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Super Mario RPG is fairly easy, as JRPGs go, and you shouldn't need much more than the basic equipment to get through the majority of the game. Once you reach the final few areas, however - particularly the optional bosses - things get more dangerous, and you might want a bit of a boost. Fortunately, there are two items near the end of the game that can make things much easier for you, and both of them are called the Lazy Shell.

This guide will help you track down the two Lazy Shells in Super Mario RPG. They're not that difficult to get, but you'll need to make it most of the way through the game before you get a crack at them... and if you mess up in one of two vital spots, you'll lose out on them forever.

The Seed

The first step to finding the Lazy Shells is to pick up the Seed. At the end of Bean Valley, just before you reach Nimbus Land, you'll run into a Shy Away who's watering a Pirahna Plant. The Pirahna Plant turns out to be the Megasmilax boss battle. Once you defeat the Megasmilax the Shy Away will flee, leaving behind a note to the north of the Megasmilax's pipe. Check the note to obtain the Seed.

The Seed serves no purpose on its own, and just takes up inventory space. That said, be careful not to accidentally sell the Seed! You only get one in the entire game, and if you get rid of it there will be no Lazy Shells for you.

The Fertilizer

Next up is the Fertilizer. You'll continue to see the Shy Away from Bean Valley as you infiltrate Nimbus Castle, and once you've completed the area and defeated Valentina it will go into hiding. You'll find the Shy Away by heading into the city section of Nimbus Land and skimming along the eastern edges of the clouds that serve as the ground. It's out on an invisible path by itself, and will give you the Fertilizer in exchange for leaving it alone.

As with the Seed, be very careful not to sell the Fertilizer. This is a bit easier since with these two items in hand you can immediately head off and finish this little quest.

The Gardener

Head to Rose Town, where you recruited Geno much earlier in Super Mario RPG. If you check in the northeast of Rose Town you'll find a new path that didn't exist when the community was getting shot up with arrows. It leads to the home of a Gardener, and he has an enormous planter. He'll rant about the Seed and the Fertilizer, and if you have these items on you he'll (excitedly) ask that you hand them over. Do so...

... and, after a few anticlimatic moments, a beanstalk will erupt out of the planter and into the sky. Climb aboard and it will take you up into the sky, where you'll find two chests. They contain the two Lazy Shells. Despite having the same name, these shells are separate items:

  • The first Lazy Shell is a weapon for Mario, and it is by far his most powerful piece of equipment. Get used to the Timed Attack timing (it's a bit slower than other shell weapons) and Mario will rip through enemies with ease when using the Lazy Shell.
  • The second Lazy Shell is armor that can worn by anyone in your party. It lowers the wearer's offensive skills and speed significantly, though on the flip side it turns the character into a nigh-invincible tank. Put the Lazy Shell on Toadstool and you'll never have to worry about your healer getting knocked out again.

Main Walkthrough