Part 15: Building Bridges, A Bearer's Lot

Main Walkthrough

Greensheaves / The Broken Hilt - Enemies

  • Adamantoise
  • Antelope
  • Arachne
  • Cray Claw
  • Death Blossom
  • Footpad
  • Gloom Widow
  • Killer Bee
  • Minotaur
  • Wivre

Greensheaves / The Broken Hilt - Random Items

  • Briar Clam Shells
  • Gil
  • High Potion
  • Magicked Ash
  • Potion
  • Wyrrite

Once you've tidied up matters in Martha's Rest - which may or may not include completing a pair of side quests - your next stop is across the repaired bridge, to Greensheaves. It's a smaller area than Three Reeds, but still worth exploring before you head too far east. We'll start with the sections of greenery closest to Martha's Rest.

  • Take a right when you cross the bridge from Martha's Rest and you'll find some Antelope. They're near an Item.
  • Take a left when you cross the bridge from Martha's Rest and you'll find a group of spiders. They're keeping watch over an Item. The path to the water in the north loops around near the spiders' clearing, and if you check by the water you'll find an Adamantoise guarding another Item.
  • North of the bridge is a little clearing guarded by Killer Bees and Death Blossoms. There's yet another Item here.
  • In the northeast of the first area of Greensheaves is a dilapidated building with several Footpads loitering out front. Also in front of this ramshackle dwelling is a chest that contains ten pinches of Magicked Ash.
  • Just before you reach the connective path between the two areas of Greensheaves you'll find a clearing to the south. Follow it to the south and you'll come to your first Wivre. These creatures are similar to the Aevises you've fought before, but they're faster, tougher, and more mobile, thanks to their use of their wings. Only try for two or three hits at a time before you back off and prepare to dodge. Save most of the damage-dealing for when it is Staggered. Near the Wivre's stomping grounds you'll find a busted-up wagon, and next to it is a chest containing a Blood Hawk Jess.

Along the path that connects the two sections of this region - it's difficult to miss, thanks to the towering ruins - you'll find a man. He'll give you the Beast Against Beast side quest if you bother to speak with him. You might as well, as the quest won't take you off the main path. Past here you'll reach the second area of Greensheaves, Rhiannon's Ride.
  • If you fought the Wivre you probably spotted an Item on the opposite bank of the water. You can get at this area by heading south when you enter Rhiannon's Ride - and you'll find a Minotaur here, to boot. Beside a bush near the Minotaur is a chest containing a Meteorite.
  • East of the first Minotaur you'll find a few more monsters, including a second Minotaur. There are two Items near here, as well. You'll find a bridge leading southeast out of this clearing, but it is currently broken and useless. (As if Clive somehow couldn't clear that tiny gap.)
  • Check on your left just before you cross the bridge out of this area and you'll find a a side path through the marsh. You'll find the remains of a building, protected by Arachnes and Death Blossoms. There's an Item outside the building, and if you look inside you'll find a chest containing a Goblin Coin on the second floor.
Cross the bridge on the east end of Greensheaves and you'll enter a new area.

The Broken Hilt

A relatively small route, The Broken Hilt offers the same enemies and random items as Greensheaves. Wander up the path and you'll run into a mixture of beasts, and you'll find an Item on your left. A little ways northeast you'll see a wheat field on your right, with buildings on the outskirts. Check behind the house to find a chest containing ten Bloody Hides.

Look south of the windmill by the wheat field and you'll see a path. Follow it south and you'll run into a little nest of Arachnes and Death Blossoms, along with an Item. Continue to follow the path to find another Item, right at the entrance to a clearing. A Wivre will appear and challenge you if you walk too far into the clearing, so be ready for a scrap.

Near the wheat field you'll find a bridge. Cross it to reach Eastpool, your next destination. Clive and Jill will be recognized immediately, and after several cut scenes run their course Clive will get a change of clothes. These will be automatically equipped on Clive as the Invictus, the Metian Cross, and the Metian Bonds.


Upon regaining control you'll be in the tiny village of Eastpool. The Eastpool Obelisk will activate, allowing you Fast Travel back here, and you're free to look around before continuing northwest. There are a few things of note in Eastpool.
  • There are two windmills in the northeast of Eastpool. Look behind the one closer to the edge of the village to find a chest containing a Goblin Fang, ten chunks of Wyrrite, and ten Sharp Fangs.
  • West of the Obelisk are a few houses. Between them is a well, and near the well is a chest containing ten spools of Steelsilk.
  • Check in the back yard of Lady Hanna's home. The scarecrow will look familiar if you're a longtime fan of Final Fantasy games.
  • There's a merchant on the road leading northwest out of Eastpool. He carries The Breath of Wind (Rook's Gambit) accessory, as well as the Lovely, Dark, and Deep Orchestrion Roll.
That's all for Eastpool. Head northwest out of the village and Clive will be recognized... again... by the mayor. 

Back in the Day

Reward: 1,200 gil, 10 Magicked Ash, 1 Meteorite

The mayor will explain the situation in Eastpool to Clive, then assign him a little quest: Speak to an elderly Bearer living in the village. Head for a nearby well, a little ways west of the merchant, and realize the man isn't here. You need to speak to a few villagers for info:
  • By the well is a Villager who will talk about the man a bit, among other things
  • At the bottom of the stairs by the well is a Villager with a broom
  • By the Chocobo stables, near the village's Obelisk, is a Troubled Youth who can't find the old man
This trail of breadcrumbs will lead you out of Eastpool and back south to The Broken Hilt. Head to the farm with the wheat field and go down the path where you (may have) fought the Wivre earlier. The old man is in this clearing, and you'll come under attack by flighted Mad Daubers when you get close to him. Use Deadly Embrace to pull the creatures out of the sky and rip them apart. They'll be followed by some Worgen. Defeat both waves of monsters to receive some Sharp Fangs and Steelsilk.

Find the old man and you'll complete this little sub-quest. After a cut scene you can leave Eastpool behind and carry on northwest, to yet another new area.

The Dim

Just as it looks, this area is quite dead. There's an Item straight ahead when you enter, and if you look on the west side of the first clearing you'll find a short side path to a mystery door. Clive comments on it, but you can't use it right now. Keep following the main path to find two more Items, the Dim Obelisk, and the exit. Next stop, Phoenix Gate.

Main Walkthrough