Main Walkthrough

Location: Martha's Rest
Petitioner: Brennan, Sellsword
Unlocked: Complete Homecoming
Reward: 10 Magicked Ash, Meteorite

In order to trigger this side quest you first need to complete the main story quest Homecoming. This involves completing two additional quests, Building Bridges and A Bearer's Lot. All of them take place in and around Martha's Rest, and you won't need to go far from the region to complete Building Bridges and A Bearer's Lot. Once you've started Holding On three side quests will appear, including False Friends.

Look out front of The Golden Stables and you'll see a man tending to his Chocobo and muttering to himself. This is Brennan, and he recognizes Clive as one of Martha's friends. One of Brennan's buddies, Norreis, has been outed as a Bearer, and the imperials are on the man's trail. Brennan asks Clive's help in tracking his friend down, though he'll stay behind to placate a rowdy fellow named Ronald.

Head south out of Martha's Rest, towards Three Reeds, and you'll see an Off-Duty Sellsword looking over the bridge. He says he spotted Norreis rushing off into Three Reeds. Run down the slope, past the nearby Chocobo stables, and head north when you hit an intersection. You'll see an Item ahead, and if you look to the right of it you'll see a shack off in the distance. There's an Iron Lantern between you and the shack that you need to inspect.

Check the right side of the shack and you'll find Norreis. Speak to him to get his full story, then Fast Travel back to the Martha's Rest Obelisk. Brennan and Ronald are right where you left them. Speak to them to get a hint of Ronald's true feelings on the matter, and to end the quest.