and will restore its own health in the process. Break this thing's Locks first and foremost.

Continue up the path a little ways further east, until you're on a sort of twisting log bridge. There are Mushrooms to grab if you jump down into the mist, and you can find a cave by inspecting the northern wall. Inside is a chest that summons three Woodland Spirits if disturbed, as well as more Mushrooms. Defeat the Woodland Spirits and the chest will reappear. Open it to receive a Calcite Lid for Garl.

Check beneath the east end of the twisting log bridge for a half-hidden chest containing a Rainbow Conch, then hop back to higher ground and continue east. Two more Lonzons and another Woodland Spirit are waiting a little ways up the path, and beyond them are some Onions. Keep going east to find the exit to the world map.

Town of Lucent

A quick jaunt down the road from the docks, the Town of Lucent is... more pleasant than being in the woods, though not by much. Lucent is much smaller than Brisk, so you won't spend nearly as much time looking around - though you should, in fact, still look around a bit before continuing with the story. We'll start with the local shops:

  • The inn / tavern is the large, central building to the north of the fountain. Cut scenes will kick in when you enter, so we'll go here last.
  • To the right of the inn is a store. There are two Merchants inside. One sells several new pieces of equipment - Bone Armor and the Scrimshawed Sword - as well as a new Relic, the Gold Tooth, which reduces prices in all stores. The other sells the usual assortment of ingredients.

And, the shops covered, we'll have a look at the treasure you can pick up hereabouts:
  • There's a chest inside the town's southwestern home, but a nearby painting... which is apparently alive... will pluck it from your grasp. It demands you force its brother to make amends. The brother portrait is in the western house (enter from the right side), and it will reveal that the feud is over Berry Jam. You can buy some for 10 gold at the nearby store (or make it yourself), then give it to the first painting to receive a Rainbow Conch.
  • Check beside the southeastern house to find a line of Tomato plants.
  • If you jump into the river on the east side of Lucent you can swim north and find a small side area in the trees, on your right. There's a chest here containing a Rainbow Conch.
  • Check in the southwest of Lucent. There's a wall you can jump to reach a path running south to north along the side of the village. You'll find Potato and Lettuce plants along the path. In the northwest you'll also find a ghostly figure of sorts, though you can't help them out just now.

There are more things in the town, but you can't get them right now. Head to The First Stage of Grief (the tavern) and you'll watch a lenthy cut scene where the pirates play some ditties on stage. You can control the song they play by approaching the stage. Speak to Edgar, the spooky owner of the place, once you're ready to rest for the night.

A cut scene will follow the rest period, and the party will decide to head for the haunted mansion where their target awaits. You can leave Lucent via its eastern bridge, which will bring you back to the world map. Here you have several options:

  • East of Lucent is Ferryman's Vigil. You don't currently have a 'colored flame', so you need to leave in shame. We'll be back.
  • North of Lucent is another Solstice Shrine. Can't open this one either...
  • Northwest of Lucent is Haunted Creek, a Fishing Lake. Nothing here but fish.
Between the Solstice Shrine and Haunted Creek is your next destination. Gear up and prepare for a spoooooky trek.

Return Trip
  • Once you have the Graplou you can use it to reach the north end of Lucent, via a grapple point off of the eastern bridge. There are Potatoes and a chest containing Obsidian Ore up here.
  • Near the chest containing the Obsidian Ore is a path that will take you up above the tavern. A chest up here contains a Turbo Cookie. Give this to the Melee Matey roaming in the northwest of Lucent and you'll get into a fight with the fellow. Beat him to receive a Shed Key. Use the key to get into the shed on the east side of Lucent and you'll find a ladder into the ground. Down here you'll meet the Quiz Master, who will challenge you to a Quiz Show. More on this expansive minigame in another section of the guide.

Main Walkthrough