Main Walkthrough

Location: Martha's Rest
Petitioner: Martha
Unlocked: Complete Rekindling the Flame and Through the Maelstrom
Reward: Martha's Rest Signboard, 100 Wyrrite, 1 Meteorite, 50 Renown, 1,200 gil

In order to unlock this side quest you need to fulfil two prerequisites: 

  • First, you need to complete Rekindling the Flame, a side quest from earlier in the game.
  • Second, you need to complete Through the Maelstrom, a main story quest that will take you out to sea. Return to the Hideaway and Rekindling the Flame II will be waiting.
Head to Martha's Rest and speak to Martha in the Golden Stables. She wants Clive to deliver some seeds to Eastpool, which is still getting back on its feet after the previous quest. There's word of increased Akashic presence near the place, and Clive's sword could help put down any malevolent baddies. Agree and Martha will give you Gysahl Green Seeds.

Fast Travel to Eastpool, northeast of Martha's Rest. Speak to Wade, who is standing at the bottom of the stairs near the village's largest home, and you can hand over the seeds. Wade will discuss the difficulties of setting up a new settlement... and one such difficulty will rear its ugly head in the middle of the conversation, as a horde of Akashic shows up on the outskirts of Eastpool. Several cut scenes will mobilize the townsfolk.

The plan sounds complicated, but as far as you're concerned Clive just needs to slaughter several waves of enemies. Nice and simple. You'll face the following enemies:
  • Akashic Goblins and Akashic Thistles. Pretty easy. Group them up and AOE 'em to death.
  • Akashic Claws and Akashic Dragonets. Pull the Dragonets out of the sky first, as their ranged attacks prove rather annoying.
  • Akashic Wolves and Akashic Raptors. They're all melee enemies. You got this.
Wipe out the three waves of Akashics and you'll receive Wyrrite, Sharp Fangs, Bloody Hides, and Magicked Ash. After the battle Clive will be called back south, where an Akashic Bandercoeurl is making its way through Greensheaves. You'll find it in Rhiannon's Ride, the 'middle' section of Greensheaves. The Bandercoeurl fights the same as the Coeurl from Rosaria Castle, though it won't use any of the attacks from the Coeurl's second phase.

You'll receive a Coeurl Whisker, Wyrrite, and Magicked Ash for defeating the Akashic Bandercoeurl. After a cut scene in Eastpool you'll need to head back to Martha's Rest and speak to Martha, inside the Golden Stables, to earn your reward.