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A secretive location hidden deep within Super Mario RPG, Grate Guy's Casino is very easy to miss. There are few (almost no) clues as to its existence, with the only major hints coming from a Toad in Nimbus Land. It's far from a necessary stop on your journey, though the item you can pick up by visiting the casino is quite powerful.

Accessing Grate Guy's Casino is a two-step process. First we'll find the place.

Finding the Casino

The pathway to Grate Guy's Casino is in Bean Valley. Make your way through the valley until you find the clearing with the Shy Away watering the Pirahna Plants. Wait until it waters the northern-most plant, defeat the enemies, and jump into the pipe.

Inside the pipe you'll find a few roaming Geckits and a golden Chomp Chomp, the only enemy of its type in the game. Defeat the Chomp Chomp, then stand on the floor tile closest to the west corner of the room, right beside where the Chomp Chomp was nailed down. Jump three times in this spot to reveal a hidden platform. You can use this platform to get up to an exit to the world map.

Grate Guy's Casino will appear next door to Bean Valley if you go through this exit. Alas, when you try to get inside the casino you'll be stopped by some Doormen. They will insist that the casino is for members only. You'll need to get a membership card.

Bright Card

Trek back to Booster Tower and climb until you're roughly halfway up. Just before you reach a save block you'll find a hallway that used to be empty. Now, though, you'll find Knife Guy, Grate Guy's partner - and a boss you beat up during your first visit. Knife Guy will challenge you to a juggling game, whereby you need to watch the balls he throws around and determine which hand is holding the yellow ball. You'll receive a series of prizes for guessing correctly:

  • Wilt Shroom
  • Moldy Mush
  • Rotten Mush
  • Mushroom
  • Mid Mushroom
  • Max Mushroom
  • Royal Syrup
None of these prizes are worth the effort, but keep playing. Knife Guy will speed up his juggling over time, though if you watch the balls above his head rather than looking at his hands you can usually spot the direction of the yellow ball. Guess correctly enough times (I think it took me around 20 rounds) and you'll receive a Bright Card. The Bright Card will get you into the casino.

If you're a masochist you can keep playing against Knife Guy, and he'll keep track of your wins and losses. Correctly guess the hand holding the ball enougg times - apparently it's in the 100 wins range - and he'll give you a Red Essence. This is not worth your time, but, hey, if you want to give it a shot...

Grate Guy's Casino

Not exactly the most opulent place on the planet, Grate Guy's Casino consists of three games. They can be lucrative if you pump enough coins into the place.
  • First up is a slot machine, which costs 10 coins. Similar to the chests in Bean Valley, you stand beneath a randomized chest and bump Mario's head into it three times. Match up three of the same symbol and you'll receive a Frog Coin.
  • Next is Blackjack, which costs one Frog Coin. You and the dealer both receive two cards, then take turns drawing cards. If you can beat the dealer's hand without going over 21 you'll receive a Frog Coin. Draws also go to the dealer. Given the likelihood of losing a Frog Coin, this isn't a great bet to make.
  • Last, most important, is Look the Other Way, played with Grate Guy himself. Grate Guy will hold up one of his fingers, and all you need to do is point Mario's head away from the finger. It's entirely random, and you'll receive the same items you'd get from playing Knife Guy's game.
At this point you're probably asking... why bother? Grate Guy's Casino is pretty lame. This is true, but it does harbor one secret for the truly dedicated. If you win Look the Other Way 100 times (not in a row, mercifully - you can just keep trying) Grate Guy will reward you with a Star Egg. This powerful, forever-reusable item inflicts 100 HP of damage to every enemy on the screen when used in combat, and gets boosted to 150 HP if its user has the Attack Up status (received randomly, via Geno Boost, or by equipping the Quartz Charm / Troopa Pin). You can use the Star Egg to coast through most random battles for the remainder of the game, if you wish.

Is it worth putting up with 100+ rounds of Look the Other Way to get the Star Egg? Well... that's up to you to decide.

Main Walkthrough