Part 9: Headwind

Main Walkthrough


  • Imperial Astrologer
  • Imperial Captain
  • Imperial Legionnaire
  • Imperial War Aevis
  • Imperial War Wyrm

In the aftermath of their raid on Caer Norvent the team find themselves emerging from the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate. This activates the Obelisk of the same name - and attracts the attention of some nearby royalists. Time to give Clive's new powers a test.

Switching Eikons

Thanks to Clive's theft of Benedikta's powers he can now access the might of Garuda, god of the winds. By pressing the L2 button you can cycle between Phoenix and Garuda, changing the Eikonic Abilities available to Clive at any time. Clive now possesses, or can learn, a number of new Abilities:

  • Gouge, a clawing combo attack
  • Wicked Wheel, a clawing attack that lifts enemies into the air
  • Deadly Embrace, which grabs an enemy and drags them over - or, in the case of heavier enemies, sends Clive flying into the sky
  • Rook's Gambit, a heavy counterattack
  • Aerial Blast, which summons a tornado that seeks out and engulfs nearby enemies
Garuda's Eikonic Abilities can prove just as deadly as Phoenix's, once you've practiced a little, and you can jump back and forth between the two Eikons during battle. The Abilities attached to each Eikon have their own cooldown, as well, so if you've exhausted your repertoire you can switch to a different Eikon and immediately resume pounding on foes.

A short distance from your starting point you'll find a High Potion, and just beyond this point you'll run into a few imperials. Use them to test out Clive's new powers. Continue down the road and you'll find more such enemies on your right, accompanied by some flying Imperial War Wyrms. Deadly Embrace can pull them out of the sky and straight towards Clive's sword.

If you want you can zip straight through this area by heading roughly north along the road. You can also find some stuff if you check the sides of the path:

  • If you head east of the Obelisk you'll find a side path leading to a gate. You can't use it yet, but you can find two sprigs of Valley Madder by heading down this route.
  • In roughly the middle of the Glorieuse region - just above the name on the map, actually - you'll find another group of imperials waiting. Included among them are some spellcasting Astrologers. Near them, sitting beside a rock, are two sprigs of Valley Madder.

Head down the road once you're done looking around. There are Potions on your right and left as you approach the bridge in the north, and they will come in handy when you battle the guards in front of the bridge. They are more numerous, and include an Imperial War Aevis in their ranks. It fights identically to the Aevis you encountered in The Greatwood, and is a great test of Garuda's powers. Engage the Aevis immediately and leave the imperials to your party.

You'll receive Wyrrite and Sharp Fangs for defeating the Imperial War Aevis and its companions. Look east of the bridge to find 5 gil, then cross. Things, ah, things will get a bit intense.

The Dragon's Aery


  • Wind Elemental

Once the cut scenes end you'll be facing down a new area that's being destroyed by a tornado. Before you enter, head back towards Glorieuse, to the west. On the way to the bridge you can find a Potion, and if you continue west past the bridge you'll find some Valley Madder. Check the very end of this path and you'll find a chest, sitting on the bank of the river running through the region. It contains five pinches of Magicked Ashes.

Head back into The Dragons' Aery. There's a Potion on your right as the trees start to open up, and if you head west to the banks of the river from here you'll find a Sharp Fang. Past this point you'll find an area filled with Wind Elementals, and they fight the same as the combined form of Chirada and Suparna, albeit with less health. If you unleash all four of your Eikonic Abilities from the start you can quickly Stagger these things and turn them into easy targets.

There are some items to be had by exploring the field:

  • Continue to follow the dirt road and you'll find some Valley Madder next to a rock, on your right.
  • Further down the road from this rock is 5 gil, again on your right.
  • Skim along the eastern periphery of this field, headed northeast, and you can find two pinches of Magicked Ash.
  • There are 2 gil and a Potion along the northern road that leads to your destination.
You'll hit the Dragons' Aery Obelisk when you reach the northeast of the field, and the winds will sweep you forward. You're done with this location for the moment, and headed back to the world map. Check in at The Hideaway for some new equipment, as you may need it for what's coming next.

Part 11: Awakening

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