Main Walkthrough

Location: The Mothers' Mines, north of Eistla
Petitioner: Wounded Royalist
Unlocked: Complete The Last King
Reward: 20 Clutchmine, 1 Meteorite, 30 Renown, 1,200 gil

One of the easiest side quests to find in Final Fantasy XVI, Laid to Rest is located to the north of Eistla. In order to reach it you'll need to complete The Last King, a main story quest. This will remove the barrier in the north of Eistla and allow you to travel deeper into Waloed. 

The petitioner for Laid to Rest, a Wounded Royalist, is sitting on the right side of the path as you head north into the Mothers' Mines. He isn't long for the world, and after all the betrayals of his king he begs Clive to fulfil his dying wish: He wants his Tarnished Ring to be laid to rest with the remains of his parents, in a forest called Neverturn.

Continue through the Mothers' Mines to the Great Southern Gate and continue your progress northeast. You'll need to wipe out several waves of enemies to get through the gate, which will take you to another larger field called Kritten Hollow. Neverturn is in the north of Kritten Hollow, not far from the name 'Kritten Hollow' on the map.

Most of Neverturn is a hillside forest. If you check the northeast of it, however, you'll find a pair of cliffs. There's a grave on the taller cliff. Inspect the grave to bury the ring and complete the quest.

Main Walkthrough