Main Walkthrough

Location: Greensheaves
Petitioner: Fredric, Hunter
Unlocked: Complete Homecoming
Reward: 1,000 gil, 10 Wyrrite, 1 Meteorite

In order to trigger this side quest you first need to complete the main story quest Homecoming. This involves completing two additional quests, Building Bridges and A Bearer's Lot. All of them take place in and around Martha's Rest, and you won't need to go far from the region to complete Building Bridges and A Bearer's Lot. Once you've started Holding On three side quests will appear, including Beast Against Beast.

Head north out of Martha's Rest and across the bridge to Greensheaves. Follow the main path east through the area and you'll find a thin, connective road linking two larger areas. Here, in the shade of some ruins, you'll find a man named Fredric. He'll give you Beast Against Beast.

Fredric's problem is pretty simple: Wolves. A large pack of them are terrorizing Greensheaves, and Fredric can't get rid of them alone. Agree to help him and you'll have to kill the beasts for you. Trek a little ways up the road from Fredric and you'll find the Starving Wolves (and their Starving Alpha) in plain view. They hit relatively hard, but if you can knock any of the wolves into the air they will become harmless. Not a big deal.

Once the wolves are out of the way you need to look for Brice, Fredric's friend. Follow the road northeast, into The Broken Hilt, and you'll find Brice on the other side of a bridge. Speak to him to complete the quest.